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Callista Tyrel

Off to the Trial

      The traffic of ships above New Las Vegas was chaotic with vessels including passenger liners, freighters, yachts, naval vessels and shuttles.  It was only slightly organized to avoid major collisions, and so far no one had significantly damaged Manticore. Callista had heard talk about this once she returned aboard Manticore the day before.  It was quite a sight from her quarter’s viewports, a crazy sight to begin what might be a  crazy day.

     She was back in uniform for Commander Kenickie’s trial that was scheduled to begin in a  few hours.  Her mind had wrestled the previous night with the question on what to do. Should she stay on the ship in case someone decided to “ spring “ the Commander or attend the trial in person?  She had decided on the latter, someone had to be there to support Kansas.

     Callista was still bothered by questions as she checked her appearance in the mirror and she could not find an answer.  Why on earth was this trial being allowed to happen?    Who attacked their hotel?  And finally, how did someone manage to catch Kansas Kenickie?

     Commander Kenickie seemed to relish bladed weapons, appearing to single handedly commandeer a Klingon vessel  with violent ease. There was no doubt she was capable of killing many people . From what she had gathered over the last 24 hours Kansas was not denying the charges.  So why was Callista going to the trial in support of an assassin?

     Her gaze returned to her reflection in the mirror as she adjusted her hair. There was something she admired about Kansas, her take charge no business attitude perhaps.  She also wasn’t afraid to speak her mind much like herself.  A budding killer inside herself?  No, Callista h did not have any skills capable of pulling off an assassination.  Yet she did desire to gain covert operation skills to assist Manticore to fulfill her missions.  She had brought up that subject with her friends Annika and Gila down on the surface.

     Despite the veneer Kansas displayed of being extremely dangerous, inside she was human just like herself.   Callista did not want her commander to feel abandoned further by her shipmates, and that in the end was the reason why she would attend the trial.. 

    After attaching her comm badge and Engineering Tricorder to her Uniform she took one final look in the mirror and passed her quick visual inspection.  She dimmed the lights and began to exit her quarters when she realized she forgot to do something.

     Tyrel walked over to her bed and placed her right foot on it, she raised her pant leg a bit to reveal an ankle knife holster with a Starfleet Issue Ka-Bar type blade. She quickly removed the holster and left it on her bed.   Relieved that she had corrected that oversight she concluded her commander had rubbed off on her , in a very sharp way.

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