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Cmdr JFarrington

USS Manticore | 8/25/2020 | To Pollus Four

Manticore Brief Stardate 52008.24
TBS is 2 hours, 22 minutes and 2 seconds
We are getting ready to leave the asteroid belt.
Off to new adventures!
=/\=BEGIN SIM=/\=
=/\=BEGIN SIM=/\=
Callista Tyrel: :: finishes cleaning up campsite ::
Cmdr JFarrington: ::grabbing her gear and getting ready to leave:::
Annika Sorenson: ::Helping pack up::
Callista Tyrel: Well got some sun at least. :: smiles ::
LtCdrFaldek: @ ::on the bridge, sitting in the chair, looking at the real time status of the AT and their arrival back to Manticore::
Callista Tyrel: :: stretches :: It certainly is a beautiful place... Would not mind living here a while.
Erich Jaenke: :: Gathering up their things :: What happened to me doctor?
Annika Sorenson: Yeah, that's a plus. I wouldn't mind camping here for a week or two, that'd be nice. I hope we'll have a chance to come back here for longer some time soon.
Gila Orrak: :: Looks at Erich :: A creature, err, licked your back and you fell asleep
Callista Tyrel: Well at least the commander knows where this place is for future visits ... :: closes tent bin ...securing it for transport ::
Cmdr JFarrington: ::takes one last look at the waterfall, as Beamer and baby join the herd in the distance:::
Gila Orrak: I'll make a report.
Cmdr JFarrington: :::slight smile, hoping they get to meet again:::
Gila Orrak: You just fell asleep and I just made sure you were alright.
Annika Sorenson: That's nice ::Packing up the last of her gear::
Callista Tyrel: + Manticore TR Guy + Manticore, Tyrel here...one mobile campsite ready to beam up.
McFly: ::gets a comm from OpsGuy the CG wants to speak with him; looks at KK and sighs:: Guess playtime is over
Kansas Kenickie: Play time is never over
Gila Orrak: :: Helping Erich clean up ::
McFly: ::McFly and KK shimmer and they head to their room to change::
Callista Tyrel: :: watches the tent kit dematerialize ::
Cmdr JFarrington: :::waiting to be sure there is no one left behind:::
Cmdr JFarrington: +com+ Commander Farrington to beam up.
Gila Orrak: :: dereplicates their camp ::
Cmdr JFarrington: :::shimmer shimmer:::
Gila Orrak: :: Watches Erich stumble :: Hold on there Commander. Let's get you to sickbay.
Callista Tyrel: Back to Manticore for us....+ Manticore + Ready to beam up...
Gila Orrak: +Manticore+Two to beam up
Annika Sorenson: ::stands next to Callista::
McFly: ::All dressed and looking semi-professional again McFly kisses KK then walks out of the room; heads for the TL then for the Bridge::
Cmdr JFarrington: ::to her room to change and clean up:::
Callista Tyrel: :: Beamed back to Manticore ::
Annika Sorenson: :::beams back onto the Manticore as well::
Cmdr JFarrington: :::as the door closes behind her, she remembers the quarters she has had many times:::
Gila Orrak: :: Walks with Erich off the pad ::
BrenFaliver: ::wakes up in his quarters with the greatest migraine in this quadrant, and stumbles around to get freshened up, unsure how long he was unconscious::
McFly: ::arrives on the bridge; starts walking to the RR then double takes as he sees Faldek standing at tactical:: ...Oh hell! I heard we were getting another Cardassian. I was praying it was Gul Dukat.
LtCdrFaldek: ::spots McFly as he enters the bridge, stands up and moves away from the chair:: Captain, everything is as you left it. All the away teams are aboard and we are ready to get underway.
LtCdrFaldek: Also, very funny. ::Moves to tactical::
Callista Tyrel: :: materializes back on Manticore :: Well...time to get back in the work clothes...:: off the transporter pad to the turbolift ::
Annika Sorenson: Yeah, it's best I go change. ::follows Callista to the lift::
McFly: Keep the bridge, I have to talk with the big boys.
Erich Jaenke: :: After some moments both he and Gila arrive at sickbay ::
Erich Jaenke: I guess I should thank you for not letting me fall on my face.
LtCdrFaldek: Aye. ::Moves back down to the chair::
Gila Orrak: Oh? Well yes, sure. How about you lie down on the biobed there. :: pointing ::
Callista Tyrel: :: holds it for Annika :: That may have been the last sun we get for quite a while. Back to the Warp Core glow skin tone... :: designates level ::
Annika Sorenson: Yeah, it was fun while it lasted. Back to the dull glows of the science consoles for me.
McFly: ::walks into the RR and sits at the desk; takes a deep breath::
McFly: ::It feels different for him somehow, as if he can feel the time that passed while he was in the coma despite it actually feeling like he woke up from a long nap::
Gila Orrak: :: extends the biobed's diagnostic tools ::
Cmdr JFarrington: :::clean uniform and such, she enters the bridge to do anything that is needed::
Callista Tyrel: :: lift opens :: Catch you later...:: smiles and scoots off to her quarters ::
McFly: ::takes a moment to appreciate then taps the lcars laptop and opens a comm to SpecOps::
Gila Orrak: Remain still Commander.
LtCdrFaldek: :: stands up:: Commander Farrington. ::Moves away so she can take the chair.::
Annika Sorenson: You too.
Annika Sorenson: ::heads the other way to her quarters::
Erich Jaenke: Am I going to live?
Gila Orrak: Not if I have anything to say about it. :: smiles ::
Cmdr JFarrington: Thank you, Commander. Good to see you aboard. :::takes the command chair:::
Callista Tyrel: :: enters her quarters and admires the view of the ship's nacelle in front of the asteroid with the atmosphere :: Pretty...now back to work.
McFly: Jaffee> Captain, sent your request thirty minutes ago.
McFly: Yeah I know. I had to take a shower.
LtCdrFaldek: It's great to be back. :: Heads up the ramp to tactical:: All is well, Captain McFly is in his ready room.
Gila Orrak: :: Taps :: All done. You may want to return to your department.
Cmdr JFarrington: ::to Faldek::: Are we ready to leave?
Erich Jaenke: :: Gets up :: Thanks. How about my sleepiness?
Annika Sorenson: ::Enters her quarters and digs around her closet for a fresh new uniform and puts it on::
Gila Orrak: A stiff coffee. Doctor's orders.
Erich Jaenke: :: Gets up and goes :: Thanks Doctor.
McFly: Jaffee> Mhmm. I had hoped the recent events would have taught you a thing or two about minding command and authority.
Gila Orrak: It's Gila...Erich.
Cmdr JFarrington: +com+ All hands, report ready to depart.
Erich Jaenke: :: Makes his way to engineering ::
Annika Sorenson: ::checks her reflection in her mirror, before taking one last quick look at the asteroid from her large windows in her room::
Cmdr JFarrington: :::Faldek::: We'll take it slow and easy through the belt when we're ready.
LtCdrFaldek: Tactical and security are ready. ::Looks down from tactical:: I'm not flying this thing ::half chuckles::
Callista Tyrel: :: back in uniform she exits her quarters and heads to Engineering..::
Erich Jaenke: :: Enters engineering ::
Cmdr JFarrington: ::slight grin:::
Annika Sorenson: ::no view of the nacelle since she was closer to the middle rear of the ship and takes the lift back up to the bridge::
Erich Jaenke: :: Does his hand signal to gesture for people to get ready to depart ::
Cmdr JFarrington: And.. one more time.... +COM+ ALL HANDS REPORT READY TO DEPART.
McFly: About what? ::remembers the mission logs during the time he was zonked out:: Oh, right. Uh, I learned not to cross Kansas. And, uh, something, something and the home of the brave.
Annika Sorenson: ::Exits onto the bridge and logs into her console at Science II::
McFly: Jaffee> ::raises eyebrow:: ............. Captain. I'm sending you to the Pallus sector.
McFly: Sounds fun, what's there?
Erich Jaenke: +Bridge+ Engineering green
Gila Orrak: +Bridge+ Sickbay ready
Callista Tyrel: :: enters engineering and heads to the Pool Table near the warp cores :: Hello Chief!
LtCdrFaldek: :: turns and acknowledges Annika behind him::
Annika Sorenson: ::notes the other Cardassian:: Sir ::respectful nod::
Cmdr JFarrington: :::nod::: Take us out of orbit Mr Lackey. Half impulse.
Callista Tyrel: Looks like everything is where we left it. :: smiles ::
Erich Jaenke: Hello Tyrel. I appeared to have slept for a good portion of our visit to that...place.
McFly: Jaffee> Not much these days. The only inhabitable planet is known as Pallus four. It has few animal species but no intelligent life. A research team was excavating and recently became gravely ill. They don't have a large medical facility to investigate and so we're sending you to give them a hand. Hopefully all is needed is a good hypo spray.
McFly: ...Wha-what, that's it?
McFly: Jaffee> Yes
McFly: Like, can't you send a medical ship for that?
Cmdr JFarrington: Commander Faldek, Mr Lackey will need assistance to weave through the asteroid belt.
McFly: Jaffee> You're closer. ::looks over what appears to be a padd:: Are you in an asteroid field?
Callista Tyrel: Maybe that is what you most required. I got some sun...and a few hours of peace. That was nice.
LtCdrFaldek: Do you want full resolution tactical scans, I could shoot a few asteroids...
Cmdr JFarrington: Full resolution scans.::trying not to grin:: 
McFly: Yeah, don't worry about that. I mean, we're a special ops ship. Shouldn't we be dealing with an attempted government coup or-or, starting a government coup?
Erich Jaenke: Yes. It was the doctor and I.
Cmdr JFarrington: However.. .let's not shoot anything. We're hiding from some personnel from New Las Vegas.
LtCdrFaldek: Aye. ::Starts a full resolution scan of the asteroid belt on the course we're on.:: Sending route and scans to the helm.
Callista Tyrel: Gila? I hope she was not bored down there.
McFly: Jaffee> Captain, I've read the recent reports. I would think you and your crew would welcome an easy mission.
Erich Jaenke: She stayed with me the entire time, so most likely.
Cmdr JFarrington: Lackey> ::checks the area over::: Thank you, sir. It helps.
McFly: I mean, yeah I guess. I just feel, sending us to a desolate planet to help cure a cold is better dealt by someone else.
McFly: Jaffee> ::sighs::
Annika Sorenson: ::scans the area and provides sensor scan assistance if necessary::
McFly: What? You know we're worth more.
Cmdr JFarrington: We will await the captain's orders as to where we go from there.
McFly: Jaffee> You're an ass.
McFly: Yeah
Callista Tyrel: I regret not spending more time with Gila lately, but it seems she was busy caring for you.
McFly: Jaffee> Look. Of course there's more to this than a mere cold. Command is hoping it's something simple that can be figured out easily by your medical staff. But listen... How well do you know your history?
Erich Jaenke: Yes... :: thinks :: She is hard to read.
McFly: I didn't sleep through all of it.
Annika Sorenson: ::would have also have liked spending more time with Gila too, but it was nice spending some time with Cal though::
Cmdr JFarrington: ::relaxes in the command chair, thinking::::
Erich Jaenke: :: taps the console ::
LtCdrFaldek: According to sensors we're nearing the edge of the asteroid belt Commander. ::Tappity tap tap::
Callista Tyrel: Yet, the asteroid...there were only a handful of people down there. Perhaps it was a break from reading people anyway.
Cmdr JFarrington: Mr Lackey, we're far enough out to go to three-quarter impulse.
Cmdr JFarrington: Lackey> Aye, ma'am. Going to three quarter impulse.
McFly: Jaffee> Alright, well, Pallus four has not always been empty of intelligent life. At one point there was a full civilization pretty new to warp, not unlike we were, maybe a bit younger. This was before the Federation, even before the Prime Directive. Something happened and the planet came down with an unknown virus.
McFly: I don't remember hearing about any of this.
Erich Jaenke: :: shakes his head :: I think she has had mental training... Cardassians...
Callista Tyrel: Maybe I should ask Gila to train my brain to not blast your brain with my ....uhm... energy.
McFly: Jaffee> Because it was kept under wraps. See they reached out for help but that was when the Xindi attack against Earth happened. Starfleet at the time forgot about them to deal with the threat.
McFly: That sounds very Starfleet.
Cmdr JFarrington: :::turns to Faldek::: Is Mr. Faliver aboard?
Callista Tyrel: :: returns gaze to Power Grid flow management ::
Erich Jaenke: :: Looks :: No significant slowdowns.
Callista Tyrel: After what I saw on that Asteroid, it appears my career is going to have moments of beauty and...well... horror. :: stares at Pool Table ::
Erich Jaenke: More of the latter if your career on this ship is long.
LtCdrFaldek: I'm not sure ma'am. Internal sensors are down due to a diagnostic.
McFly: Jaffee> Yes, well, next thing they know all the people are gone. The planet has been designated empty ever since. Recently Starfleet research has gotten the OK to excavate and learn what happened to them. But we're afraid this illness could be related to whatever wiped out those people.
Cmdr JFarrington: Not surprised. I know we didn't leave anyone behind, but he could be gathering his wits after New Las Vegas.
McFly: ::thinks for a beat:: I can't imagine the two are unrelated.
Callista Tyrel: who is the resident psychologist on board...? Sounds like he or she probably is the most important on board.
BrenFaliver: ::Drags himself, clean and in a pressed uniform, but with eyes almost squeezed shut, onto the bridge where he sits in Science-2, because it’s closer.::
McFly: Jaffee> Let's hope they are. But until we know for sure I urge you to take the utmost precaution when dealing with the research team and especially the planet.
Erich Jaenke: :: thinks about that question :: Ugh, it may be Gila. I'll have to check.
McFly: Will do. I'll alert medical to setup appropriately.
McFly: Jaffee> Keep me informed.
BrenFaliver: Science... ready to depart, Commander....
Callista Tyrel: I'll check on that. Although a Cardassian might have an interesting take on the human mind.
Cmdr JFarrington: :::Faldek::: Anything on the screen that we need to know about when we exit the asteroid belt, Commander?
Erich Jaenke: They are mostly cultural differences, though there are some gender norms.
McFly: Oh, Admiral, ::large cheeky smile:: I knew you wouldn't send us on no lame ass vaccine mission.
Annika Sorenson: ::moves to another science console:: Welcome back, boss.
McFly: Jaffee> ::rolls her eyes then cuts off the comm::
Cmdr JFarrington: +Bren+ Understood.
LtCdrFaldek: Looks good from here, Commander.
Callista Tyrel: Hmm... someday we will get over there and I will learn a lot more. :: taps diagnostic panels ::
BrenFaliver: ::Looks at Annika... or, actually, turns his pained face to Annika, and says something very quiet that could be interpreted as a greeting::
McFly: ::chuckles to himself; stands up and heads for the door; walks out to see everyone on the bridge and Commander Farrington:: Commander!
Annika Sorenson: ::hopes he's okay, and continues to work from her console::
McFly: We're heading to our next mission, ::looks over at Lt Lackey:: Pallus IV, wherever that is.
Cmdr JFarrington: :::stands and moves over, congenial nod::: Captain.
Annika Sorenson: ::glances over to the captain, looks up Pallus IV on her console::
Cmdr JFarrington: We are about to exit the asteroid belt, awaiting your orders.
McFly: You staying with us or do we drop you off at the next moon? ::toothy smile::
BrenFaliver: ::types into his console to pull up a datasheet on this destination. Momentarily confused at no results for 'Pallus Four"::
Annika Sorenson: ::Doesn't find too much either:: Another uninhabited planet?
Cmdr JFarrington: ::::smile, chuckling::: I'll be with you for a while, Captain. Medical things, actually. Then we got into New Las Vegas and everything cratered.
McFly: Lt Lackey > Course enabled, Captain, ready to engage.
BrenFaliver: ::types to Annika, refusing to add more sound to the world:: "Any suggestions on a migraine cure? I've never had one this bad!"
Annika Sorenson: Suggest some aspirin hypos. I'm sure Dr. Orrak has a good stock of migraine hypos.
Callista Tyrel: :: chuckles :: my holo exercise tyrant is going to kill me for having so much time off lately.
McFly: Good, medical, could use that. People might die.
Cmdr JFarrington: Well... hopefully not.
McFly: No pressure.
McFly: = /\ ======= PAUSE SIM ======= /\ =
McFly: = /\ ======= PAUSE SIM ======= /\ =
McFly: = /\ ======= PAUSE SIM ======= /\ =
McFly: Jami, comments?
Cmdr JFarrington: Just wondering where we're going. But you might want to tell us next week. It sounded scary.  A meeting next week?
Callista Tyrel: department head briefing… coming soon next week!
McFly: Will probably do a TBS of 5 hours. Everyone will have heard by that time so when we start the next sim we can arrive in the sector.
McFly: Unless you guys WANT to do a senior staff meeting. I mean I don't want to ruin anyone's fun.
LtCdrFaldek: I don't mind staff meetings.
Callista Tyrel: aye copy the plan sir
McFly: I'll leave it to a vote. You guys can reply to the log email. You want a senior staff meeting to learn the mission or just do a long TBS and get to the sector.
Cmdr JFarrington: Lots of stuff in there. You would get to point on the screen.
BrenFaliver: lol
McFly: I do like to point
McFly: Alright then. Any questions or comments?
Callista Tyrel: none here
Cmdr JFarrington: Point well taken. We can be on the way while we have a staff meeting.
BrenFaliver: Maybe do a staff briefing log? Best of both worlds?
McFly: Well yeah, that would be the idea.
Cmdr JFarrington: Lt Lackey won't mind.
BrenFaliver: We get some story, we hit the next session in sector?
McFly: All good suggestions, hit me up in email with them
Callista Tyrel: good night!
Cmdr JFarrington: We get to hit him. Cool.
McFly: If nothing else, let's enjoy one last week of peace before we all die of a bad staff infection and be... DISMISSED!

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