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Cmdr JFarrington

More than a Handful of Years Ago - K. Kenickie


By K.Kenickie
The Academy campus was silent and the students were tucked away in their dooms studying for their finals.  Others were putting the finishing touches on the exams that were to come.  
Kansas had picked the perfect night to complete her first solo mission.  Some people would rather have the hustle and bustle of a busy campus to blend into, but not her. The sound of silence was all she needed to know that she was alone. All shades were pulled down and she had the place to herself.  Even if there was a prying eye all they would see was another student walking across the quad. she had acquired a uniform, blonde wig and would blend in perfectly. 
Kansas stopped in front of the Apollo science building.  She counted three windows across and four up. That was her target: a science nerd asking too many questions and poking the wrong bear. She removed a small device from her pocket and turned it on.  It was the size of a ring box, but it had the power to take down every camera around her. 
She pulled her gloves on and started her climb up the side of the building, staying as close as she could manage in this gravity level. She knew her prize once she finished this mission: she would be the youngest in operations history to pass all her skills missions and a solo kill. She could move forward and have her pick of team operations or solo missions. 
Kansas froze. She was so deep in thought that she almost missed the sound of people walking across the quad, the shrill cackles of girls returning to their dorm from the library. Kansas tried to pull herself closer to the side of the building.  She had decided to free climb the building—there would be no signs of her presence that way. She had one more level to climb.  She wanted to sigh, her tolerance of fleet children was slim. The little Fleeters thought that they were the rulers of the stars... if they only knew how easy they had it. 
Once the quad drew silent, she started up to the fourth floor.  The lights of the office were still on and that meant that her target was still hard at work, her hand slipped slightly on the ledge of the windowsill.... someone was expecting her, and dusted the ledge. Leaving no sign or evidence was clearly not an option anymore, she decided to climb higher than the ledge. So much for no sign.
She hammered a climbing loop above the window, quickly slid the climbing cable into the loop and snapped the d-loop into the hook and hung freely from the building, then leaned back.  Silently rotating upside down she was now standing on the top of the window looking in. Her target was busy- busy working away on his newest project.
Kansas pulled out her key spanner and easily opened the lock to the window and turned off the alarm at the same time.  She smirked as she returned the spanner to her belt and slid the window open without a sound. Kansas loosened climbing cable pushed off the building and landed in the lab crouched down making the slightest of noise. 
Doctor Whitehead was deep in thought examining the slides, then abruptly looked at his PADD. Kansas observed him for a moment, she couldn't see anything nefarious or criminal about the man. He was tall and lanky with a full head of white hair all disheveled; his lab coat was just as messy. Kansas didn't want to know what kind of yuck was on that thing. But it wasn't her job to think about the targets, her job was protecting those who couldn't handle the realities of the universe.
It was time...
Kansas walked up behind the Doctor and stood there for a moment.  Did she want her first kill to be so easy?  Then again... tomorrow is another day. Another day, another kill. 
Kansas pulled her knife and took a thick, tight grip of the Doctor's hair. She clearly startled him, from the sounds of his gasps and lack of struggling - her knife slid through his throat like it was melted butter. She let go of him and he dropped to the ground.... it had all gone as planned, maybe not getting blood all over herself but practice makes perfect.
"HEY YOU!!" shouted someone from the door.
Kansas tightened her cable and leaped out the window, pulled herself up to the climbing loop, put her feet against the top of the window and pulled on it until it released. When it did release Kansas could feel herself free falling to the ground below, but somehow she was able to grasp the ledge to the second windows ledge. She dangled there holding on with one hand, slowly got her footing and started the rest of her descent. By now alarms inside the building were blaring and security would soon lock the place down. With very few options, Kansas slid behind a Yew bush that was growing against a brick wall. She removed her cadet uniform, pulled the wig off and poured lighter fluid over all of it. She was left in a black tank top and matching shorts, pulled her hair back, and hoped that they would buy that she was an evening runner. She lit the clothes and wig on fire and slid down the long wall of yew bushes, scratching herself up in the process. Once she thought she was far enough away from both incidents she jogged out from behind the bushes and jogged off to the safe haven of the docks. 


Gilbert sat on the floor next to his professor and couldn't help but cry.  Security officers were asking him a million questions at once. Maybe it was shock or the trauma of watching the only person in his life that gave a damn about him get his throat slit open in front of him, but one thing he was sure of... he would never forget the face of that bitch and he would do everything he could to get her... make her suffer.  
"Cadet McRoy??... Cadet McRoy, we have questions that only you can answer." Repeated the security office for the third time.

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