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Cmdr JFarrington

USS Manticore | 18 May 2020

= /\ = Manticore Brief Stardate 52005.18 "New Las Vegas" = /\ =
TBS was 13.6 minutes... go figure.
Repairs on the USS Manticore continue.
Captain McFly is slowly but constantly improving.
Commander Kenickie decided to take a break on planet.
She ended up in the hoosgow, arrested on 5 counts of murder.
Commander Farrington is now OIC on Manticore.
Hopefully the tide will turn for the better.
Those ABOARD SHIP will take an @
Cmdr JFarrington: =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\=
Cmdr JFarrington: =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\=
Cmdr JFarrington: =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\=
Cmdr JFarrington: @::bridge, watching the ships in orbit:::
Callista Tyrel:  :: still at the ..spa- bar :: :: looks to Annika and Gila :: We need to report in.
Annika Sorenson: ::down in the bar, drinking a strong drink::
Amanda Davis PhD: @:::she rechecks her equipment, then scans the captain to measure his progress:::
Annika Sorenson: I suppose so?
Callista Tyrel: :: pulls out a comm unit from her clutch :: + Manticore + Lt Tyrel to Manticore.
Cmdr JFarrington: @ ::putting down her PADD:: +COM+ This is Manticore.
Cmdr JFarrington: @ ::turns to Lt Leander::: Watch that ship to starboard.
Cmdr JFarrington: @ Leander> He's getting really close, ma'am.
Callista Tyrel: + Manticore + Lt Tyrel reporting I am with Lt Sorenson....and Gila . Commander Jaenke left with Police and Kansas. We are requesting instruction...if you want us to return to the ship...I suppose.
Cmdr JFarrington: @ Watch it closely and give it a spray if needed.
Callista Tyrel: + Manticore + Or if we could be of some use on the surface.
Annika Sorenson: ::Not sure what we can do on ship::
Cmdr JFarrington: @ ::considers that a moment:: +com+ Commander Jaenke is with Commander Kenickie?
Annika Sorenson: ::stands next to Callista, listening to the comm::
Erich Jaenke: :: Arrives at a police station and told to sit down ::
Amanda Davis PhD: @ ::she shifts to take another look at his cranial damage::::
Callista Tyrel: +Manticore + That is correct.
Cmdr JFarrington: @ Lt Leander> Ma'am, she's closing in.
Cmdr JFarrington: @ +com+ Stand by. ::cuts the come:: Arm phasers, do not engage.
Callista Tyrel: :: looks to Annika :: I think they are busy up there.
Cmdr JFarrington: @ +com+ Do any of you feel threatened? If not, you can judge if you would like to return to the ship.
Annika Sorenson: I guess they are busy with repairs and what not.
Callista Tyrel: + Manticore + No we are fine down there. We are...just reporting in after the event down here.
Cmdr JFarrington: @ ::reports to SF Command via encrypted subspace, informing them of the situation:::
Cmdr JFarrington: @ +com+ Be specific on the "event". What exactly is happening down there?
Callista Tyrel: + Manticore + Sorry Sir. We are at the bar where Commander Kennickie was arrested.. Everything has settled down here. Security has left...no questions for us.
Amanda Davis PhD: @ ::gives a sigh of satisfaction that he is recovering:::
Annika Sorenson: ::looks over at Callista, drinking a whisky straight::
Gila Orrak: :: With the others, but staying silent ::
Cmdr JFarrington: @ +com+ Then it is your choice. You may stay or come aboard. Your choice.
Callista Tyrel: + Manticore + Commander Jaenke left with Commander Kennickie and the arresting officers. :: looks to Annika :: I think we will stay here for now. Perhaps we might be useful down here if anything else develops. We will keep you apprised.
Cmdr JFarrington: @ +com+ Understood, Lt Tyrel.
Cmdr JFarrington: @ +com+ Commander Jaenke is capable of taking care of the situation.
Erich Jaenke: :: Is talking to the officers, but getting nowhere ::
Callista Tyrel: + Manticore + Understood. Tyrel out.
Callista Tyrel: :: looks to Annika and Gila :: okay, given we are not in any jeopardy and Commander Jaenke is with Kansas...we are free to continue our...leave.
Cmdr JFarrington: @ Lt Leander> Ma'am, they're coming closer.
Callista Tyrel: :: straightens her dress and takes a seat next to Annika :: An odd leave it has been.
Cmdr JFarrington: @ ::sighs, hoping to be able to rectify the situation:::
Annika Sorenson: Makes sense, I suppose. I hope Erich knows what he's doing.
Annika Sorenson: Sure has been.
Erich Jaenke: :: Thinks of how this place operates.. checks his pads for currency. Wait, he does not have any ::
Cmdr JFarrington: @ Give them a spray, Lieutenant. Starboard bow.
Callista Tyrel: Yeah.....I think he has a better grasp at the legal stuff than I do. Gila Need a drink?
Annika Sorenson: Yeah, I'm no lawyer. Though I didn't know Cdr Jaenke had a legal background.
Cmdr JFarrington: @ Leander> Yes, ma'am. Spray across the starboard bow... because...?
Cmdr JFarrington: @ ::leans toward him:: They will not be able to maneuver in our direction.
Callista Tyrel: :: looks to Gila :: Have a seat if you'd like. :: flags waiter and asks for another drink.:: . Saurian Brandy please..
Cmdr JFarrington: @ Leander> ::swallows hard:: Yes, ma'am.
Gila Orrak: :: To Annika :: There is no record of legal anything in his background ::
Annika Sorenson: Ah, well. He's a better option than me.
Cmdr JFarrington: @ +com+ All bridge personnel on duty, report to the bridge.
Annika Sorenson: ::sips her whisky::
Callista Tyrel: I doubt I am in good graces with the arresting officer for sure.
Gila Orrak: His mental ability is something in his favor, unless his emotions get the best of him.
Amanda Davis PhD: @ ::sitting next to Matthew, taking notes, and a corpsman brings her tea:: Thank you James.
Amanda Davis PhD: @ James> Any time, ma'am. How's he doing?
Annika Sorenson: It's natural to react like that, I think. Wait, what did they call her again? Christine Donovan? Is that her actual name?
Amanda Davis PhD: @ Progressing, though slowly.
Erich Jaenke: :: All Erich could feel now is the Commander's anger...and sorrow ::
Amanda Davis PhD: @ James> Well, if you need anything, just press the button. I'm on watch until 0200.
Amanda Davis PhD: @ Thank you, James.
Callista Tyrel: I have no clue. I mean....Manticore is not a normal ship..maybe alternative identities are...common. But no way did she Kill five people.
Annika Sorenson: With this ship, I don't know...
Cmdr JFarrington: @ ::turns to Leander:: SITREP?
Callista Tyrel: :: notes her drink has arrived and takes a sip ::
Cmdr JFarrington: @ Leander> She's moving away, ma'am.
Callista Tyrel: I feel terrible for the Commander.. It is like she cannot catch a break. What happened at that Mork place.....insane. She deserved a vacation too.
Cmdr JFarrington: @ ::nods:: Let's keep it that way.
Callista Tyrel: :: Looks to Gila :: Sure you do not want anything?
Annika Sorenson: I agree, I feel bad for her too. ::sighs::
Cmdr JFarrington: @+Annika+ Has Commander Jaenke reported any progress?
Callista Tyrel: :: gives Annika a shoulder bump :: Hey we will find something to cheer us up.
Annika Sorenson: +Farrington+. No, we didn't hear back from him yet.
Callista Tyrel: :: quiets ::
Annika Sorenson: ::smiles at Callista:: Yeah, that's all we can do at this point.
Cmdr JFarrington: +Annika+ As soon as he appears, contact me in a private area.
Annika Sorenson: +Farrington+ Acknowledged, will do.
Cmdr JFarrington: @ ::orders from Starfleet Command are stand to::::
Gila Orrak: In Cardassian legal, she would already be convicted. Just a question of sentencing.
Annika Sorenson: What'd you have in mind? ::Callista::
Callista Tyrel: I'd like to hit that spa....just relax..
Annika Sorenson: ::nods to Gila::
Cmdr JFarrington: @ :::replies affirmative to SFC:::
Annika Sorenson: Yes, I could do with a good massage about now.
Callista Tyrel: Gila..does that sound good? Or do you have something else perhaps in mind?
Annika Sorenson: ::slightly tipsy, but still sober enough to walk on her own two feet::
Cmdr JFarrington: @ ::forwards a list of ships in the area to SFC:::
Gila Orrak: Might as well I don't believe we are in a position to help at the moment.
Callista Tyrel: :: Giggles briefly noting Annika :: No I don't think we are...I think we probably ...are going to call it a night.
Annika Sorenson: Yeah, though I 'll probably go for that massage.
Callista Tyrel: :: finishes her Saurian Brandy taking care to keep an eye on Annika :: Tomorrow . You cool with that Gila?
Erich Jaenke: :: He went to reference this planet's legal system ::
Annika Sorenson: ::at least they were in the same room:: Sounds fun.
Cmdr JFarrington: @ ::Pushes off from the command chair to take a look at several things:::
Callista Tyrel: :: stands and gathers a small reverse image PADD from her clutch taking a brief look then returning quickly and does a mini Picard Maneuver ::
Gila Orrak: Perhaps I'll do a holographic massage.
Annika Sorenson: I'll get a real one. Maybe from one of the Nuvian girls.. and yes, I recognize the irony of that.
Callista Tyrel: Oh boy...I did not think of that. Gila..what if a Cardassian were to give you your massage?
Annika Sorenson: Ask the computer to generate another masseuse?
Callista Tyrel: :: a bit slow herself :: Wait..this place only has holographic Masseuses?
Cmdr JFarrington: @ ::keys in on the ship that was sprayed, listens, then shakes her head:::
Annika Sorenson: That wasn't in the holo-catalogue.
Cmdr JFarrington: @ Lt Leander> Something wrong, ma'am?
Annika Sorenson: ::checks: the catalogue:: No, they offer both.
Gila Orrak: I bet they have both. What, you wish a buff male? Or a female....
Cmdr JFarrington: @ ::turns to Leander, trying not to laugh:: It's a Pakled ship.
Callista Tyrel: I wish ...I had Hot Fire man return and give me a massage....
Annika Sorenson: I'd like a Nuvian female. I prefer a softer touch.
Cmdr JFarrington: @ My guess is that they don't have a clue about getting that mess off their bridge.
Annika Sorenson: ::giggles::
Cmdr JFarrington: @ Lt Leander> ::stifles a grin:::
Gila Orrak: Fire man?
Callista Tyrel: Okay...I did not have much Kanar...but probably ought to call it a night. :: turns to Gila :: The Fireman that returned my ....PADD...what was left of it.
Annika Sorenson: The guy who rescued Callista's charred PADD.
Cmdr JFarrington: @ Lt Leander> ::checking their status::: Those the guys who said, "Our ship is broken. Can you make it go”?
Callista Tyrel: He was....well very hot...
Annika Sorenson: He was, I won't argue that.
Callista Tyrel: And a great smile...
Cmdr JFarrington: @ :::broad grin, crossing her arms, relaxing::: The very same.
Callista Tyrel: Still I wish I found the jerk who took my PADD to begin with...I would of administered some Engineering on him
Callista Tyrel: Erhm...sorry Gila..that was my assassin alter ego again peaking out.
Gila Orrak: Hmm, perhaps turning in is the best course of action. Poor Erich is probably all emotionally torn.
Annika Sorenson: I'd imagine he'd be easy for the police to find, what with the burning tram of his.
Annika Sorenson: I suppose so. It is kinda late too (I guess).
Gila Orrak: He both respects her as his Commander, but rather dislikes her on a personal level.
Annika Sorenson: Mmm.
Callista Tyrel: :: notes Gila is right :: He does..did not know that....Okay...right time to call it a night.
Annika Sorenson: Goodnight.
Cmdr JFarrington: @ :::looks up as the rest of the bridge personnel appear and take their stations:::
Callista Tyrel: :: looks to Annika :: Nah...I am not leaving you alone
Cmdr JFarrington: 10:55 PM
Annika Sorenson: ::giggles:: It's a good thing we're in the same room then.
Callista Tyrel: Yes......shall we?
Annika Sorenson: ::wobbles a bit:: Mmm.
Gila Orrak: Aren't we all in the same room...to save the Federation credits?
Annika Sorenson: Yeah, that's what we booked.
Annika Sorenson: Nice view though.
Callista Tyrel: :: grabs Annika's elbow :: Yes Gila..That is it..and Annika is sweet enough to spot me...
Callista Tyrel: :: begins to slowly exit the bar which is thankfully not far from their room ::
Annika Sorenson: No problem.
Cmdr JFarrington: @ Lt Mazelle> :::as he settles into his station::: Fleet orders, Commander?
Cmdr JFarrington: @ Stand to, Lieutenant. Do not fire unless fired upon.
Callista Tyrel: Gila..can you cover us...err lead the way?
Cmdr JFarrington: @ Lt Mazelle> Aye, ma'am. Standing to.
Gila Orrak: Let's go before I change my mind.
Annika Sorenson: ::holds onto Callista and follows along::
Callista Tyrel: Thanks..:: follows Gila with Annika next to her ::
Amanda Davis PhD: @ ::takes a break, allowing corpsman James to watch for a while:::
Callista Tyrel: One thing I noticed....all those cops, scared the guys away.. :: follows Gila ::
Gila Orrak: +Jaenke+ We are turning in. We are at the hotel.
Annika Sorenson: ::Looks up at the large moon-lit night:: A nice night though. They were pretty big cops
Cmdr JFarrington: (prepare to pause)
Erich Jaenke: +Orrak+ Understood. I am... ugh, reading.
Annika Sorenson: I'm kinda glad they're still around.
Callista Tyrel: They were big but not cute....like fire guy. :: follows Gila to turn it in for the night ::
Cmdr JFarrington: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\=
Cmdr JFarrington: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\=
Cmdr JFarrington: Thank you
Cmdr JFarrington: Well done, all. 
Cmdr JFarrington: Questions or comments?
Callista Tyrel: enjoyed it thanks!
Annika Sorenson: It was fun.
Cmdr JFarrington: Glad you enjoyed it.
Cmdr JFarrington: TBS will be 1 hour, just to get us going.
Cmdr JFarrington: Sound good?
Cmdr JFarrington: If nothing else....
Cmdr JFarrington: Crew dismissed. Be well. Be Safe. Don’t forget your towel.
Callista Tyrel: goodnight!
Cmdr JFarrington: And anyone who knows what "don't forget your towel" means gets an extra drink on me.
Annika Sorenson: Yess
Amanda Davis PhD: Good night everyone.
Cmdr JFarrington: Annika, do you know what it came from?
Annika Sorenson: From Hitch Hikers
Cmdr JFarrington: And....
Cmdr JFarrington: What's with the towel?
Annika Sorenson: Needed to get a ride in an alien spaceship.
Cmdr JFarrington: Not exactly.
Annika Sorenson: I have the book somewhere.
Cmdr JFarrington: Work on it for next week. 
Annika Sorenson: Yeah, you need to wave it or something lol
Annika Sorenson: Night!
Cmdr JFarrington: Good night everyone. See you next time.

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