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Cdr Miranda Hawthorne

USS Excalibur Sim Log - 05.17.20

MISSION BRIEFING: Having returned to starbase 46, Excalibur is undergoing repairs to its computer core. Initial leave for commissioned officers has been put on hold as command staff has ordered them to complete mandatory re-training on either first contact procedures (medical, science, security) or protocols for working with alien technology (operations and engineering.) However, Swain and Stanton were called to an early morning meeting aboard the station and rumors are circulating we will once again be shipped off to who knows where.


Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM

Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM

Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM


William Chocox: ::is in Engineering, clearly dragging and sipping what appears to be a rare cup of coffee::

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Ens Reynolds> ::Very glad to be done with the stupid training that made him feel like an even bigger idiot.::

Irene Mincine: :: Irene had finished her first contact classes the day they were assigned and was off-duty on the station. Well, she *was* off-duty on the station... at some point... she just woke up in a station holding cell, her head pounding. :: "Wha..."

Cptn Swain: Rex> ::Had once again been conned into an early morning shift as OOD and was sitting in the big chair, fiddling with a PADD containing the results of his department's training.::

William Chocox: How are you doing Reynolds?

Cptn Swain: @::Making his way back to the ship with Stanton in tow, frowning::

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ Cdr Jalen Stanton> Well... that could have gone worse. ::Trying to look on the bright side.::

Cptn Swain: @::Asher came to a stop near a porthole where the blue-gas giant Starbase 46 circled filled the window, turning to Stanton:: True I only made a small jack ass out of myself.

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Ens Reynolds> ::Sighs.:: Fine, sir. Glad it's over.

Irene Mincine: :: Rex gets a message from station security. :: Station> "Commander McBride to Excalibur. We've got a wayward ensign down here in the holding cells. You might want to pick her up."

William Chocox: Same. I'm exhausted. Two of those classes back to back? Way too long.

Cptn Swain: Rex> +McBride+ Lovely. I'll send someone to pick them up.

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Station engineering> ::After being a general pain in the department over the last day, they'd managed to isolate the encrypted parts of the alien file within the ship's computer and were nearly done extracting it.::

Irene Mincine: McBride> +Rex+ "Thanks. McBride out."

Irene Mincine: @ :: Irene sits up. She finally realizes where she is, and decides to lay back down. :: "Oh, not again..."

Cptn Swain: Rex> ::Frowning he just hoped it wasn't any of his people. He tabbed over on his PADD to see who hadn't checked back in.::

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ Cdr Jalen Stanton> Well, I gathered that the Admiral basically expected that. ::Slight smile.:: He didn't seem too put out.

William Chocox: (m)I'll be happier once the station monkeys are out of my hair.

Cptn Swain: @ We go back a long ways. The Academy actually.

Irene Mincine: :: Val, meanwhile, arrived in sickbay. :: "Dr. Dubois available? I've got a prescription for her."

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Ens Reynolds> ::Nods in agreement.:: I mean, they've been helpful, but... there's too many of them.

Cptn Swain: @ ::Smirks:: I broke three of his ribs once in a Parisses game. The Tolak Move -- and yes I know it's illegal.

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Chuckles.:: No wonder he wants a rematch.

Indaura Ryssan: :: Looks up :: She should be close by

Cptn Swain: @ I almost want to give it to him, too. But I think Arden would murder me if he found out.

Irene Mincine: :: Irene had checked in as finishing her first contact training, then as off-duty, then as departing for the station around midnight. She never checked back in. ::

William Chocox: There's always too many of them.

Cptn Swain: @ The last time I played I fractured my clavicle in four places. Arden made me swear I'd give up the mallet. ::Sighing:: Anyway I am sure the crew will appreciate a day or so in the rec facility before we head off to Toren III.

Cptn Swain: @ Will also give Rhan time to find us some new silverware for a reception, eh?

Cptn Swain: Rex> ::Looking through the manifest, it came to absolutely no surprise to see Ensign Micine on the list.:: Girl has a deathwish ::he muttered::

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Slightly exasperated look.:: Yes, among other things. Miranda warned me how how much trouble your crew typically got into, but I thought she was exaggerating.

Cptn Swain: Rex> ::Taps a missive to one of his security goons to go collect Mincine and notes it in the OOD log::

Cptn Swain: @ ::Chuckles:: This was pretty tame to be fair. No one got mutated, we stayed in the same time period, and we didn't need major refitting or cause an intergalactic incident.

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Station engineer> ::Approached Chocox.:: Well, I think we're just about done if you want to have a look. ::He gestured to the main viewscreen that had been borrowed for their purposes.:: The alien data packets are in red. We've washed all of the subroutines and extracted everything we could find.

Cptn Swain: Yellan> ::Gets the message, looks at it:: Again?

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ Cdr Jalen Stanton> Yes, I suppose I should be counting my blessings.

Irene Mincine: @ :: Irene tried to remember what she did to end up here. The previous night was a blank, wasn't it? And her head... ::

William Chocox: ::walks up and looks over:: Looks good from here. Thank you for your help.

Cptn Swain: Yellan> ::to his fellow goldshirt:: Man, it must be nice to be in science. If any of us found our way in to trouble so often, we'd be shot out an airlock.

Cptn Swain: @ Thought we'd ease you into the position.

Irene Mincine: Val> "Thanks. Maybe I can give it to you instead?" :: She hands a padd over to Indaura. :: "I just need this prescription logged in the system."

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Station engineer> ::Frowns.:: That's not everything, you know. There could be some hidden subroutines in your computer somewhere. To find them all, we'd need to keep you here for a few weeks to scour all systems several times over.

Indaura Ryssan: That I can do...Val is it? :: Processes the prescription ::

Cptn Swain: Gheri> Right? Well you going to go pick her up from the station's drunk tank?

Indaura Ryssan: So how are you feeling Val?

William Chocox: Alright, you can go to the Admiral in charge of this station then.

William Chocox: ::sips his coffee::

Cptn Swain: Yallen> I guess so. But next one is yours.

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Station engineer> Go to the admiral for what? ::Stares at Will.::

Cptn Swain: Gheri> ::Opening a PADD and leaning back in his chair:: Sure sure.

Irene Mincine: Val> "Valerie Carillon, yeah. I'm all right... Just need a neural stabilizer to make my prosthetics work right again." :: She waved her fake arm and hand. ::

William Chocox: To keep us here for weeks on end to do the complete scouring you want to do.

Cptn Swain: Yallen> ::Grumbles and heads through airlock, grabbing an @::

Indaura Ryssan: :: Looks wide-eyed :: That is a little...off.

Indaura Ryssan: :: Hears a beep beep :: Oh, it's done. Let me get that for you.

Irene Mincine: Val> :: Nods. :: "The station cybernetics expert says that'll get me going again, yeah."

Indaura Ryssan: :: Gets the medicine ::

Indaura Ryssan: How long have you had prosthetics?

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Station engineer> I don't have the time for that! I was just saying, to get it all, that's what we'd have to do. ::Scowls.:: We've got our own business to be about and can't be spending weeks on one ship. So you're on your own. I suggest you start looking for any leftover packets yourself in your own down time. And that's going to be my official recommendation to your Captain.

Irene Mincine: @ :: Commander McBride turns up the lights in the holding cell. :: McBride> "Hey, someone's on the way to pick you up. Wake up." :: Irene grumbles. ::

Cptn Swain: @::Runnning a hand through his hair, he turned back to face Stanton:: I'll let you give the good news about leave, and to tell Rhan he gets to go shopping. Schedule a staff meeting for Thursday afternoon. We should be done with the repairs and restocking by then.

Irene Mincine: Val> :: Sighs. :: "Ten years. Dominion War." ::

William Chocox: Pleasure working with you too.

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ Cdr Jalen Stanton> Well, I'm sure I'll look back on this time in appreciation one day. ::Smirks. He nodded at their new orders.:: At least we'll be able to give the crew the full scope of this mission. I don't like leaving them in the dark.

Indaura Ryssan: :: Nods :: I was in school then. Heard about it every day. Denobula was spared thankfully.

Cptn Swain: @Yallen> ::Makes his way to the station's security holding pen, where he reluctantly signed for the wayward Ensign's release::

Indaura Ryssan: :: hands Val the medicine :: Do you know how to administer this?

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Station engineer> ::Gives Will a parting scowl before turning to issue his crew orders. They began to disconnect their equipment and pack up their things.::

Cptn Swain: @ Agreed. As I am sure Miranda told you, we used to have to do that way more often than I liked.

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ Cdr Jalen Stanton> Yes, and I gathered that she wasn't fond of it, either.

Irene Mincine: @ :: Irene stood up and left the cell. McBride hmphed. :: McBride> "We had a Klingon patrol ship here last night. She told the Klingons it was her Day of Ascension. From my understanding there's painful rituals and then lots of drinking. They skipped straight to the drinking. A few Cardassian traders took offense to the noise, and then it was like the Dominion War never ended. The Cardassians agreed not to press charges and the Klingons returned to their ship, but someone's going to have to pay the 20 bars of latinum damages to the bar."

Cptn Swain: @ Though I get the idea that the Federation's preferred outcome is the only one they'll view as a success. ::Frowns:: But that's my problem, not yours.

Indaura Ryssan: :: Cybernetics was something she'd not encountered a great deal in her studies ::

Cptn Swain: @Yellan> ::Blinks::

Cptn Swain: @Yallen> Well that's certainly above my pay grade.

Irene Mincine: Val> "Yeah. I've done it before. In school, huh? Lucky you." :: She took the hypospray and administered it to herself. :: "Much better..."

Cptn Swain: @ Anyway, I just wanted to also let you know I think things are working out well with you and the crew and I am pleased with your performance so far.

Irene Mincine: @ McBride> :: Laughs. :: "I figured as much .I don't have a reason to hold her here, so you can take her." :: Irene was still grumbling. ::

Cptn Swain: @Yallen> I'll be sure to let people with more pips know. ::Glances to Irene:: Come along Ensign.

Indaura Ryssan: If you feel the need to talk about your experiences, my door is always open.

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Slight eyebrow quirk.:: I'm... glad to hear that. I know it isn't easy breaking in a new XO, but... I was glad of the assignment. I don't think the crew knows what to make of me quite yet. I'm not the tyrant they expected, I think. ::Smiles.::

Irene Mincine: @ McBride> "Thanks." :: Irene follows along with Yallen. :: Irene> "We going home? Yeah. Let's go home."

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Ens Reynolds> ::Watching the station crew pack up and leave, he relaxed somewhat.:: Well... that's one relief, I guess.

Cptn Swain: @ Rex came to see me yesterday afternoon.

Irene Mincine: Val> "I think I've talked about it enough already. But thanks for the offer."

William Chocox: The only one I have right now.

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::He couldn't help but laugh.:: I think I know why. He mentioned a bit of personal history...

Cptn Swain: @Yallen> ::Shakes his head:: Have you always been this much trouble, or were you recently cursed by some sort of alien witch?

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ Cdr Jalen Stanton> And seemed to think you might be punishing him for it.

Cptn Swain: @ ::An oh did he look:

Irene Mincine: @ Irene> "Shoulda seen me in the Academy." :: She started giggling like a little girl. :: "You think I'm bad now?"

Indaura Ryssan: Follow up with the doctor if there are any changes.

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ Cdr Jalen Stanton> Which of course is ridiculous. Though I couldn't help but feed into his fears a bit, especially after the spot of trouble he'd caused us.

Cptn Swain: @ ::smirks:: As I told him, if anything it's a point in his favor. Arden has always had better taste in men than me -- with the notable exception of Arden.

Cptn Swain: @ The crew is good, though I think maybe I've gotten a little lax with them. So, this mission will be a good test for a lot of them.

Irene Mincine: Val> :: She lets out a arre smile. :: "I will. Thank you, Doctor."

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ Cdr Jalen Stanton> After our last station stop, I planning to put them through their paces.

Irene Mincine: Val> *rare

Indaura Ryssan: :: Val reminded her of one of her kids ::

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ Cdr Jalen Stanton> And if it is all the same to you, sir, I'm not going to tell them about their leave until tomorrow. It won't hurt them to wait another day and think about what they've done.

Cptn Swain: @ ::Smirks:: Works for me. And, if you don't mind me offering, I'd let that Ensign Mincine know that the more a Captain knows about a junior officers antics is directly correlated with how long before they either washout or end up in some godforsaken helll-hole. And I say that with some experience.

Cptn Swain: @Yallen> ::Shakes his head as they go through the check point:: If I were you I'd lay low for a bit. Given that the Captain just gave everyone cadet training, I can't imagine he or the ex-oh will be too pleased to hear you racked up a 20 latnium bar tab. Which, if I were you, I'd take care of before I have to put it in the report.

Cptn Swain: @::pauses:: Unless Excalibur is already her punishment.

Irene Mincine: @ Irene> "20... bars... oh... just throw me out an airlock..." :: Irene shakes her head.

Irene Mincine: :: Irene's Academy scores for planetary sciences and aptitude were top notch, but her disciplinary record was an atrocity. ::

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::He snorted.:: You think she pulled this with her last commanding officer and was pawned off on us as punishment? Possibly.

William Chocox: Alright Reynolds, we need to make sure that they didn't mess up too many of our settings. ::downs the rest of his coffee::

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Station engineering> ::Departs Excalibur in slightly better condition that it was, but won't swear to it.::

Cptn Swain: @ ::Shrugs:: It wouldn't be the first time. During the war, on the Idrisi, I once got this... this incredibly talented engineer named Froohm. He was, and I say this with as much respect as I can muster, the worst officer in the history of starfleet.

Cptn Swain: @ But you'd never know it from his file. Before or after Idrisi. ::grins::

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ACTION> Will finds that all of Excalibur's systems have been reset to the 'default' settings, losing anything he's done to upgrade them since the ship left Utopia Planetia.

Cptn Swain: ACTION> That also includes all of the holodeck programs and replicator files.

Indaura Ryssan: ((Please select your region...))

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ACTION> And maybe next time he'll be nicer to the people trying to help him fix his own stupidity.

Cptn Swain: (( Hope no one had any *special* holodeck files ))

William Chocox: [Expletive deleted]! This is why I don't like station monkeys messing with my stuff! Reynolds, do you have any secret backups?!

Cptn Swain: ...and...

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Ens Reynolds> Ah... no?


Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM

Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM

Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM


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