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Cmdr JFarrington

USS Manticore | 5/25/2020

= /\ = Manticore Brief Stardate 52005.25 "New Las Vegas" = /\ =
TBS is 1 hour.  It is a Dark and Stormy Night
Repairs on the USS Manticore continue.
Captain McFly is slowly but constantly improving.
Cdr Kenickie has been arrested on 5 counts of murder.
Commander Farrington is now OIC on Manticore.
Thinking Manticore is a tugboat, other ships in orbit try to bump her off.
Note: Pakleds don't know how to do that 'cause they're... Pakleds.
Cmdr JFarrington: =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\=
Cmdr JFarrington: =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\=
Erich Jaenke: :: In their suite ::
Annika Sorenson: ::in their hotel room, lying on Callista's bed looking at a PADD::
Kansas Kenickie: ::in her cell with shackles On::: perfect
Cmdr JFarrington: @ ::bridge, watching out for Packleds:::
Erich Jaenke: :: Reading and more reading ::
Callista Tyrel: :: notes the Storm outside from the window ::
Gila Orrak: :: Looking into a mirror ::
Amanda Davis PhD: @ ::checking the captain's vital signs, and he is progressing:::
Annika Sorenson: I always liked the sound of rain against a window. It's so relaxing...
Annika Sorenson: I'm also glad we made it inside before it started to pour. It really did come out of nowhere, didn't it?
Kansas Kenickie: :::Pulls the pull off her boot, then a pip:: matures
Callista Tyrel: Just like a monsoon storm in Arizona..
Gila Orrak: Their weather modification forecast said it would last into the night.
Kansas Kenickie: ::slips the tab through the pip hole and squeezes it together::
Amanda Davis PhD: @ ::checking with the corpsman because she has been watching the captain closely:::
Annika Sorenson: ::nods:: You wanna book an appointment for a masseuse. tomorrow? They have a list of the staff on hand you can book with.
Callista Tyrel: :: sits down on a chair, one of two in that typical hotel room coffee table setup ::
Cmdr JFarrington: @ ::looks up:: Lieutenant Leander, watch the ship at your starboard.
Callista Tyrel: That sounds great Annika.
Kansas Kenickie: ::She slowly slides the tab to the keyhole and spins the pip around until it interrupts the magnetic field- and the first cuff comes off::
Cmdr JFarrington: @ Leander> Aye, ma'am. It's been moving in slowly, but getting pretty dam... er.. .darn close.
Gila Orrak: So, what do Starfleet girls do for fun? Drinking it seems...
Annika Sorenson: ::giggles:: Drinking is one thing, yes... so is going for massages, and shopping if it's available.
Amanda Davis PhD: @ ::to the Corpsman:: Megan, talk to him as much as you can. Pretend that he's awake.
Annika Sorenson: Oh, and maybe a nice mani-pedi afterwards.
Erich Jaenke: :: Gets up and goes to the counter of the police station :: Am I able to see my client?
Callista Tyrel: Well it is a learning experience Gila. This is my first long leave since I Joined the ship
Amanda Davis PhD: @ Megan> ::smiles:: I understand that often stimulates the brain.
Annika Sorenson: Same for me too.
Gila Orrak: :: Shakes her head, still looking at herself ::
Amanda Davis PhD: @ Yes, it does. And it might even wake him up.
Annika Sorenson: My first long shore leave since graduating the Academy.
Kansas Kenickie: ::Gets to work on the next one::
Gila Orrak: I'm not even Starfleet.
Callista Tyrel: :: puts her feet up on the coffee table ::
Callista Tyrel: Still, I cannot get Kansas out of my mind..
Annika Sorenson: ::Sits next to Cal and does likewise, still looking at her PADD:: It's a very nice looking spa. ::sighs:: I know. I wish there was more we could do.
Erich Jaenke: :: Goes to see his client ::
Callista Tyrel: Gila what would you like to do?
Cmdr JFarrington: @ ::fairly calmly:: Leander, ten degrees to port, four degrees up angle.... NOW!
Erich Jaenke: :: Arrives at the Commander's cell ::
Cmdr JFarrington: @ Leander> Aye, ma'am. Ten degrees to port... four up...
Kansas Kenickie: Adm Roy> :::Very excited to have caught his killer::
Annika Sorenson: ::watches the storm from out of the large window, overlooking the mountains::
Cmdr JFarrington: @ :::sigh of relief::: I think most of those ships are drunk most of the time.
Cmdr JFarrington: @ Leander> Agreed, ma'am. I'll keep an eye out.
Kansas Kenickie: Hello Erich ::looking pleased with herself as she drops the cuffs on the floor of her cell::
Erich Jaenke: It looks like I'm the closest thing to a legal representative you have on the ship.
Cmdr JFarrington: @ Press the green, blue, and red button simultaneously. The ship will move by itself.
Cmdr JFarrington: @ :::stands and points them out::: All together, Lieutenant.
Cmdr JFarrington: @ Leander> :::takes a deep breath and presses:::
Callista Tyrel: :: rubs her forehead:: question is it wrong to have fun when your commander is in jail for murder?
Kansas Kenickie: ACTION> All the papers are splashed with KK pic, with terrible stories about people she is accused of killing~~
Kansas Kenickie: have you done this before?
Erich Jaenke: You have made the media outlets here.
Kansas Kenickie: ::sour face:: just lovely
Erich Jaenke: Represented someone in a criminal case accused of multiple murders? Oh sure, you know those wacky engineers.
Amanda Davis PhD: @ ::Making her rounds::::
Kansas Kenickie: ::walks up to the FF:: since we are alone here... you are going to have a slight problem at court
Annika Sorenson: We are on vacation, and as much as I would like to help, I don't really know what to do to assist. She already has Erich helping and the Manticore is now aware of the situation.
Erich Jaenke: I have no real experience, and for the first time you have to rely on me.
Erich Jaenke: Oh do tell Kansas...'
Annika Sorenson: But of course, if there is anything we can do... that'd be great
Kansas Kenickie: I did it
Callista Tyrel: This has been giving me a headache.. not the Kanar ::
Kansas Kenickie: all of them, and a lot more that are not filed
Erich Jaenke: It, meaning all of them?
Callista Tyrel: :: sighs ::
Gila Orrak: He has a fascinating mind, the chief.
Annika Sorenson: I know...
Kansas Kenickie: I killed those people, but I was on an Op to do it.
Annika Sorenson: ::slinks lower in the couch::
Callista Tyrel: How so Gila?
Kansas Kenickie: I was sent to..... ::tries to think of a nice term:: get rid of those people
Cmdr JFarrington: @ ::having sat for so long, she gets up to stretch and get some coffee:::
Erich Jaenke: Let me guess, an op just a hair below Section 31? Tell me you work for them, it would answer so many questions.'
Callista Tyrel: Annika sorry :: puts her hand on her shoulder briefly:: I don’t mean to be a downer..
Kansas Kenickie: this is above 31
Gila Orrak: His mental abilities are off the scale, at least in my experience.
Erich Jaenke: So I need to call in a favor? Cause I'm all outta favors.
Kansas Kenickie: the downgrade to 31 was a kick in the teeth ::Sighs:: but I volunteered for A9 duty.
Annika Sorenson: ::Pats Cal's hand:: It's okay, it's only natural to feel this way. Being so helpless..
Callista Tyrel: I thought Betazeds were empaths only..
Annika Sorenson: They're telepathic as well.
Annika Sorenson: I was friends with a couple of Betazeds in the Academy.
Gila Orrak: Oh he is. At the bar, while I was daydreaming he made me take a sip of his drink. I winced and it broke his connection. He laughed.
Kansas Kenickie: You are going to have to do it... I can’t get in touch with my people from in here.
Gila Orrak: I think that Aquatic did something to him
Annika Sorenson: It's possible. ::drinks a glass of water::
Amanda Davis PhD: @ ::stops, then steps back to another corpsman:: James, check his vitals, and make sure that they're not dropping.
Erich Jaenke: Who am I gonna call? Kenickiebusters?
Callista Tyrel: I got the impression that I was becoming bad for his health at times.
Amanda Davis PhD: @ James> Yes, ma'am.
Kansas Kenickie: lie?
Annika Sorenson: ::Smiles:: I don't think so.
Gila Orrak: Only if he lets it go too long, but on the chance he can't get any medication he will have to learn to control it,
Erich Jaenke: Lie to the court?
Kansas Kenickie: how many counts are they charging me with?
Annika Sorenson: Huh.
Erich Jaenke: Seven.
Callista Tyrel: Every time I expressed concerns for his health, he suggested my anxiety was out of control.
Kansas Kenickie: ::Small smiles:: wow, they suck at investigating.
Annika Sorenson: Interesting.
Gila Orrak: He can read a lot. I had to hide my darkest secrets...I mean if I had any I'd have to hide them pretty deep.
Callista Tyrel: But, maybe the aquatic made him say that.
Cmdr JFarrington: @ :::walks around the bridge casually, remembering all the times she was here, where she was posted, where she sat, where Atragon sat:::
Erich Jaenke: I know that look... I'm also not medicated.
Kansas Kenickie: ADm Roy> ::walks around all proud of himself::
Gila Orrak: I have to admit I have lessened his medication dose to see the effect.. plot it on a chart kind of thing.
Annika Sorenson: I didn't know she was capable of doing that. I could only check on her physically.
Kansas Kenickie: oh::steps back:: you don’t want to see what is going on in here.
Callista Tyrel: She probably did not mean it.
Erich Jaenke: Kansas, do you think this is a run of the mill set of charges, or is someone high up wanted to have you take the fall?
Callista Tyrel: He’d be a great spy Gila?
Gila Orrak: Well, not a Cardassian spy, unless he was infiltrating the Federation.
Kansas Kenickie: my orders come from the top, if they wanted me gone they would just kill me.
Gila Orrak: I could ask some of my people if they need someone like him.
Gila Orrak: Probably only pay him in Kanar though..
Kansas Kenickie: well, atomize me.
Erich Jaenke: That sounds messy, and this sounds more legit, from their perspective.
Annika Sorenson: ::relaxes, crosses one foot over the other:: Hmm..
Cmdr JFarrington: @ :::stops to check the command chair's console:::
Callista Tyrel: I wonder who tipped the locals off to the commander::
Kansas Kenickie: they are going to have this trial and I am not going to be able to answer anything ... they have no clearance.
Erich Jaenke: If you have someone I can contact I should be able to get a message to them while disguising the source.
Callista Tyrel: :: notes a loud boom of thunder ::
Kansas Kenickie: this won't end well.
Amanda Davis PhD: @ ::finishing her rounds:::
Annika Sorenson: ::Looks up and sees a flash of lightning:: I'm glad we decided to call it a night at the bar.
Callista Tyrel: :: stands and walks over to the window to observe the storm ::
Kansas Kenickie: I need you to go in my quarters and under the right side of the bed is a box... take ONLY the black data crystal and plug it into something on the planet's systems.
Amanda Davis PhD: @ James> ::approaching Amanda:: Vitals are stable, Doctor.
Callista Tyrel: Wonder what that Fire Man is doing ...
Annika Sorenson: ::walks up to the window to look at the storm as well:: Still not used to seeing storms like these.
Amanda Davis PhD: @ ::relaxing::: Thank you James. Take a break.
Kansas Kenickie: once it uploads it will shatter, so don’t stand to close.
Amanda Davis PhD: @ James> ::nods:::
Annika Sorenson: ::smirks:: Maybe taking a long hot shower after the end of his shift?
Erich Jaenke: Ah, getting into your quarters is easy as I've done it before and I'll have to get a terminal I can get away from .
Cmdr JFarrington: @ ::just standing there.. looking out the forward viewscreen:::
Kansas Kenickie: I hope they come... they gave me their word.
Callista Tyrel: Maybe he had to work in the storm...
Annika Sorenson: Maybe... could be rescuing a damsel in distress right now for all we know.
Kansas Kenickie: ::Shooos Erich:: go now..... hurry
Callista Tyrel: Lucky her..
Annika Sorenson: ::Nods:: I wouldn't mind being in her shoes.
Callista Tyrel: Hehe..
Erich Jaenke: :: Leaves the cell and heads to the lobby :: I have to get some materials from my ship.
Gila Orrak: :: Still thinking of Erich ::
Annika Sorenson: ::Smiles, watches the rain falls off the windows::
Callista Tyrel: Well until we are recalled might as well have another activity day..Gila did you need to pick up something at the store?
Gila Orrak: Nothing much for a woman of my taste here.
Annika Sorenson: I'm sure there must be something you'd like.
Erich Jaenke: +Manticore+ This is Jaenke. One to beam up.
Annika Sorenson: We can go after our massage session.
Cmdr JFarrington: @ Jiggs> +Jaenke+ Beaming now.
Erich Jaenke: @ :: Appears on the transporter padd ::
Erich Jaenke: @ What a difference in temperature.
Callista Tyrel: C’mon Gila.. your mister right may indeed be down here.
Cmdr JFarrington: @ Jiggs> Yes, sir. A little chilly down there I hear.
Callista Tyrel: Can we book a reservation at this hour? Takes a seat next to Annika to view the PADD.
Annika Sorenson: Yeah, we can. You can book upto 2 hours in advance.
Gila Orrak: Alright.
Cmdr JFarrington: ACTION> It's New Las Vegas. Nothing stops in Vegas.
Erich Jaenke: :: Walks to Kansas's quarters ::
Callista Tyrel: :: looks :: any time is fine for me.
Cmdr JFarrington: @ :::settles back into the well-worn command chair:::
Erich Jaenke: @ Computer, open the doors to the quarters of Commander Kenickie.
Annika Sorenson: Any preference on the masseuse. You can choose from the list of staff.
Cmdr JFarrington: @ Computer> Compliance.
Callista Tyrel: Pictures?
Cmdr JFarrington: @ Computer> Voice authentication confirmed.
Annika Sorenson: Yeah, they have pics. Just click on "STAFF".
Cmdr JFarrington: @ Computer> ::the door opens::
Erich Jaenke: @ :: Goes right to her bed to get the dark crystal ::
Gila Orrak: I will take someone that is rough.
Amanda Davis PhD: @ ::sits down for tea::
Annika Sorenson: I went with a young Nuvian girl. I prefer a softer touch.
Callista Tyrel: Oh Ricky looks nice ..
Annika Sorenson: I think I might have said that already, but yeah.
Annika Sorenson: Ooh, yeah he does. Nice muscles.
Callista Tyrel: :: selects Ricky upon reading credentials::
Callista Tyrel: Gila?
Gila Orrak: Anyone is fine.
Callista Tyrel: :: mentions to Annika:: same time.
Gila Orrak: Riky? A human?
Annika Sorenson: Nice. ::smiles::
Annika Sorenson: They have other species as well...
Erich Jaenke: @ :: Finds the box, but finds some unexpected things inside ::
Callista Tyrel: Yes. :: smiles ::
Callista Tyrel: Cardassian?
Gila Orrak: I've never really thought about it, whoever has the hands.
Cmdr JFarrington: (prepare to pause)
Annika Sorenson: Hmm...
Callista Tyrel: Uhm Annika, let Gila have the PADD..
Erich Jaenke: @ :: Out of curiosity he checked out many things from that box, some he did not know the purpose ::
Annika Sorenson: ::slides the PADD over to Gila::
Gila Orrak: Is all they do are massages?
Callista Tyrel: Take a peek! :: awaits ::
Cmdr JFarrington: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\=
Cmdr JFarrington: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\=
Cmdr JFarrington: Thank you
Cmdr JFarrington: Well done, all..
Cmdr JFarrington: We'll make it another hour so Erich can finish pulling stuff out of KK's box.
Cmdr JFarrington: Sound good?
Cmdr JFarrington: Questions or comments from the crew?
Cmdr JFarrington: seeing none...
Cmdr JFarrington: Crew dismissed. Be well. Be Safe. Don’t forget your towel.

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