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Cmdr JFarrington

Return to Reality

Return to Reality
Commander Jami Farrington, 
Starfleet Academy School of Medicine
Temporarily Assigned to USS Manticore


Commander Farrington stood outside Captain McFly’s ICU, a stark reminder of her presence aboard USS Manticore for over a decade.  The light beep of electronics, punctuated occasionally by quiet conversation and the soft squeak of composite soles on the deck, brought her thoughts from one era to another.  From fond memories to painful ones that she wished had never happened. 

She had come full circle.

After fifteen years of covert operations aboard Manticore, Commander Farrington had accepted a position at Starfleet Academy’s School of Medicine.  Five years later, Starfleet’s Surgeon General, Admiral Gren DeJariov, gave her orders for temporary duty aboard USS Manticore to instruct their medical personnel in the most recent equipment and procedures. But Manticore had a mind of her own.  The ship could never be trusted.  Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst, was Covert Operations Hooyah, and it held its course in this last deployment.

 Manticore’s present commanding officer, Captain Matt McFly, was in ICU, recovering from being tortured while in captivity aboard a Cardassian ship.  Then, while Manticore was in orbit of New Las Vegas for shore leave, Executive Officer Commander Kenickie joined them and was soon incarcerated, charged with five counts of murder. With the majority of  Manticore’s crew on planet, Commander Farrington was OIC:  not exactly what she expected, but it happened.  Manticore was like that.  Things just... happened.

Jami stood just outside Captain McFly’s ICU as Dr Davis monitored his condition.  The doctor’s last report was that the captain was improving more quickly than expected.  It was encouragement for all medical personnel, especially Dr Davis. 
A few minutes later, Jami was called to the bridge regarding information from the planet.  The grape vine was going full swing, and the crew of Manticore, as well as the ship itself, could be in danger.

Most ships in orbit were passenger ships for those who had a penchant for relaxation, gambling, and downing as much liquor as they could hold and then some.  A few were cargo ships.  The rest were not exactly the kind you’d want to get close to, and elbowing ships that were orbiting New Las Vegas was a given.  There wasn’t much room to maneuver, which made it easy enough to ‘accidentally’ bump a ship out of orbit or try to fence it in and take it over—in this case, it would be Manticore, a Starfleet vessel, and would they just love to take down a ‘Fleeter. 

In reality, the other ships would be in more danger than they imagined. Manticore was classified as a tugboat, so the ships in orbit considered it a tugboat.  Manticore was actually built for covert operations, and wouldn’t that be a surprise.
Having experienced similar situations in hostile territory, Cdr Farrington called for yellow alert and informed Starfleet Command of the situation via encrypted subspace. 

“Power up tactical, Commander?” Lt Iris asked with a glance at Jami.

“Tactical is always on standby, Lieutenant,” she replied as she settled into the command chair.  “Call the tactical officer to the bridge. Going beyond that could cause a disaster.”

“A disaster, ma’am?” asked the lieutenant, swallowing hard.

“A disaster for them, Lieutenant. Not for us.”

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