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Cptn Swain

Toren III Information


Background Information for Senior Staff

General Information on Toren III :  Third planet in the Toren system. Located on the edge of the Pampiont region of space, near the Tamaran Empire and the Romulan Neutral Zone. Class-M, the planet is on the arid side with few large bodies of water and sparse vegetation. Rich in minerals, Toren III has a thriving mineral extraction business. Leading exports include raw dilithium, tritanium and trellium-D.  The Toren have also established small outposts on several moons of the system’s gas giants, in addition to a trade depot orbiting Toren III’s second moon. 

Species Profile:  The natives of Toren III are humanoid in appearance, with the exception of pronounced cartilaginous ridges on their cheeks and nictitating membranes. The Toren are a proud and free people, having forged a unified civilization despite their fierce independence. They are known for their tenacity and will, overcoming any trial that is set in their path and holding true to their views through most hardships. However, this also means that Torens are a stubborn and wilful people, difficult to lead and unwilling to accept views that differ with their own points of view without extensive debate and persuasion.

Technological Profile: The Toren achieved warp technology in 2237.  Technologically advanced, the Toren are roughly on par with other similarly situated species, including their neighbors the Tamarians and the Kaedwani, but lack the industrial base or population to support a large military. 

Toren Politics and History: The Federation have maintained trade relations with Toren III for many years; they are one of the oldest trading partners in the region. 

The consolidation of power within the Kaedwani Confederation and the continued rise of the Tamaran Empire forced the notoriously independent Toren to seek protectorate status in 2368. Since then, a small but growing seperatist movement has called for a reversal of such policies. A government proposal to apply for full-membership has caused these bubbling tensions to reach boiling point. The past six months have witnessed a series of large demonstrations and occasional violence, particularly in the planetary capital of Trehjet and the provinces of Jhen and Mauret.  

Toren III’s planetary government is divided into a senate and a single head of state, called a Parak. The Parak is the spokesman for the planetary government, and heads up all diplomatic affairs in the name of his people. When spoken to he is referred to simply as Parak (name); for example, Parak Joffies is the current head of state on Toren III. 

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