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Cmdr JFarrington

The McRoy Conspiracy - Cdr Kansas Kenickie

The McRoy Conspiracy
Cdr Kansas Kenickie
Captain McRoy was extremely pleased with himself, he had finally caught that (B)witch that killed his mentor... the man who was like a father to him.  He had been searching for that face since he had finished the academy and now... NOW! He has her  in his brig.  
There had been so many close calls and images that he knew were her but his case had been bumped down to low priority or worse—no confirmation on ID's of both people.
Now that she was on his posting it was his call on what was to be done. 
McRoy sat down in a huff and turned his monitor on and accepted the incoming call. An older woman with a small weasley face came on the screen. 
"McRoy... this again? you have been after this mystery women for what ...Over 15 years, you were still a cadet. My advice is to leave it alone. Mashell Whitehead was into projects most people didn't want to know about. I can only guess that those unconfirmed projects are what got him killed.  It was a part of his life he didn't tell anyone about, and for good reason as you don't you? it got him killed and many enemies along the way. Most of the lunar council disagreed with his project ideas, even the Federation President himself had a word with him on his weapons projects and then his science under the table deals he was proven to have a hand in it. for your own career. LET. IT. GO"  
The screen went black and the fleet logo came on the screen...
This wasn't over.. he was going to make her pay.


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