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More to the Story

More to the Story
Chirakis Kirel, Captain, SI-5
The Day Before - 6 June 2388

Silence reigned in Captain Chirakis’s office, so much so that it felt like a war room, and it very well could be.  The office door’s external red light demanded complete privacy.  Interior lighting turned to blue, and sound melted close to silence, allowing them to discuss classified information.

For several hours the captain, Admiral Solokov, Captain Raza, and Vice Admiral Baldwin had been discussing the Alien Alliance, especially the empty stealth vessel that brought deadly viruses into Aegis space.  USS Missouri destroyed the ship, then, not knowing it was contaminated, brought the ship aboard for inspection.  Soon, the virus spread, causing the deaths of 37 Missouri personnel.

Taking that into account, they discussed the technological virus on Aegis, especially whether the Aegis virus was an attack or a simple reaction to faulty technology.  They had no definitive answer.

The discussion continued, all focusing on Aegis.  How, when, and where might the Alien Alliance attack?  What is the most likely area to attack first?  What strategies are most likely?  Would they use starships, incendiary weapons, viral or biological weapons, weapons that would drag ships off course and into the nebulae, and how would they draw attention to one area before attacking another.   

Soon, the conversation segued into an alien fleet that had recently entered the nebulae, immense delta-winged stealth ships similar to the one that attempted to crash into Aegis.

“How many of these ships have been seen, Admiral?” Kirel asked Solokov.

We know of seven so far.  I don’t doubt that there are more crossing into Allied Powers’ space, though the first seven are the only ones we have detected.”  

And the task force in Aegis space is presently…?”

USS Missouri, Admiral. They have moved into position just outside of Aegis space.  RSE Praetor is in low orbit.  IKS Fek’lhr and her support vessels are… somewhere in the area.   USS Anhui is standing by.”

“And they are cloaked?”

“They have that capability, Admiral.  However, if the Alien Alliance stealth vessels are capable of cloaking, we are in greater danger than expected.”

“Um…” Solokov leaned back to rest an elbow on his chair.  “Admiral Baldwin, anything else to discuss?”

 “No, Admiral.”

“Captain Raza, anything new from SI-5?”

“Other than the situation regarding a micro-wormhole, no, Admiral.”

“Yes, the micro-wormhole.”  Solokov’s lips pursed as he flipped his tablet over to take a look.  “Progress in that?”

“Some, Admiral.  They are making progress, though slowly. It’s a sensitive situation. As soon as I know, you will be informed.”

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