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Cptn Swain

Old Boyfriends

As chimes signaled the end of Beta shift, Asher shifted his position on his couch and took another drink of tea. He wondered how many times his name had been spoken as a curse in the last few hours as the ship’s officers completed their mandated training instead of exploring Starbase 46’s exceptional, newly renovated recreation facilities. 

He smirked and continued reading. To be honest, though somewhat petty, his directive had been a rather mild corrective. Frankly, Will and Rhan were lucky that Miranda wasn’t still the executive officer. 

Asher  sighed. He liked Stanton.  He was efficient, thoughtful, and competent -- all qualities any captain would value in an executive officer -- but he wasn’t Miranda. Asher's weekly dinners with Miranda had become more like getting together with a friend, while with Stanton they were, well businesslike. They rarely talked about anything other than work, and once the meal was over, Stanton headed back to his quarters -- where as Miranda usually stayed to polish off another bottle of wine (or two) and catch up on the latest gossip. It was fine, but Asher deeply missed the camaraderie he felt with Miranda. 

Who did he have to blame for that? He sighed again. 

A chime at the door interrupted his brooding. “Come.”

He put his book down and set upright on the couch  as his new chief of security entered. Lucius Rex was about Asher’s height, well-built, and his premature grey-hair gave him an air of authority that someone his age might normally lack. It was easy to see why Arden had found him attractive. Asher pushed the thought aside.


Rex straightened. “Captain. I wondered if I might have a minute of your time.”

Asher frowned inwardly, but nodded. “Sure, have a seat.”

Nodding, Rex joined sat down in one of the chairs opposite the couch. Though the Swain had a reputation as an “approachable” Captain, Rex still found him a bit intimidating.   

“What can I do for you Commander?”

Swain tended to leave personnel matters to his executive officers and, like Miranda, Stanton had so far proven himself to be extremely capable, but he wasn’t going to just cold-shoulder a senior staff member. 

Taking a deep breath, Rex composed himself before starting. “Permission to speak freely?”

Oh boy. Asher nodded. “Of course.”

“Why am I here, sir?” 

The question took Asher off-guard. “What do you mean?”

“Sir, with due respect -- you’ve barely said two words to me since I came aboard. And at virtually every opportunity you’ve given me a frosty welcome. I talked to your old chief of security and... is this because...”

Asher let out a laugh. “Oh gods,” he said, struggling to regain his composure. “I am sorry, were you about to ask me if this was because you dated Arden?”

Rex blushed. “Well sir, I can’t think of any other reason you’d be so cold to me, when from what I can tell, you’re very warm with the rest of your staff.”

Closing his eyes and fighting back a laugh, Asher finally regained his composure. “My apologies then commander. It certainly wasn’t my intent to make you feel unwelcome. It’s just, you’re new to the crew and I -- well I’ve been trying to be a little more -- anyway I apologize for the misunderstanding.”

“Then it doesn’t bother you that --”

“I thought you would have realized Arden’s the jealous one. To be honest, it’s a point in your favor. He has good taste in men. Unlike me. Mine is legendarily bad -- except for Arden.”

Rex stifled a laugh, both at the implied compliment and the addendum. “Well,” he said, clearing his throat. “Thank you Captain. I just wanted to make sure that -- well if you didn’t want me here I was going to ask for a transfer now, before I got too settled in and while we were at starbase.”

“Do you have any idea how hard it was to convince your former CO to let me have you aboard Lucius?”

“Sir? I thought she recommended me for the job.”

“She did -- only after I managed to get her a case of sparkling Romulan ale and a Tholian silk dress. And only then because I had introduced her to her husband twenty years ago.”

Blushing again, Rex finally let out a sigh. “Well I am sorry to have disturbed you Captain. I am sure you’re busy, besides I need to make sure all my staff have completed their trainings.”

Asher nodded. “Of course Commander.:

Rex stood up and headed towards the door.”

“Oh and Commander?”

“Yes, Captain?”

“Just remember that Arden’s a married man now, hmm?”

Rex grinned widely and continued towards the door. 



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