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Callista Tyrel

" Spitfire "

Callista excused herself from Gila and Annika and returned to the bar behind them.

What a shore leave this has been.  First she was robbed and now her CO was arrested right in front of her by a brigade of local police.  Yes, this has been a fine shore leave indeed.

It could of been worse, for Callista knew her temper got the best of her again by confronting one of the cops.  She knew she was a bit ...temperamental at times.  The cop must of laughed inside seeing a little lady in a blue party dress ordering him not to hurt Kansas.

Callista looked at her Kanar and took a quick sip.  Dad was right, She was a "Spitfire" at times and her impetuous actions have gotten her in trouble in the past.  Her father steered her into certain activities to attempt to help, yoga...kick boxing. and fixing things.

Odd how a remedy for a short fuse kickstarted a career in engineering and got her here today.

Callista finished her time out  and Kanar with a quick pull, returning  to her shipmates.

 She hoped this leave would not get any worse. 

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