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Catch and Release

Catch and Release

As was her custom, between the hours of 16:00 and 20:00 Captain Chirakis wandered through the station beginning with the commerce deck, occasionally stopping for casual conversation, and kneeling to child level as they asked about her uniform: why it was black, what her insignia meant, and where could they get one.  The older ones begged for a game until she reminded them that was not the proper procedure on the commerce deck.  

Occasionally Kirel would glance toward her clandestine operatives.  A few perched at Drankum’s bar, whispered indecent jokes, and challenged their latest, fairly young operative to Parrises Squares.  Several women gawked at the latest fashions in a store across from Drankum’s, and another relaxed at the fountain to read.  Several wandered the area, all different, all casually vigilant.

Eventually Kirel entered the Security Complex for a debriefing with Lt Jeremy Garand.

Settling into a comfortable chair, she crossed her legs and waited for the lieutenant to secure the door before mentioning, “I understand that our Pakled friends are asking for more than a place to live, Lieutenant.”

Garand handed her the scratched up PADD from Lt Hebert.  “Yes, Captain,” he replied, taking a seat next to her.  "Security has been following them throughout the station, often telling them what areas were off limits. Of course,” he continued on a sigh, “they obeyed but whispered several things that I wouldn’t repeat.”

“Um…. go on, Lieutenant,” Kirel replied, paging through the PADD—at least the parts that were clear enough to read.

“The reports we’ve received from several areas of the station say that they are not exactly looking for a place for them to live, they are getting ready to sell off sections of the station.”

Kirel stopped cold and looked up somewhat surprised and definitely amazed. “They actually believe that they can sell parts of the station.”

“Apparently, Captain.”  He swiveled his chair and engaged the main screen.  “The areas they want are two-fold, Captain.  The areas outlined in green are where the Pakleds want to live.  The areas in red are…”

Kirel’s expression darkened as she slowly stood to examine the screen.  “Kahless,” she began  “Decks one through ten.  Subspace communications, power core, phaser ring...sensor monitoring and analysis, decks seventeen through twenty-eight… power core torpedo launchers… phasers… then 142 and below.  Lieutenant, have you spoken to anyone else about this?”

“No, ma’am.  It is marked Top Secret Compartmentalized.”

“And keep it that way. This PADD is now mine.  If I am needed, I will be in my office.”

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