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Who Watches the Watchers

Who Watches the Watchers

Captain Chirakis paged through the latest information from several areas on station as well as communications from the Joint Allied Powers and secure messages from Rendezvous October. Admiral Solokov seldom took time to rest.  He had often been found sleeping on his office couch—without a wrinkle in his uniform.  How he managed that was anyone’s guess.

Kirel faced the screen as soon as, “Good morning, Kirel.  Or is it evening?” came from Admiral Solokov with a sigh as he massaged the back of his neck and called for coffee.

“Good evening, Admiral,” she replied, putting her PADD aside.  “And it is indeed evening.  How you manage to keep yourself going for so long is startling to say the least.” 

“Eh… Kirel.  You do the same.”  Leaning back, Solokov called for coffee, and nearly drained the mug before proceeding.  “I understand that you have a request for personnel,” he continued now more relaxed and thumbing through the PADD next to him.  His brows furrowed as he continued to read, considering the several angles that he and Kirel had been discussing over the last few days.  

As commanding officer of Rendezvous October the admiral's usual conversations were somewhat clipped decisions that allowed him to move quickly from one question to another or one operation to another. Working with and for Chirakis Kirel was another matter.

"I am considering your request, and the present situation in Aegis—plants, I believe?”

“Apparently several variants of the same plant that seem to have taken hold of several areas of the ship.”

“And you haven’t pinned down the culprit that began this situation yet?”

“Admiral,” Kirel began, leaning toward the screen, “The plant seems to multiply exponentially, and in varied types.  Engineering, Science, Medical, and Security personnel are working together to rectify the situation… so no, sir.  There might be one ‘culprit’ or there may be many.”

Solokov’s lips pursed as he put his PADD aside and relaxed in his chair, obviously considering several components of the situation before asking, “And the work of your security personnel is extensive, I am sure,” he mused.  “How many covert operatives have you trained so far?”

"Approaching 200 on rotation, shifting assignments at random."

“And have they drained Drankum’s bar yet?” He chuckled, calling for another mug of coffee.  “I imagine that they enjoy their ‘work’.”

“Indeed they do, Admiral,” she said with a grin.  “You should visit sometime.  They’ll give you their Tier 1 tour, which includes… of course… a ‘dip’ in the training pool.”

“...with my arms and legs tied, of course. Perhaps another time, Kirel, but thank you for your invitation.  Now…”  He flipped over his PADD.  “Clandestine operators.  Have you any aboard the station?”

“We have a few, Admiral.”

“And how many do you need?”

“As many as you can spare.”

Solokov nodded.  “Given our situation with the Alien Alliance and knowing that Aegis is at the pinnacle of danger, your request is valid and is granted.  Our best operatives will be briefed immediately.  Be aware, Kirel. You will garner information via a secure code, but you will not know who sent it, nor will you know who they are.”

“Thank you, Admiral.”

Good hunting, Kirel.

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