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Cmdr JFarrington

USS Manticore - 5/4/2020

= /\ = Manticore Brief Stardate 52005.04 "New Las Vegas" = /\ =

"What happens in New Las Vegas...probably gets holo-recorded."
The crew of the USS Manticore enters their first full day on the resort planet of New Las Vegas. Friendly groups formed up and split off to various adventures.
The Captain and Executive Officer remain onboard the ship to recover far away from the excitement on the surface.
The USS Patterson will arrive within the day to take the former prisoners home.
TBS is the next day.
Cmdr JFarrington: =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\=
Cmdr JFarrington: =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\=
Cmdr JFarrington: ::on the bridge, checking things:::
Callista Tyrel: @ :: with the group ::
Erich Jaenke: @ :: Had an interesting night and does not quite remember what he did ::
Annika Sorenson: @. ::with the group as well, sipping on some blood wine::
Amanda Davis PhD: :::Amanda has fresh scones and tea for the commander and the captain, if he's awake::
Erich Jaenke: @ :: It was somewhat before lunch the next day, or wait, was it? ::
Kansas Kenickie: ::Asleep in the chair:::
Gila Orrak: @ You had an interesting time Mr. Jaenke..
Amanda Davis PhD: :::seeing her sleeping next to the captain in ICU, she sets things aside within easy reach in case they wake up:::
Annika Sorenson: @ ::sits beside Callista:: A good vintage.
Erich Jaenke: @ I did? Keb?
Gila Orrak: @ :: Still holding onto Erich :: At a spa.. relaxing.
Callista Tyrel: @ I would not know..but It is good stuff. :: looks for any Klingons ::
Annika Sorenson: @I'd like to visit a spa...
Annika Sorenson: @2319, I think.
Gila Orrak: @ We could. I do like the heat.
Annika Sorenson: @Yeah, that'd be fun! Let's do it.
Kansas Kenickie: ::Lifts head, grumbles::
Callista Tyrel: @ That would be cool. I could use some sun.
Erich Jaenke: @ :: Checks his directory ::
Erich Jaenke: @ We will have to take the tram.
Annika Sorenson: @Oooh.
Amanda Davis PhD: ::quietly checks the captain's vitals:::
Callista Tyrel: @ Thank goodness for gift shops! I can do a spa!
Erich Jaenke: @ I am calling a vehicle for us..
Annika Sorenson: @Awesome, thanks Erich.
Callista Tyrel: @ Thank you Chief.
Erich Jaenke: @ Maybe I can remember what I was doing last night
Amanda Davis PhD: ::she smiles as she notices that the captain is improving:::
Erich Jaenke: @ :: peers into the distance :: There it is.
Kansas Kenickie: how is my man doing Doc?
Annika Sorenson: @That was quick.
Cmdr JFarrington: ::on the bridge, keeping watch on the weirdos who think it's fun to cross over someone's docking area:::
Callista Tyrel: @ :: puts on her shades for the bright sun....to help complete her " NLV Look " ::
Erich Jaenke: @ :: Gets up and walks to the curb, Gila holding onto him. Perhaps she has something to drink too ::
Erich Jaenke: @ All in. :: gestures as he opens the door ::
Amanda Davis PhD: :::she turns to Kansas::: He's improving quite quickly.
Callista Tyrel: @ :: steps inside ::
Annika Sorenson: @ ::Dons her shades as well, follows close behind Callista and enters the vehicle::
Erich Jaenke: @ The Skin Deep spa please.
Amanda Davis PhD: In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if he recovers within a day or two.
Kansas Kenickie: and myself? I heard you run that scanner over me while you thought I was fast asleep
Amanda Davis PhD: ICU is much more quiet than the rest of sick bay. That helps.
Erich Jaenke: @ :: The door closes and it takes off for the spa :: I have never visited a spa... often too many people.
Amanda Davis PhD: Oh... I always do that. It's standard procedure.
Kansas Kenickie: to scan sleeping people?
Annika Sorenson: @ That's why I like to go in the off-peak times.
Callista Tyrel: @ :: in the Climate controlled Tram :: Geesh...it has been a while for myself.
Callista Tyrel: @ Gila...enjoying the warm weather?
Amanda Davis PhD: ::slight smile::: Not necessarily sleeping people. Sleeping people who are recuperating from injuries of any kind.
Kansas Kenickie: So am I peachy keen?
Amanda Davis PhD: Oh, definitely, Commander.  But you do need rest.
Gila Orrak: @ I am. A bit like home, or on Bajor in the tropical regions.
Kansas Kenickie: I will have plenty of time to rest when I'm dead
Callista Tyrel: @ :: enjoys the view of the hotels..as the tram goes ::
Amanda Davis PhD: Physically, you are very healthy. Mentally? You need to rest enough to put everything aside and move on.
Amanda Davis PhD: ::nods:: True.
Annika Sorenson: @ ::reclines and looks out the window:: Must be nice to grow up in such warm climates.
Amanda Davis PhD: ::pulls up a chair:: I have an idea, Commander.
Annika Sorenson: @though Europa is certainly beautiful too at times.
Kansas Kenickie: ::Picks up her cold cup of coffee, take a gulp:: what is that doc
Callista Tyrel: @ Did you take trips of Europa often to get some sun? The old Southwest on Earth sure had plenty of sun...
Amanda Davis PhD: I believe that you would feel much better if you go into the holodeck with your weapons and ::clears her throat:: kick ass, I believe is the saying.
Annika Sorenson: @Yeah, we had rotations back to Earth every so often. We have a place in San Diego, so yeah lotta sun there. Though our main place was in Stockholm, which wasn't as sunny.
Gila Orrak: @ :: Looks :: Europa?
Callista Tyrel: @ oh wow ..Scandinavia .
Annika Sorenson: @Yeah, that's where I was born. The Galileo research colony there. It's a moon orbiting Jupiter in case you weren't aware.
Kansas Kenickie: I'm not in the mood, plus holodeck blood doesn't flow correctly.
Annika Sorenson: @::smiles and nods:: Hmm, yes. That's where my parents grew up.
Gila Orrak: @ Never been to Earth.
Erich Jaenke: @ I was once.
Annika Sorenson: @I hope you get the chance to visit.
BrenFaliver: ::Enjoys some holodeck time on ship, uncomfortable with the idea of leaving. Swinging in a hammock on a moon-lit beach::
Amanda Davis PhD: ::slight sigh::: I would offer you real blood if we had enough, but I doubt that engineering would enjoy cleaning up the mess.
Callista Tyrel: @ Lots of climate zones to choose from . :: notes the abundant sunshine here ::
Kansas Kenickie: ::Sighs:: I miss being a lacky, walking the decks. putting fear into ensigns.
Cmdr JFarrington: :::checking request forms and sending them through the proper channels:::
Callista Tyrel: @ I think you would like the Old Southwest ....Gila...
Amanda Davis PhD: Well... there are a few ensigns below decks who are actually swabbing decks that they messed up... per orders of Commander Farrington.
Annika Sorenson: @I liked Texas.
Kansas Kenickie: ::Sips coffee:: and I also miss being no one, getting to the dirty jobs no one wants.
Amanda Davis PhD: You want the dirty jobs?
Gila Orrak: @ Oh I hope so. Not sure how a Cardassian on Earth would be taken.
Kansas Kenickie: the bloody ones
Amanda Davis PhD: How would that work?
Kansas Kenickie: ::winks::
Erich Jaenke: @ We are here.. the tram stops./.
Amanda Davis PhD: Oh... ::deep breath and forced smile::: I see.
Callista Tyrel: @ Old Southwest is not heavily populated...only in New Phoenix...Oh good...here we are.
Annika Sorenson: @::looks at the spa:: Nice.
Kansas Kenickie: I don't think the ensigns fear me anymore, they think I have to follow the rules from the Big Giant Head.
Amanda Davis PhD: Really?
Callista Tyrel: @ :: hops out of tram with a skip to her step :: Fun time!
Annika Sorenson: @ ::Follows Callista out::
Annika Sorenson: @Yeah, fun fun.
Kansas Kenickie: they don't look at me in fear of their heads being ripped off ::Tilts chair back:: Ooo the good old days when I could slap people around.
Callista Tyrel: @ :: looks around..::
Amanda Davis PhD: :::really getting to know the commander:::
Kansas Kenickie: or choke them out for fun
Annika Sorenson: @ ::looks around the spa as well::
Kansas Kenickie: @ Tram worker> ::Bumps into Callista, taking her credit chit card with all her fund on it::: pardon me
Callista Tyrel: @ :: feels something off :: Heh...
Amanda Davis PhD: ::hearing a sight groan and mumble, she turns to the captain:::
Amanda Davis PhD: :::she stands up and checks the monitors:::
Callista Tyrel: @ :: her handbag is dumped on the ground.... ::
Annika Sorenson: @ ::continues to look around::
Kansas Kenickie: @Tram Dude> ::tries to act normal and get away from people quick-ish::
Amanda Davis PhD: :::they're normal, but the captain continues to mutter::
Callista Tyrel: @ oh Frak...:: starts picking her stuff up ::
Annika Sorenson: @ ::hears something hit the ground and turns around:: Oh no ::helps pick stuff up::
Kansas Kenickie: is he milking it Doc
Callista Tyrel: @ Frak Frak Frak! My Identicard is gone.... and PADD !!!!
Annika Sorenson: @Uh oh. Did you leave it in the tram?
Kansas Kenickie: Tram Dude> ::Slips back into the cart and smiles:::Tourist
Amanda Davis PhD: Well... ::she continues to check his vitals::: Not exactly. He's waking up *very* slowly, and remembering things he experienced. ::looks up at the monitor that shows brain activity:::
Callista Tyrel: @ Oh no....:: looks up towards where the Tram Worker was.....:: swears :: I just got robbed...
Annika Sorenson: @Uh oh. ::looks around:: He's long gone.
Callista Tyrel: @ :: kicks some grass a k a. Rocket Racoon Style ::
Annika Sorenson: @Don't worry, I got ya. We'll have to call the cops I guess.
Amanda Davis PhD: The waves on this monitor :::she points::: Show what area of the brain is active. This indicates he's dreaming. I'm watching the monitor in case it goes into a nightmare he can't shake it off.
Kansas Kenickie: Tram Dude> Stays inside the cart, just inside the doors.... he still needs to work:: All aboard!
Amanda Davis PhD: But they seem to be settling down.
Erich Jaenke: @ The padd can be destroyed remotely
Annika Sorenson: @ ::nods:: That's good. Though her identi-card
Kansas Kenickie: @ Ground keeper> ::Yells at Callista:: Hey lady... keep off the grass
Callista Tyrel: @ :: is clearly upset paces around...now on the concrete ::
Annika Sorenson: @::standing on the pavement, looks around::
Callista Tyrel: @ Eric should we call the ship?
Erich Jaenke: @ I'll do it. +Manticore+ Jaenke to Manticore. I need the location of Tyrel's PADD.
Kansas Kenickie: Annoying Karl> +Erich+ It should be with her... duh
Callista Tyrel: @ :: leans against building :: I am thinking of what I can do ...to that man's sonic shower about now..
Cmdr JFarrington: +com+ Commander Janke, this is Commander Farrington. Location search commencing.
Annika Sorenson: @I can pay for your stay at the spa.
Callista Tyrel: @ Thank you Annika...Thank you.
Erich Jaenke: @ +Karl+ Speak like that to me again and I will find a warp 3 long hauler as your new assignment.
Annika Sorenson: @::Smiles:: No worries.
Callista Tyrel: @ Gila...I wish you could teach me a quick kick.
Gila Orrak: @ Oh I could teach you more than that. What manner of death are you seeking?
Cmdr JFarrington: +com+ Commander Jaenke, PADD located. Forwarding the area. PADD shut down for protocol.
Callista Tyrel: @ Oh ....the revenge type....:: looks to Erich ::
Kansas Kenickie: Tram Dude> oh *Curses* as a fire starts in the work cabin area
Annika Sorenson: @::Smiles::
Callista Tyrel: @ :: looks to Gila :: I suppose wiring a person's sonic shower to ..do something bad might be worthy of vengeful killer.. :: a small smile appears ::
Erich Jaenke: @ I was thinking worse... must be the stress from the last mission.
Amanda Davis PhD: :::watching the captain's brain pattern settle into rem sleep:::
Kansas Kenickie: @ ACTION> :::Alarms start going off in the Tram area::: WARNING FIRE.... WARNING FIRE
Gila Orrak: @ Let's get to the spa.... Oh look'
Kansas Kenickie: @ ALARM> please exit the Tram in a calm orderly fashion
Callista Tyrel: @ :: hears something :: what is that high pitch....:: looks to tram area ::
Erich Jaenke: @ Let's just go...
Kansas Kenickie: @ Tram Dude> ::Grabs a fire suppressor:: Damn
Erich Jaenke: @ :: holds his head ::
Callista Tyrel: @ Okay ..:: notes Erich is hurting and decides to just go inside ::
Gila Orrak: @ Medicine?
Erich Jaenke: @ Is that not your department?
Annika Sorenson: @::Looks to the tram area:: What’s going on over there?
Annika Sorenson: @Okay... ::follows along::
Gila Orrak: @ Well yes, but I don't always carry a hypo.
Annika Sorenson: @Maybe the spa will help.  A nice massage will work wonders?
Kansas Kenickie: @ Tram Dude> ::gets the fire out, coughs::
Callista Tyrel: @ Looks like a fire..Annika..let's get inside agreed
Kansas Kenickie: @ Tram Dude 2> ::Carries the burned up PADD with pink flowers painted on the back outside:: What did you do to this thing for it to blow up on you
Cmdr JFarrington: ::leans back in the command chair, still going through the manifest:::
Callista Tyrel: @ Well at least he didn't steal my suit...:: walks with Annika, Gila and Erich inside the spa ::
Gila Orrak: @ Let's get you inside Chief.
Callista Tyrel: @ ( PADD had a picture of a Hot Rod Shuttle on it with Pink Flowers and blue plasma trails....unfortunately no longer entirely visible ::)
Erich Jaenke: @ Ahh...a package for all of us... me and three women.
Amanda Davis PhD: ::::deciding to stay close for a while to be sure that his impulses are settling down:::
Erich Jaenke: @ Spa Attendant > Lucky fella... room seven.
Kansas Kenickie: @ Tram Dude 2 ::Puts PADD on the bench:: now we wait for the fire Dept to clear us...
Annika Sorenson: @ ::nods::
Kansas Kenickie: @ Tram dudes> ::Helps people exit the Tram:::
Callista Tyrel: @ :: walks up to Counter with the group in the back:: Thanks guys for covering me.
Cmdr JFarrington: ::as she continues working::: +Jaenke+ Commander Jaenke, Commander Farrington. SITREP on planet.
Cmdr JFarrington: ::has a bad feeling about this:::
Annika Sorenson: @::pays for herself and Callista and gets her room keycard::
Gila Orrak: @ :: speaks closely to Erich :: Let me level with you, as your new doctor. I need to get a baseline for your ability and it's important to your future medications.
Kansas Kenickie: @ Hot Fire Guy> ::Carries PADD into the Spa, walks over to the Comm to make a call::
Erich Jaenke: @ :: holds up a hand :: +Farrington+ The PADD is lost, but situation is under control. We are in the spa near the tram.
Annika Sorenson: @Don't worry, hopefully the spa will relieve your stress.
Kansas Kenickie: @ Hot Fire guy> ::Winks at the ladies because he knows he is hot:::
Callista Tyrel: @ :: wonders if she is going to get a dressing down from the Commander for this....about carelessness....being too slow to react...that stuff... Thought stops at Man in Uniform :: Oh my.
Annika Sorenson: @ ::looks as the hot fire guy::
Cmdr JFarrington: +com+ ::slight sigh at "the spa" thing::: Very well. Carry on.
Cmdr JFarrington: (prepare to pause)
Callista Tyrel: @ :: takes her pass to her room :: Your awesome guys...
Erich Jaenke: @ :: to Gila :: Did you do anything to me?
Kansas Kenickie: @ Hot Fire Dude> ::Flips PADD over:: nice flowers
Gila Orrak: @ I'm not at liberty to say.
Kansas Kenickie: @ Hottie Fire Guy> ::Swips his ID card::
Callista Tyrel: @ My PADD!!!! :: walks over quickly to Hot Fire Dude :: My Hero!!!
Callista Tyrel: @ :: Hugs Hot Fire Guy ::
Kansas Kenickie: @ Hottie Fire Guy> ::Smiles:: it's my job to be a hero ::Winks:: ma'am.
Callista Tyrel: @ :: Blows a kiss :: Love you!
Cmdr JFarrington: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\=
Cmdr JFarrington: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\=
Cmdr JFarrington: Commander Kenickie, the stage is yours.
Kansas Kenickie: nice job everyone
Kansas Kenickie: I am taping together our next plot.. if anyone has any ideas shoot me an email. we can throw Erich or Gila in jail if you like 
Annika Sorenson: lol
Kansas Kenickie: other then that.. anyone have questions or comments on how kewl I am
Gila Orrak: I am innocent
Callista Tyrel: Someone finds a dead tram worker...vacationing crew arrested
Kansas Kenickie: that is what I say too Gila... and I am guilty
Cmdr JFarrington: Definitely awesomely cool. Especially when you have that phaser on your belt.
Cmdr JFarrington: TBS?
Kansas Kenickie: it looks better when I shoot it at innocent people
Cmdr JFarrington: I'm sure.
Kansas Kenickie: TBS.. three and a half minutes.
Cmdr JFarrington: ::headdesk::: Yes, ma'am.
Kansas Kenickie: you are all dismissed
Cmdr JFarrington: Night to all. Great work.
Gila Orrak: Night all
Kansas Kenickie: unless you have questions or want to go toe to toe


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