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Cmdr JFarrington

Manticore - Stardate 52005.11

= /\ = Manticore Brief Stardate 52005.11 "New Las Vegas" = /\ =

"What happens in New Las Vegas...probably gets holo-recorded."

Repairs on the USS Manticore and Captain McFly continue as the away teams take some needed time off.
The prisoners are on their way home while some of the crew are enjoying the amenities the resort planet offers.
Night has fallen.
Those on the planet, please take an @
=/\=BEGIN SIM=/\=
=/\=BEGIN SIM=/\=
Amanda Davis PhD: :::after a good nap, she is back in sick bay, keeping watch on the captain:::
Annika Sorenson: @ ::having a fruity alcoholic drink with an umbrella in the bar, dressed in a loose-fitting skirt::
Erich Jaenke: @ :: At the same bar as Sorenson, but not in a skirt. He's in one of those future fashion styles that lasted less than a transporter beamout ::
Cmdr JFarrington: :::breaks for dinner before she goes to check on the captain:::
Amanda Davis PhD: ::checking his vital signs, hoping that Kansas has been able to rest::
Kansas Kenickie: ::Gets to her feet:: Doctor.
Amanda Davis PhD: ::turns:: Well, it's good to see you a little more refreshed, Commander.
Gila Orrak: @ :: Still sitting next to the Chief. She was fascinated with his mental ability on a purely professional level. Purely professional... ::
Cmdr JFarrington: ::not very hungry, given the circumstances, but she goes to the chow hall anyway:::
Callista Tyrel: @ :: Arrives at the Bar a bit late with a blue dress she purchased earlier in the day ::
Callista Tyrel: @ :: spots Annika :: Hello Annika, mind if I join you?
Gila Orrak: @ :: Looks up ::
Kansas Kenickie: I am somewhat rested.
Kansas Kenickie: is the crew still below?
Annika Sorenson: @Not at all. Take a seat.
Amanda Davis PhD: Good. Even somewhat is better than none.
Amanda Davis PhD: The crew is still below, yes. Commander Farrington is still aboard.
Annika Sorenson: @::smiles:: Looks good on you.
Callista Tyrel: @ :: takes a seat :: Thanks! Your fashion suggestions were helpful. I finally got through reporting...all that stuff with the local authorities regarding the pick pocket creep.
Callista Tyrel: @ Waiter> Care for a drink?
Callista Tyrel: @ Do you have Kanar?
Erich Jaenke: @ :: Looks at the women he is with. Some would consider him a very lucky Betazoid. He did get looks at he walked with them from place to place ::
Kansas Kenickie: I am going head down there... you need anything from the market or casino?
Gila Orrak: @ Kanar? Are you sure? It's a thick liquid.
Annika Sorenson: @That's good. Shame you lost your PADD and identicard, but I guess it could've been worse.
Annika Sorenson: @::sips her drink, letting the wind whip her hair gently::
Callista Tyrel: @ watier> Yes..uhm...are you sure?
Callista Tyrel: @ I actually like it...yes...chilled.
Amanda Davis PhD: Oh.. no, thank you. There is plenty here. Take some time off and relax, Commander. The captain is in good hands.
Annika Sorenson: @ Hmm, interesting choice.
Callista Tyrel: @ Waiter > ::Waiter is perplexed and leaves...::
Cmdr JFarrington: :::picks on her food, then orders a yeoman to take them to her quarters:::
Gila Orrak: @ Well :: looking a Tyrel :: When your people are only known for this one drink you grow weary of its taste.
Callista Tyrel: @ I was introduced to it at the academy, and for some reason I liked it. The Viscosity did take some adjusting to..:: smiles ::
Kansas Kenickie: ::Heads to the transporter room:::
Annika Sorenson: @ It's like drinking molasses
Amanda Davis PhD: ::she calls a corpsman to help with changing the captain's bed::
Erich Jaenke: @ :: Looks at Gila :: I hope you are at least documenting my lack of medication. I am 'picking up' a lot of thoughts.
Gila Orrak: @ You can write it down now or later. I mean only you know what's on your mind.
Callista Tyrel: @ Sorry Sir...uhm Erich, ...It was stressful filling reports from the ....robbery earlier in the day.
Kansas Kenickie: @ ::Shimmers down to the planet::
Erich Jaenke: @ No no. You are fine. The good doctor here wants me to let her know the extent of my Betazoid-ness.
Callista Tyrel: @ Waiter> :: arrives with drinks and departs quickly ::
Annika Sorenson: @ ::smiles at Callista. drinking her drink::
Cmdr JFarrington: :::slow walk down the passageway to the lift, steps in and takes the lift to sick bay:::
Callista Tyrel: @ :: takes a sip :: Uhmm.... that is not too bad. I hope Gila visits a spot you recommend for this drink.
Cmdr JFarrington: ::enters sick bay, looking for the duty officer:::
Annika Sorenson: @ ::Looks at the viscous drink::
Amanda Davis PhD: ::hearing the commander entering, she walks toward her::: Hello, Commander Farrington.
Kansas Kenickie: @ ::Enters the bar, spots her Peeps::
Callista Tyrel: @ I offered to service that nice looking firefighter's vehicle Annika. :: smiles ::
Cmdr JFarrington: ::turns::: Oh. Dr. Davis. I just came up to see how the captain is.
Amanda Davis PhD: He's in ICU for privacy, and getting much better.
Cmdr JFarrington: ::she gives a weary nod::: Any signs of torture? ::as she walks toward ICU:::
Kansas Kenickie: @ ::Fake smile as she approaches the crew:: how is everyone doing?
Callista Tyrel: @ Least I could do after him returning my poor Data PADD .. :: spots the Commander :: Oh wow.. Hi Kansas...err Commander.
Amanda Davis PhD: Well... since you asked, yes. A few signs. But they could be bruises from fighting and trying to escape.
Annika Sorenson: @Hmm ::smiles::
Annika Sorenson: @Hello, doing okay.
Cmdr JFarrington: ::her arms cross as she stands outside ICU, watching the captain:::
Kansas Kenickie: Kansas is fine Callista
Amanda Davis PhD: His vital signs are improving.
Erich Jaenke: @ :: Stands up and wobbles a bit ::
Cmdr JFarrington: And Commander Kenickie?
Amanda Davis PhD: She's visiting the planet.
Callista Tyrel: @ :: smiles :: I guess I have made it too obvious we are Starfleet on Holiday.
Kansas Kenickie: @ ::Orders a whiskey neat::
Kansas Kenickie: @ nothing wrong with people knowing we are Fleet strong eh?
Amanda Davis PhD: Dr. Farrington, you look like you know something is wrong.
Gila Orrak: @ :: Looks at Erich :: I am sure she is okay. I would surmise her connection to you is taxing.
Annika Sorenson: @ Nothing wrong at all. ::orders another fruity drink in a coconut::
Callista Tyrel: @ Uhm...I took care of local protocol regarding my Data PADD and credits being stolen. Another Kanar please... :: wonders where the waiter went....::
Kansas Kenickie: @ ::Glances over her shoulder noticing security officers moving closer to them:: Unless they want to cause us problems
Cmdr JFarrington: ::after staring at the captain for a moment::: Because there is something wrong.
Callista Tyrel: @ :: adjusts her dress :: Not used to no sleeves....
Amanda Davis PhD: :::more concerned now::::
Annika Sorenson: @It’s liberating... when it's warm.
Cmdr JFarrington: ::turns to face her::: May I have a look at his medical documentation?
Erich Jaenke: @ :: Nods at Gila ::
Amanda Davis PhD: Of course. :::she pulls up the captain's chart:::
Callista Tyrel: @ indeed :: smiles and notes...security in the bar...:: Hmm what is with them.
Callista Tyrel: @ Waiter> :: arrives with more snacks and the next round of drinks ...and quickly departs again ::
Annika Sorenson: @ Not sure, I guess to keep an eye on the drunkies.
Cmdr JFarrington: :::she flicks through the test results, then stops to take a good look at a mark on the back of his head::::
Annika Sorenson: @::slips out of her flip flops, eats one of the snacks::
Cmdr JFarrington: Is that a mark from childhood, Doctor?
Callista Tyrel: @ Kansas, this place has lots of shops....And if Ice Cream is desired...the place right across the street has some ..great Cookies and Cream
Kansas Kenickie: @ Cookie and cream, my favorite
Amanda Davis PhD: Actually... no. I believe it's a mark that happened when he tried to fight off the intruders.
Gila Orrak: @ Lots of drinking...
Erich Jaenke: @ And people...thinking of...lewd thoughts.
Annika Sorenson: @It's awesome. I recommend.
Callista Tyrel: @ Gila, did you take advantage of the spa?
Cmdr JFarrington: :::checks out the captain's brain scans along with his blood samples::::
Callista Tyrel: @ :: enjoys more kanar ::
Kansas Kenickie: @ Scary Security Dude> ::Steps up behind Kansas:: Catherine Donovan? ::Pushes Kansas up against the wall:: you are under arrest for the murder of James Miller, Robert Nellen and Mike "Bubba" Jones.
Gila Orrak: @ Oh yes, with my friend Erich here. :: pats him on the back a little rough ::
Erich Jaenke: @ :: Almost spills his drink :: It was...stimulating for sure.
Erich Jaenke: @ :: turns ::
Callista Tyrel: @ :: smiles at Gila and then...:: What the?!?! :: to what goes on with Kansas ::
Annika Sorenson: @ ::Looks up::
Cmdr JFarrington: It looks like a pin prick, Doctor Davis, but this :::she points to the screen::: is a tiny pin prick that allows medication to enter his frontal lobe. ::she turns to face Amanda:: He was tortured.
Kansas Kenickie: @ ::Struggles in his grip, counts the 15 guards around them... lets them cuff her:::
Erich Jaenke: @ What's the meaning of this?
Callista Tyrel: @ :: stands and is like..shocked ::
Amanda Davis PhD: :::taking a good look at the screen, then at the captain::: Oh, my...
Kansas Kenickie: @ Sec Dude> She is a killer... we have been looking for her for years.... pretty stupid to return to the plnet
Gila Orrak: @ :: Gets up. Takes a drink ::
Erich Jaenke: @ On whose authority?
Kansas Kenickie: @ ::Sighs and feels the cuffs tighten:: All right all right
Callista Tyrel: @ This is a big mistake....
Annika Sorenson: @ I'm sure it is...
Erich Jaenke: @ :: Uses his mind to better gauge the situation ::
Cmdr JFarrington: ::paging through the rest of his medical records:: Apparently it didn't work. I don't see any brain damage. ::looks to Amanda:::
Kansas Kenickie: @ Sec Dude> The authority of the planet
Amanda Davis PhD: Oh... I didn't see any either. That's why I'm so shocked.
Erich Jaenke: @ No, let's try this again. Let me see the orders.
Kansas Kenickie: @ sec Dude> ::Feeling VERY sure of himself in his arrest:::
Annika Sorenson: @ ::just watches silently.. not much she can do against 15 guards::
Callista Tyrel: @ Erich, we need to contact the ship...
Erich Jaenke: @ :: Standing next to Kansas ::
Cmdr JFarrington: ::flips through the rest of his records:::
Erich Jaenke: @ One moment.
Annika Sorenson: @ I agree. Maybe it's a misunderstanding
Amanda Davis PhD: :::thorough brain scan:::
Callista Tyrel: @ :: Callista looks at the overwhelming amount of security here....they are outnumbered quite by quite a bit....odd ::
Kansas Kenickie: Sec Dude> you have 2 minutes.
Callista Tyrel: @ :: looks to Annika and Gila not liking this at all ::
Amanda Davis PhD: I just ran another scan. No symptoms of damage.
Kansas Kenickie: @ ::Winces in the cuffs:: Erich
Erich Jaenke: @ +Manticore+ We have a situation at my location. Commander Kenickie has been placed under arrest for a capital crime.
Annika Sorenson: @ ::looks at Callista back apprehensively::
Erich Jaenke: @ Do not speak Commander.
Cmdr JFarrington: No... ::she turns to Amanda::: Cardassians are very good at hiding things.
Kansas Kenickie: @ ::Looks at Erich.... ~I'm in trouble here~ mentally to Erich:::
Callista Tyrel: @ :: holds on to her Clutch ::
Cmdr JFarrington: ::she sighs::: He should recover well.
Erich Jaenke: @ :: Startled as he hears that rather clearly ::
Amanda Davis PhD: Well, he is on the way to recovery. More quickly than I expected.
Erich Jaenke: @ We will get to the top of this Commander.
Kansas Kenickie: @ Sec Dude> I think you two are finished
Gila Orrak: @ The phrase is bottom Jaenke..
Cmdr JFarrington: +com+ Commander Farrington here. Go ahead.
Erich Jaenke: @ +Farrington Our XO is under arrest. I am following her to holding.
Kansas Kenickie: @ ::is pulled out of the bar with the security team, keeping her mouth shut for a change::
Callista Tyrel: @ :: steps to Sec Dude :: Do not hurt her. You understand...You don't need this many guys to take her in...You do NOT hurt her!
Cmdr JFarrington: Bridge Officer> +com+ Commander Kenickie has been arrested, commander.
Cmdr JFarrington: +com+ On my way.
Cmdr JFarrington: Excuse me, Doctor. ::exits:::
Erich Jaenke: @ :: to the security officer :: I am her representative. I need to accompany you.
Callista Tyrel: @ :: upset but remains in the bar and does not follow..::
Annika Sorenson: @ Hmm. ::just as concerned::
Kansas Kenickie: @ Sec Dude> ::Holds hand up to Callista:: She has killed at least 5 people we can prove.. there are 15 we can't.. you want to stand up for a murder?
Amanda Davis PhD: ::watching her leave, then checks that the captain has been given a fresh set of sheets and seems to be resting more easily:::
Callista Tyrel: @ :: quiets and does not interfere further ::
Erich Jaenke: @ The burden of proof is on you.
Cmdr JFarrington: :::enters the bridge:: SITREP, Lieutenant.
Kansas Kenickie: @ ::Man handled out of the Bar::: It's OK... I'm fine.
Erich Jaenke: @ :: Staying as close to KK as he can ::
Callista Tyrel: @ we will help you Kansas!!! :: not following remaining with Gila and Annika ::
Annika Sorenson: @. I'm sure we will.
Gila Orrak: @ :: Was surprised at Erich's leap to defense, knowing how he felt about KK ::
Cmdr JFarrington: Lt Iris> She's in custody, the brig ma'am. They say that they've been looking for her and she's under several charges.
Kansas Kenickie: @ ::Slammed into the wall, then the door to the holding area, winces in pain::
Callista Tyrel: @ :: in the bar...extending a hand to Gila and Annika ::
Annika Sorenson: @ ::takes the extended hand:: You all right?
Gila Orrak: @ :: Sees Callista's hand :: Are we following?
Kansas Kenickie: Sec Dude> ::Takes a cheap shot and trips Kansas up before tossing her into a cell::
Callista Tyrel: @ :: exhales noting Annika and Gila :: I am pissed. No I am not okay....and no we cannot follow them yet.
Kansas Kenickie: >>>> Pause Sim<<<<
Kansas Kenickie: >>>> Pause Sim<<<<
Callista Tyrel: :: paused ::
Cmdr JFarrington: Hm...
Kansas Kenickie: nice work everyone
Cmdr JFarrington: Looks like I'm in command now, Commander. We going to do a jailbreak?
Kansas Kenickie: I didn't think of a jailbreak.. :-O
Erich Jaenke: Election for a new XO?
Cmdr JFarrington: It would be fun.
Cmdr JFarrington: :::glare at Erich:::
Cmdr JFarrington: Attack Vegas?
Kansas Kenickie: already trying to take my seat Erich?
Annika Sorenson: :O
Kansas Kenickie: Any questions or comments?
Cmdr JFarrington: Great job, crew.
Cmdr JFarrington: TBS?
Kansas Kenickie: 13.6 minutes
Annika Sorenson: noice
Cmdr JFarrington: There ya go.
Cmdr JFarrington: On the dot.
Kansas Kenickie: O:)
Callista Tyrel: Had fun enjoyed.
Cmdr JFarrington: Looks like we're going to need more doctors.
Annika Sorenson: And a really good lawyer.
Annika Sorenson: where's Matlock when you need him?
Cmdr JFarrington: He's hiding.
Callista Tyrel: oh no solitary confinement!
Annika Sorenson: Stuffed in the hole
Cmdr JFarrington: Dismissed?
Kansas Kenickie: yes! everyone is dismissed if there are no questions.

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