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Cmdr JFarrington

USS Manticore | 7/6/2020 | New Las Vegas


= /\ = Manticore Brief Stardate 52007.06 "New Las Vegas" = /\ =

TBS is 2.8 minutes, same day.
Commanders Kenickie and Jaenke are in the brig.
Commander Farrington is standing just outside their cells.
Hunky Guy says they're going to trounce McRoy.
The crew is pretending to be vacationers.


Cmdr JFarrington: =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\=

Cmdr JFarrington: =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\=


BrenFaliver: ::is sunning himself at a 5* resort ((LOL))::

Cmdr JFarrington: ::just outside the brig, leaning against the wall and wondering why they don't throw her in the brig::::

Cmdr JFarrington: (Works for me, Bren)

Kansas Kenickie: ::watches Erich leave the Brig area:: bring a key with you next time.

Callista Tyrel: :: looking out the window of the resort hotel....with her small Kanar drink in hand ::

Erich Jaenke: :: turns :: They don't use keys.

Annika Sorenson: ::doing the same with a gin and tonic::

Kansas Kenickie: hand grenade.

Annika Sorenson: I wish we could at least go outside to the beach or something.

Cmdr JFarrington: :::pushes off from from the wall so they don't trounce over her:::

Callista Tyrel: So sorry about this Annika, Gila.. :: notes the weather outside looks really nice ::

Annika Sorenson: Yeah, it sucks.

Cmdr JFarrington: :::moves close to KK's cell, whispering::: This doesn't look good. But.. :::stops talking as an officer passes by:::

Gila Orrak: What are you sorry about? :: brushes her hair, back, the climate is getting to her ::

Callista Tyrel: I wonder what Commander Bren is up to....

Erich Jaenke: :: Goes to find the others ::

Kansas Kenickie: ::Looks at the Guard:: Yo! this is my Doctor.. let her in to check me out

Erich Jaenke: +G-A-C+ This is Jaenke. What's your status?

Callista Tyrel: Bikini Clad Waitress> :: approaches Bren in the sun :: Excuse me sir, care for any cocktails?

Kansas Kenickie: Guard Bud> ok.... you have like 10 minutes to check her out.

BrenFaliver: ::Yawns a bit, sits up and looks around at the beautiful environs, contemplates whether it is too quiet::

Callista Tyrel: :: hears the communicator come to life ::

BrenFaliver: Uhhhhh, what are the local specialties?

Kansas Kenickie: Guard Bud> ::Drops the FF for Jami:::

Cmdr JFarrington: Ten minutes it is, sir.

Gila Orrak: +Jaenke+ Just trying to blend in.

BrenFaliver: ((worst guard ever))

Callista Tyrel: + Jaenke + Basically hanging tight in the room...sir... Have you seen Commander Farrington?

Kansas Kenickie: Guard Bud> Brings the FF back up once Jami enters::

Cmdr JFarrington: :::steps in and begins to check her over:::

Callista Tyrel: Bikini Clad waitress> I recommend the NLV Smoothie green, very cool and...relaxing.

Erich Jaenke: +Tyrel+ She is visiting the Commander.

Kansas Kenickie: (w) how goes things?

Erich Jaenke: +Tyrel+ I am heading to your location.

Callista Tyrel: + Jaenke + Good to hear. Well everyone accounted for here. We shall await your arrival. Tyrel out.

Cmdr JFarrington: ::using the tricorder, looking her over:::

BrenFaliver: I'd love to try one, whenever you have a moment, no rush.

Callista Tyrel: Bikini Clad waitress> But...:: looks to Commander Bren :: Due to service disruptions from a situation beyond our control. The management has granted patrons free drinks for an hour sir.

Erich Jaenke: :: After some time Jaenke arrives where the women are ::

BrenFaliver: Oh, then I would appreciate it if you could have a moment within the hour ::big smile:: . What... kind of situation?

Callista Tyrel: Well gals, we might get to go somewhere again. Cheers!

Gila Orrak: :: Orrak sees the Chief :: Sir.

Cmdr JFarrington: (w, back to the officer) ::KK:: Word from Hunky re 31...

Erich Jaenke: :: to them all :: We have a problem.

Callista Tyrel: Bikini Clad Waitress > The whole city lost power for no reason. We heard it might have something to do with a discount hotel near the Pier resort. But just rumors sir.

Annika Sorenson: Cheers, I hope so.

Cmdr JFarrington: (w) :::scan...scan::: Think we should rally the troops?

Kansas Kenickie: oh.. they're here.

Annika Sorenson: ::Drinks her drink:: Pretending a vacationer is easy, since we *are* vacationers ::smiles::

Callista Tyrel: Chief...glad to see you. well I guess we need a briefing . :: smiles ::

Annika Sorenson: What's up, chief?

BrenFaliver: Doesn't sound like anything for me to worry about then, sorry, force of habit I suppose!

Callista Tyrel: Bikini Clad waitress> Talk of weapons fire as well. Well you are safe here..this resort is top notch. You chose your vacation right.

Kansas Kenickie: (w) Did he say to leave or stay inside?

Cmdr JFarrington: :::as an officer passes by::: Everything looks good, Commander. A few nicks here and there, but nothing else. :::forced smile:::

Cmdr JFarrington: (w) Didn't say...

Callista Tyrel: :: sets her Kanar on the table and listens to Erich ::

Cmdr JFarrington: ::glanceglance:: (w) Word to me was to stay put because "They are going to take McRoy and 31 needs to clear out from this planet because it's not safe here."

Callista Tyrel: Bikini Clad waitress> Oh the name is Barb. By The way. Care for a complimentary ticket book. :: sets one next to Commander Bren's sun chair ::

Kansas Kenickie: Court is starting tomorrow, I would guess keep everyone close

Cmdr JFarrington: Good idea.

Erich Jaenke: What have you all been doing? :: notices their lighter attire ::

BrenFaliver: Thank you very much, Barb.

Kansas Kenickie: I will be here ::waves hand around::

Annika Sorenson: Been doing okay holed up in here.

Cmdr JFarrington: :::listening:::

Annika Sorenson: thanks! ::takes another drink she ordered::

Callista Tyrel: Yes...but ready to go in Tourist disguise in a moment's notice.

Kansas Kenickie: (w) Did he hurt you?

Callista Tyrel: Barb> Are you an Admiral sir. You look like one.

Cmdr JFarrington: (w) No. Hunk took me in. McRoy doesn't even bother to speak to me. ::shrug:::

BrenFaliver: Me? No, haha, no Admiral. Is that a polite way of suggesting I'm getting a bit soft in the torso? ::another smile:: just a spanner jock, one unused to open skies and... quiet. The quiet is disconcerting.

Gila Orrak: :: Looks at Erich :: You okay Commander?

Erich Jaenke: :: Looks back :: Just a lot of voices.

Kansas Kenickie: Good... sorry if he scared you.

Annika Sorenson: ::smiles:: Ahh.

Kansas Kenickie: where are the others?

Callista Tyrel: Barb> Oh sorry sir...no It was your haircut. It looks military. I actually served an admiral once.

BrenFaliver: I'm just kidding you, Barb. So, was it one of the boisterous self-important admirals, or one of the very quiet-almost-silent ones?

Callista Tyrel: :: looks to Gila :: Wish we had a connection with the ship, a small medical kit would be nice to have.

Cmdr JFarrington: Scare me? I've been in worse situations. The others are playing tourist.

BrenFaliver: There are only those two types, you know ::another big grin::

Cmdr JFarrington: (w) But why did they take Cdr Jaenke?

Callista Tyrel: Barb> Well it was...not long ago. :: looks at the bright sun :: Do you require any more UV Screen?

Erich Jaenke: I may be able to help with that..though don't we have access to a medical kit here?

Callista Tyrel: I suppose we could get one at the front desk..I was thinking of something Gila might find handy though.

Kansas Kenickie: ::Takes a deep breath:: I expect something to happen at court, before or after.

Callista Tyrel: Pardon me....:: walks over to fresher ::

BrenFaliver: No, but thank you. In fact, I'm rather enjoying the beginnings of the tan here on my arms! You don't get a tan when you are smacking conduits into place. They are always in, under, or behind something and never out in the open.

Cmdr JFarrington: With the commander, too?

Kansas Kenickie: Erich is my Lawyer.... so I don't expect to get a not guilty.

Erich Jaenke: Ugh, I need to read a lot more.

Callista Tyrel: Barb> Let me get you your drink sir... I will return in a moment. :: walks to the cabana bar ::

Cmdr JFarrington: :::lips purse, arms cross:::

Kansas Kenickie: What? ::Struggles::

Kansas Kenickie: *Shruggles

Annika Sorenson: I still have a lot left of my suntan lotion I bought.

BrenFaliver: ::Pulls from his pocket something that looks exactly like a tube of chapstick, and twists the bottom half:: Faliver to Tyrel, is this thing on? ::obnoxiously taps it against his lip to simulate chapstick but making a BOOF BOOF sound across the disguised communicator's feed::

Cmdr JFarrington: :::deep sigh:: Too many things not right.

Callista Tyrel: :: jumps in Fresher hearing the comm near the sink burst to life ::

Kansas Kenickie: that is the Motto of the ship right?

Cmdr JFarrington: Yeah... sounds about right.

Callista Tyrel: :: picks up communicator :: + BrenFaliver + Tyrel Here . Commander...Commander is that you ? You broke up..

Erich Jaenke: :: Reading and listening ::

Kansas Kenickie: I feel like I have been in here a month, any tips on how to bust out

Gila Orrak: :: Goes over to Erich ::

Cmdr JFarrington: ::wry grin::: Last I heard the motto had changed to "You want a Tug, we give you a TUG"

BrenFaliver: +Callista+ Yep, I'm here. I have no idea what happened, but I get the very distinct feeling I have been asleep a lot longer than I intended. I'll assume exhaustion and not sedatives. Everything ok? I'm not in eye-sight of anyone else of the crew, which always unnerves me when we're off ship...

Callista Tyrel: Barb> :: notes her guest is on a call and quietly sets a tray with drink, Ice, Coupons and "News Paper" with an article about a Starfleet officer being charged with murder prominently on it.

Cmdr JFarrington: Hulk's taking care of it. It's the waiting that's the problem.

BrenFaliver: ::Smiles at Barb and nods his gratitude::

Callista Tyrel: :: peaks head out of Fresher door to Erich:: Sir...I have Commander Bren on Comm...do you wish to speak with him?

Kansas Kenickie: ::Grumbles::

Gila Orrak: :: adjusts something on a hypospray :: Should provide some clarity. :: hiss ::

Erich Jaenke: :: Nods :: Sure.

Callista Tyrel: :: finishes and exits walks to Erich Jaenke and hands him the communicator ::

Erich Jaenke: +Bren+ Commander?

BrenFaliver: +Callista+ Callista? Your voice has changed dramatically!

Callista Tyrel: Barb> :: thinks Bren is cute ::

Cmdr JFarrington: I'm assuming that the crew always carries their communicators?

Kansas Kenickie: yeah, tell everyone to be ready to run at any time.

Erich Jaenke: +Bren+ This is Erich, but thank you.

Kansas Kenickie: Get the majority of the crew back to the ship.

Callista Tyrel: :: looks at Annika and giggles hearing Bren's comments ::

Annika Sorenson: ::giggles as well::

BrenFaliver: +Erich/Callista+ Ah, sorry Erich. You were better looking when you were Callista, no offense. What's going on out there? I fell asleep and ended up alone.

Cmdr JFarrington: :::slow walk to the back of the room and barely speaks:: +Crew+ Prepare to transport to the ship. Stand by.

BrenFaliver: ::To himself:: Oh, she's on the phone too, guess its a party line

Callista Tyrel: Oh well...Moving out orders...:: to Annika and Gila :: Maybe another time...:: gets her stuff together ::

Erich Jaenke: +Bren+ Our first officer has been charged with multiple counts of a capital crime and those in command are discussing options.

Kansas Kenickie: next time we are going to NEW New Orleans planet.

BrenFaliver: +Erich+ Wow, so, they finally followed the trail of organs and blood back to Kansas, huh? I guess it was about time...

Cmdr JFarrington: Agreed.

Annika Sorenson: ::nods::

BrenFaliver: +Erich+ Ohh, let me guess, she actually didn't kill the person(s) this time?

Callista Tyrel: :: gathers her things readying for transport ..but she cannot contact the ship, she assumes the Commander has that under control ::

Erich Jaenke: +Bren+ She allowed me to 'enter' her mind.

BrenFaliver: +Erich+ .... and..... then you killed the people?

BrenFaliver: +Erich+ You all have some very wild ideas of 'vacation' in Starfleet.

Annika Sorenson: ::hopes that's the case as well::

Callista Tyrel: Make certain you have everything :: to Gila and Annika :: I doubt we will be coming back.

Kansas Kenickie: <<<Thanks Bran.... your next Mwhahahaha>>

Callista Tyrel: ( lol )

Erich Jaenke: +Bren+ These were past Ops.

Callista Tyrel: Barb> :: sets a souvenir Shirt on Bren's Sun Chair ::

BrenFaliver: +Erich+ OOOOOH You mean like the ---smiles at Barb and nods again, and stammers until she walks away--- all the old stories we're not allowed to know about? Man, this trial could be GREAT, I'll get the popcorn machine from backstage!

Cmdr JFarrington: ::sits next to KK on her bed::: It's been ten minutes, and they haven't come for me, so..... :::glances around::: not sure about this.

Annika Sorenson: It's too bad, I liked it here.

Callista Tyrel: Barb> :: heads to her next guest ::

Annika Sorenson: ::gathering her things::

BrenFaliver: ((What's the easiest way to get a second Commander in the brig? Get her to ask for permission to enter lol))

Cmdr JFarrington: (heh)

Kansas Kenickie: Guard Bud> you done in there Doc.

Cmdr JFarrington: ::looks up::: Done.

Callista Tyrel: Yeah...people were nice...:: gets her purse ready :: Would have loved to meet Ricky.

Annika Sorenson: Yeah, too bad. There's always Risa though.

Kansas Kenickie: Thank you Doctor.... I feel a little better.

Cmdr JFarrington: ::hands KK a package of some kind of pills::: These will help with the pain. ::but it's a little more than that.

Kansas Kenickie: thanks ::Smiles::

Callista Tyrel: :: has all her things ready and takes a seat next to Annika :: well...maybe next time.

Cmdr JFarrington: :::stands as the FF drops::: I'll be around.

Kansas Kenickie: if you see Erich tell him it's OK if they zap me into nothing I don't blame him.

Erich Jaenke: +Bren+ We may have to employ some non-standard methods here if we wish to save her.

Annika Sorenson: Hopefully ::smiles:: Next time, I hope our vacations last longer.

Cmdr JFarrington: Oh, he'll have a field trip with that. :::grin:::

BrenFaliver: +Erich+ Are we even equipped or trained in standard methods? Is there a plan? Would it be easier if I join you and Callista?

Callista Tyrel: Indeed! :: a gentle hug to Annika :: Yeah...But I sense those Plasma scrubbers calling my name on Manticore.

Erich Jaenke: +Bren+ Insanity...as in a plea. If not that then prevent the death penalty.

Annika Sorenson: ::returns the hug:: Same for stellar cartography. Doubt I'll get to put my marine biology expertise anytime soon.

BrenFaliver: +Erich+ Uh... that sounds like "Keep her alive" and not "Get her back on our ship so we can pop a wheelie on our way out of the system into the sunset" have we already gotten to that level of desperation?

Annika Sorenson: put to use*^

Callista Tyrel: You know...I never thought to check if this place had any aquariums in the city.

Erich Jaenke: +Bren+ Well, she does not have to be conscious to get her back on the ship.

Callista Tyrel: :: wonders why those who raided the casino earlier just did not extract: Kansas themselves....perhaps there is something the Lt. is just not seeing ::

Annika Sorenson: I wonder if they did.

Annika Sorenson: but then neither did I.

Callista Tyrel: I could picture You giving the people in charge of the place a good run for their money on their knowledge!

BrenFaliver: +Erich+ Fair enough! So, where do I need to be right now?

Erich Jaenke: +Bren+ I will send you what we have to your padd, but nothing quite yet.

Annika Sorenson: ::chuckles:: Thanks!

Callista Tyrel: This is a Beluga whale...native to earth...it is related to sharks! Then you wince and contemplate what to tell the person giving the tourist schpeel!

Callista Tyrel: :: small laugh ::

Cmdr JFarrington: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\=

Cmdr JFarrington: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\=

Cmdr JFarrington: Thank you

Callista Tyrel: :: paused ::

Cmdr JFarrington: It's all yours, Skipper.

BrenFaliver: ((Oh man, but I've had to resist the urge to do that in real life Callista lol. NO, GLASS IS NOT A LIQUID))

Kansas Kenickie: OK SO next week is the start of trial

Callista Tyrel: Live on New Las Vegas News?

Kansas Kenickie: Everyone will attend court unless you are not supporting your XO.

Annika Sorenson: oooh

Callista Tyrel: So...if you attend....you can't really help spring you out!

Kansas Kenickie: So TBS is like 9.4 hours one night left for Kansas to live.

Cmdr JFarrington: So it's going to be evening kind of?

Erich Jaenke: What is everyone bringing to the wake?

Callista Tyrel: Actually is this going to be a trial behind closed doors ...or is the whole galaxy going to get to tune it?

Kansas Kenickie: You would look guilty if you didn't attend Calilsta.

BrenFaliver: ::squinty eyes in real life:: This isn't like, the end of the KK story and character is it?

Callista Tyrel: ( looks for the dress uniform somewhere....)

Kansas Kenickie: no court TV just planet local court tv.

Callista Tyrel: okay so you are on TV...okay.

Cmdr JFarrington: (full dress isn't required in court)

Callista Tyrel: oh okay.

Kansas Kenickie: it could be Bren, is she guilty or not.

BrenFaliver: ((Good because Bran teleported down with nothing but what's on his back and in his pockets))

Callista Tyrel: Barb gave you a A Five Star Resort Shirt..you got your souvenir Bren!

BrenFaliver: LOL, yeah, but I can't imagine that's going to get me into a courtroom :D

Cmdr JFarrington: Is that all, Boss?

Kansas Kenickie: any questions?

Callista Tyrel: Do we have access to the ship?

Kansas Kenickie: Before court yes.

Callista Tyrel: Okay thanks!

Kansas Kenickie: But there are scanners that will pick up weapons brought into court

Callista Tyrel: Oh no...just standard engineer stuff ...her tricorder!

BrenFaliver: ((tricorder made of CORDITE))

BrenFaliver: ((Mwhaahahahah))

Kansas Kenickie: ::Thwapps Bren:::

Callista Tyrel: ( hehe )

Cmdr JFarrington: :::headdesk:::

Callista Tyrel: Okay I am set....Glad you got some simming in Bren!

Callista Tyrel: Okay that is all from me...have a good night!

Kansas Kenickie: How mad would McFly be and KK if you got yourself jailed for them?

BrenFaliver: Yeah! After I spent a ridiculous sum replacing a bunch of networking gear for a $10 cable....

BrenFaliver: Well, if they are in jail, their opinions don't carry much weight.

Callista Tyrel: ( But we love you KK ! )

BrenFaliver: Unless KK is gonna shank us in the yard during… uh… recess? Whatever they call it in prison.

Kansas Kenickie: Yard time.

Cmdr JFarrington: Crew dismissed. Be well. Be Safe. Don’t forget your towel.


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