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As soon as she came aboard USS Agincourt, Captain Marida Lopez sensed the power of its crew.  But she couldn’t understand why Starfleet would name a science vessel USS Agincourt.  Previous ships that bore the name were heavy battleships.  Agincourt was a science vessel.  It made no sense until she read its history.  

And now, how glad she was to know its history.  They were entering what seemed to be a hefty nebula.

Captain Lopez strapped herself in and snarled, “Nine hundred seventy three years ago they won... and we’re gonna win this one too.  Lieutenant Conyer,” she called to the officer behind her, “get everyone strapped in. This might be a bumpy ride.”

Executive Officer Commander Aero strapped in next to her, questioning quietly, “Nine hundred seventy three years ago, Captain?”

“Yes, Commander,” she replied on a long exhale.  “One of the most memorable battles on earth.  Over a hundred years of fighting between two rulers on one planet.”  

The ship began to shake and roll like an ancient sailing ship in a monsoon.  Having dealt with nebular situations such as this, Captain Lopez knew that to keep the ship from breaking up the best thing to do was to pour energy into the External/Inertial Dampener and hang on.

“Two rulers on one planet?”

“England and France,” she continued after forcing herself to relax.  “Despite overwhelming odds of five to one, the English, led by King Henry V, and his exhausted, rag-tag army overwhelmed the French Army on the fields of a place called Agincourt… or Azincourt.” She shrugged.  “The French underestimated the determination of the English and their skill with the longbow.  Damn, I wish we had a few of those right now.”

“Shoot ‘em down, Captain?”  He grinned, hanging onto his chair as he studied the screen. “Something tells me that we’re going to need a little heftier equipment than that.”

‘Nah… we won’t need more equipment.  We’ll need less with this baby.  Hm….”  

Aero gave her a questioning glance as she drummed on the armchair.  The ship continued to shake, then roll with the tide, reminding Marida of times when her father took her sailing. Her mind began to wander as the ship seemed to settle into a gentle roll.  The nebula changed from a steamy darkness into several different colors, wispy hews that engulfed the ship, caressing them, then floating away.


“Yes, Errol, it’s settling down.  Maybe we can get out… of….”  Looking up, she stopped cold, eyes wide as she stared at the screen, watching the nebular hues dance around the ship.  Then….

“Mayday, mayday, may... .   SS Rodma… assistance…. I say again…. USS Rod… nebu... 231…  requir…. Assistance…. Mayday…. Ula….. 31, coordinat…. to follow.”

“What the…?” Marida flipped off her belt and made a sharp turn toward Lt Conyer.  “Locate the origin of that call, and call USS Rodman.  Keep calling until we get those coordinates.  Engineering,” she called into the com, “power up and coordinate with communications.  Commander,” she turned to Aero.  “I gotta say, this is one hell of a nebula.”

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