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Cmdr JFarrington

USS Manticore | 8/17/2020

Manticore Brief Stardate 52008.17.
TBS is 1 hour.
Manticore remains in synchronous orbit above the asteroid.
Lush grass and a waterfall cascades between the mountains.
After enduring New Las Vegas, we are relaxing and enjoying freedom.
=/\=BEGIN SIM=/\=
=/\=BEGIN SIM=/\=
Erich Jaenke: :: Lying in close proximity to the good doctor ::
Amanda Davis PhD: ::her toes in the pool made from the waterfall:::
Annika Sorenson: ::relaxing by the water as well::
Cmdr JFarrington: :::staring out into space on top of a knoll that is covered with lush grass::::
Callista Tyrel: :: Callista observes the Standard Starfleet " Tent " materialize in front of her...to be assembled ::
Gila Orrak: :: Looks at Gila ::
Kansas Kenickie: :::Starts building a fire since her skills are better:::
Annika Sorenson: Need a hand with that? ::to Callista::
Callista Tyrel: Oh yes..sure. Where shall we set it up?
Amanda Davis PhD: :::she spreads a towel over the grass to bask in the sun:::
Annika Sorenson: Maybe over there by the water? Nice view there.
Gila Orrak: Are you nervous? Afraid I'm going to stab you in the back?
Erich Jaenke: No..
Gila Orrak: :: laughs :: Good, that's a Romulan thing.
Callista Tyrel: Okay .. :: smiles :: Supposed to comfortably fit two..
Callista Tyrel: :: puts Tent crate where Annika directs ::
Annika Sorenson: That's nice ::smiles::
Amanda Davis PhD: ::to whoever is close::: This is lovely. We must do this more.
Annika Sorenson: Right here's a good spot. ::finds a nice, flat piece of grass by the water::
Annika Sorenson: Nice view of the falls. ::looks::
Callista Tyrel: :: pops crate open and begins assembling...:: If I fail assembly of this tent, I don't think I should be around a warp core...:: chuckles ::
LtCdrFaldek: @:: settling into his quarters on the Manticore, unpacking as it were. Opens a box and pulls out a bottle of Kanar, the blue kind, and pours himself a glass. Sits down and takes a drink:: Well Beran, you're back.
Annika Sorenson: ::chuckles:: It wouldn't look good.
Callista Tyrel: :: notes the Doctor is sunning herself :: That is not a bad idea, sun looks great.
Callista Tyrel: Annika can you hand off those support columns to me? :: starts building framework ::
Kansas Kenickie: ::Stretching out in the sunlight...hoping to get a good tan
Annika Sorenson: Sure thing. ::Hands them over to Callista;:
Erich Jaenke: :: to Orrak :: You have interesting views on various species.
Annika Sorenson: ::hammering in the ground pegs with a rock::
Gila Orrak: :: to Jaenke :: I've been around.
Cmdr JFarrington: Action>A large furry animal, similar to a moose, wanders through deep grass to get to the water, spots Jami, and gives her a very slobbery lick on her forehead.
Callista Tyrel: Wow this thing ....doesn't take long to make...perhaps because of it's emergency back up purpose..
Annika Sorenson: That's good...
LtCdrFaldek: ::picks up a PADD and looks at the current crew roster, familiarizing himself the key players::
Cmdr JFarrington: ::jumps, wiping the wet from her face, she turns::: Beamer!!
Annika Sorenson: ::hears Jami and sees the giant furry moose:: Wow, Jami has a friend.
Callista Tyrel: :: has the frame in place..and looks :: Oh my. hehe.
Cmdr JFarrington: Beamer> :::lick, slurp, lick, slirp, scratches her head with horns:::
Gila Orrak: :: Gets out her medicorder ::
Callista Tyrel: Hmm..they seem to know each other it appears.
Annika Sorenson: I hope all the wildlife on this planet is this friendly.
Callista Tyrel: :: gets thick grey insulating fabric " walls " out ::
Cmdr JFarrington: Action> A smaller one follows along, creeps up behind Annika, and gives her slobbery licks.
Kansas Kenickie: ::Rolls over, enjoying just the 2 of them alone::: let's hope the sun stays up longer than earth’s.
Annika Sorenson: ::stretches out the ground tarp as far as she can, until it's free of wrinkles and hammers in the last of the pegs::
Annika Sorenson: Ahh.. hello. ::wipes her face, and pets the animal::
Amanda Davis PhD: Oh, my. What... ::looks up the hill to Jami and then is licked by the smaller one::: Oh...
Cmdr JFarrington: ::looks over after hugging::: Beamer, you have a baby!!
Cmdr JFarrington: Beamer> ::snorts, nodding:::
Annika Sorenson: ::glad it went over to Amanda::
Callista Tyrel: Hmm...Commander...you familiar with these two ? :: asks Cmdr JFarrington ::
Gila Orrak: :: to Jaenke :: You are tense.
Annika Sorenson: ::sees her reflection in the water and washes her face of moose saliva::
Cmdr JFarrington: :::looks over the hill:: I've been here a few times. I always thought Beamer was a male, but I guess not. :::continues scratching:::
Annika Sorenson: Ahh.
Amanda Davis PhD: :::gets licked by the baby:: Oh... it tickles :::laugh::
Callista Tyrel: :: places exterior " walls in place " :: Cute.
Erich Jaenke: :: to Gila :: Yeah, an aspect of my work.. and me.
Annika Sorenson: Very. I met a squirrel in Sweden once that ate a nut out of my hand. But then it ran off.
Cmdr JFarrington: Beamer> :::walks down the hill toward Erich:::
Kansas Kenickie: ::Sprays a little baby oil on her legs::: such a bad idea
Callista Tyrel: I seem to recall squirrels in old Arizona being a bit too skittish for me to feed.
Gila Orrak: :: To Jaenke :: Turn around.
Cmdr JFarrington: Beamer Babe> ::walks around licking everyone he can find, smells the baby oil, and goes for a lick or few:::
Erich Jaenke: :: to Orrak :: Excuse me?
Gila Orrak: :: to Jaenke, does a spinning gesture ::
Callista Tyrel: :: Looks at Finished Tent :: Okay...:: wipes her bangs from her eyes ::
Annika Sorenson: It helps if you stay really still and make squirrel noises.
Annika Sorenson: Nicely done.
Erich Jaenke: :: huffs :: Fine.
Callista Tyrel: :: grabs her large tote bag and places it inside ::
Erich Jaenke: :: turns around ::
Annika Sorenson: ::puts her bag inside:: I didn't think to bring that much stuff.
Cmdr JFarrington: Beamer Babe> :::approaches Erich and instead of licking he stops to look at Erich:::
Amanda Davis PhD: Erich.... I think it likes you.
Callista Tyrel: :: holds the " Flap" Open for Annika :: Well I did not know anything about this place...so I threw everything in. Which is not much. Most of what I have is from NLV.
Erich Jaenke: So it appears.
Erich Jaenke: What is going on?
Gila Orrak: :: Sitting behind Erich ::
Kansas Kenickie: @ Annoying Karl> Snifes the chair::
Cmdr JFarrington: Beamer> ::approaches Erich and stops to watch him, curious:::
Annika Sorenson: Thanks ::sets her medium sized backpack and sleeping bag::
Callista Tyrel: :: looks at her uniform :: I need to get out of this thing , I think the Doctor is wise to be catching some rays....I think I will lay out for a while.
Amanda Davis PhD: :::stands::: Now, that *is* interesting.
LtCdrFaldek: @:: stands up and heads out of his quarters, still with the PADD, enters a TL:: Bridge.
Annika Sorenson: Sure thing, it'd be nice to get some sun.
Callista Tyrel: I'll be quick ... :: enters tent to change ::
Annika Sorenson: ::smiles and nods, and relaxes by the water::
Cmdr JFarrington: :::slowly walks down the hill, watching Beamer and Babe:::
Gila Orrak: :: Starts to help Jaenke, uses a muscle regen ::
Kansas Kenickie: ::Snuggles up to McFly:::
Erich Jaenke: :: Looks startled, on two fronts :: What are you doing Doctor?
Gila Orrak: :: Laughs :: Not what I want to, but something to help your tension.
Callista Tyrel: :: exits tent with shorts and tank top on applying some sunscreen :: Hehe...one vacation's unused sunscreen used for another.
Amanda Davis PhD: :::approaching to watch the animals:::
Callista Tyrel: Need some Annika?
LtCdrFaldek: @:: exits the TL and looks up from the PADD:: Report?
Kansas Kenickie: @ Karl> ::nods to Faldek::: Commander.............. it's been a long time
Kansas Kenickie: @ Karl> We are in orbit or the rock below... most are down on vacation
Annika Sorenson: Oh thanks, Sure.
LtCdrFaldek: @ It has been a few years. ::Heads down the ramp::
Annika Sorenson: Yeah, that's true. I've a lot of leftover stuff from NLV
Kansas Kenickie: @ Karl> looking for the 411 on the C.R.E.W.
Cmdr JFarrington: Beamer> ::continues to watch Gila massage, then pushes her aside to lick Erich's back slowly and gently::
Callista Tyrel: :: hands Annika sunscreen , places a towel on the ground with a mat as head rest:: Oh this is nice...
Amanda Davis PhD: :::watching::: Now *that* is interesting.
Annika Sorenson: ::applies on sunscreen as well::
Callista Tyrel: :: lies down ::
Erich Jaenke: Gila? Really?
Gila Orrak: It's not me Commander. It's your new friend.
Cmdr JFarrington: Beamer> :::slow, gentle lick, almost soothing:::
Gila Orrak: :: Gets our her medicorder :: Hmm.
Erich Jaenke: What's it doing? I can sense something from it, but I'm not sure what.
Cmdr JFarrington: Beamer Babe> :::quiet hum next to his mother:::
Annika Sorenson: ::sets up a towel to lay on and lays on it::
Cmdr JFarrington: Beamer> :::begins a low hum as she continues to lick carefully::
Callista Tyrel: :: puts a pair of UV glasses on ::
Gila Orrak: Concentrate, Mr. Jaenke.
LtCdrFaldek: @:: out of habit heads for Ops, but detours at the last second and stops in front of "the chair"::
Cmdr JFarrington: :::on approach, she watches the moose and baby, then nods to Amanda::: I've never seen her do this before.
Kansas Kenickie: ::Pulls out her phaser points it at the Beamer::: you should be lunch :::Aims:::
Cmdr JFarrington: :::steps between them::: NO!
Erich Jaenke: :: Feels Kansas' aim ::
Amanda Davis PhD: Yes, :::also to Gila:: there is something different in her actions.
Kansas Kenickie: :::Makes a face at Jami:: What?
Callista Tyrel: :: hears the stream ...which is relaxing and then hears a startling NO! and looks up ::
Cmdr JFarrington: Can't you see what she's doing? She's not hurting anyone. Why kill her?
Kansas Kenickie: lunch
Cmdr JFarrington: :::stern::: NO..... Ma'am.
Annika Sorenson: ::looks over as well::
Erich Jaenke: Her aim is not as good as she thinks.
Kansas Kenickie: ::Erich is wrong:::
Amanda Davis PhD: :::watches the animal as it slowly walks away:::
Callista Tyrel: :: hears Jami talking...but not clear enough to understand ..:: wonder what that was about...
Callista Tyrel: :: lies back down ::
Kansas Kenickie: :::Long sigh, lay back down::: yuppies
Annika Sorenson: I don't know. Though I noticed that the big moose really took a liking to Erich.
Callista Tyrel: :: chuckles :: The Chief is a nice guy....
Annika Sorenson: Yes, that he is.
Cmdr JFarrington: :::steps back slowly, then turns to follow Beamer and Baby::
LtCdrFaldek: @Karl, you are relieved.
Gila Orrak: :: Scans Erich :: Seems their saliva has certain enzymes...
Kansas Kenickie: @ Karl> Hi-ho sir ::walks back to the TAC console:::
Erich Jaenke: :: Looks sleepy :: Enzymes.. What do yo-.. :: falls back onto Doctor Orrak ::
Amanda Davis PhD: :::standing by::: Very interesting. :::watching Gila:::
LtCdrFaldek: @::sits in the chair, reading his PADD once more::
Gila Orrak: :: Jumps, but remains seated ::
Callista Tyrel: :: rests :: Have to tell the ....Beamer that he is taken...
Annika Sorenson: ::chuckles::
Gila Orrak: :: tilts her head :: It has very relaxing qualities.
Cmdr JFarrington: :::watching them walk slowly over the hill:::
Cmdr JFarrington: :::walking up to Gila::: Did Beamer's licks do anything substantial?
Callista Tyrel: Cmdr. Keb....doesn't have anything to worry about.
Gila Orrak: :: Looks at Erich as he has fallen asleep in her lap. Still scanning :: It contains an enzyme that has very relaxing qualities.
Annika Sorenson: I'm sure. ::smiles::
Cmdr JFarrington: :::watches as they walk over the hill and out of sight::
Callista Tyrel: :: listens to the relaxing sound of the water nearby ::
Amanda Davis PhD: Very interesting. Dr Orrak, is there a way to sample what the animal used?
Gila Orrak: :: Moves Erich a bit to get a sample :: I should be able to synthesize this.
Kansas Kenickie: ::Throws a rock at the Beamer near her::: Shooo
Cmdr JFarrington: :::walks up the hill as Beamer and baby join the herd and move off::::
Annika Sorenson: ::lies down close to Callista and does the same::
Kansas Kenickie: <<Oh Jami .... McFly and I are up there... you might see more than you like :O >>
Gila Orrak: :: Feels like she can't move and does not ::
Cmdr JFarrington: (Hey.. I'm a doctor. I see everything anyway)
Callista Tyrel: It was nice of the command staff to give us a make-up vacation. After what I saw in that courtroom I needed the beauty of the universe in my mind.
LtCdrFaldek: @::sets the PADD down and looks around the mostly empty bridge:: It's good to be the King.
Gila Orrak: :: to Erich :: Well, you got your relaxation.
Callista Tyrel: :: stretches a bit taking the sun in ::
Cmdr JFarrington: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\=
Cmdr JFarrington: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\=
Cmdr JFarrington: All yours, Boss.
Kansas Kenickie: Nice work everyone.
Kansas Kenickie: Any questions or comments?
Callista Tyrel: Beamer...is a moose?
Kansas Kenickie: Jami?
Cmdr JFarrington: Beamer is a moose... not exactly the same kind as on earth, but she's a moose.
Callista Tyrel: okay thanks
Kansas Kenickie: and sound yummy
Erich Jaenke: I now pronounce you Man and Moose
Cmdr JFarrington: And icky licks. But they work.
Callista Tyrel: sleepy icky licks?
Cmdr JFarrington: That, too.
Cmdr JFarrington: TBS, Boss?
Kansas Kenickie: 2 hours, 22 minutes and 2 seconds
Cmdr JFarrington: And we'll be on the ship or still on the asteroid?
Kansas Kenickie: we will be wrapping up on the asteroid, getting ready to leave.. this way you can log log log
Cmdr JFarrington: All righty.
Amanda Davis PhD: It will be sad to leave the asteroid.
Kansas Kenickie: If nothing else, dismissed.

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