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Cdr Miranda Hawthorne

USS Excalibur Sim Log - 04.26.20

MISSION BRIEF: When we last left our intrepid crew, they had managed to apparently disarm the device that was taking control of our ship and not a moment too soon as we were headed for Sheliak space. The device has gone into "diagnostic" mode for now and main power and computer control are returning to normal.


Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM

Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM

Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM


William Chocox: Alright, so step one is to unplug that thing if we can.

Irene Mincine: Val> :: Is quite relieved that the ship isn't flying itself into hostile territory. :: "The computer's coming back but I don't think we're going anywhere, Boss. Helm's still locked down tight. You'll be happy to know we're on our side of the border, at least."

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Ens Reynolds> I can't disable the connection it has to the power nodes, but I can... ah... sour them? Physically damage so that they can no longer be used?

Hakran K'hal: :: the power comes on and the door flies open before he and Irene exert any effort, and cardboard Maryse is grateful and goes back quietly to her desk and making no noise ::

William Chocox: As long as you don't break the rest of the ship that sounds like a good idea.

Irene Mincine: Irene> "Oh, power's back..." :: When the door opens before she strains herself opening it manually. :: "They should be fine here in sick bay, I guess. Should we get going again?"

Rhan K'hal: And I am going to have a peek at my computer to see what it's done to that.

Hakran K'hal: :: nods :: Our heroic efforts have paid off, I suppose. Back to the bridge to see what in blazes is going on.

Rhan K'hal: :: commandeers a console that has a chair ::

Cptn Swain: ::Enters engineering flanked by the crew that opened his doors::

Indaura Ryssan: Oh finally... :: goes to check her systems ::

William Chocox: ::looks over:: Captain on deck!

Rhan K'hal: Ens Obee> Most of the computer functions seem to be back to normal but...

Hunter Matheson: ::snap to::

Cptn Swain: ::Gives Will a look:: Save the formality. What, and I say this with every ounce of reserve I can muster, the hell happened down here?

Irene Mincine: :: Irene turns right around to the exit. :: "Four more decks to climb."

William Chocox: ((Hunter. Rhan, Reynolds, Swain, and I are down in Engineering))

Hunter Matheson: (scratch that...wrong place)

Hakran K'hal: Let's try the lifts first, my legs are sore.

William Chocox: So...uh...do you want the long version or the short version?

Hunter Matheson: (copy)

Cptn Swain: ::Takes a very deep breath::

Rhan K'hal: :: turns Tandygram back on, but its frozen ::

Cptn Swain: :Closes his eyes to recenter himself, but opens his eyes ot see the hologram of Tandaris::

Cptn Swain: W-w-hat is that?

Irene Mincine: Irene> "You really want to take the lifts up when the power *just* came back on?"

William Chocox: That is an Emergency Engineering Hologram that I think the Lieutenant is attempting to blame for all of our recent troubles.

Rhan K'hal: It's a Trojan Trill who gives very bad advice.

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Ens Reynolds> ::Throws the Captain a worried glance, but doesn't stop what he's doing. As a precaution, he began to disable the power nodes nearby so that it couldn't reconnect.::

Rhan K'hal: And I was going to let it try to explain things itself but the shutdown seems to have frozen its program.

William Chocox: His advice was sound. It was your commands to the device that were the interceding cause that caused to power and control issues.

Cptn Swain: I should have stayed in bed.

William Chocox: (caused the* not caused to)

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Cdr Jalen Stanton> Where did we end up? Do we have sensors back online? Is there anyone out there? ::Still pacing the bridge, he stopped to stare at the main viewer.::

Rhan K'hal: It was an algorithm I took right out of the holo-Trill's matrix

William Chocox: You still inputted it.

Cptn Swain: You know. I am not sure if more information is going to hurt or help the collective group of your careers so, let's just skip to what exactly happened. The short version.

Rhan K'hal: You're the one that spent 120 bars of latinum on that device.

Cptn Swain: 120 bars of...

William Chocox: Because it was related to the other devices we've been finding!

Cptn Swain: ::Sucks air through his teeth::

Cptn Swain: Alright, save the recriminations for your after-actions report. Is the situation stable?

Hakran K'hal: Yes.

William Chocox: Yes, Reynolds is currently making it so that it no longer has power.

Irene Mincine: Val> :: Answering Stanton. :: "It's coming back online, Boss. We're just on our side of the Sheliak border. Sensors aren't picking up anything. We have maneuvering jets and that's about it, so I hope nothing shows up."

Hakran K'hal: I need to spend more time in the gym.

William Chocox: Anyway, the short version is that we attempted to figure out how this thing worked, and then a sandbox that *someone* made failed which caused the device to take over the ship, which caused us to wind up, and this is just an assumption mind you, right next to the Sheliak border.

Cptn Swain: Wait, so the device was taking control of our systems and redirecting us towards Sheliak space. How... similar is it to the device you found on the Elasian vessel?

Irene Mincine: Irene> "Yeah, you do." :: Heads off for the turbolifts. "You want a copy of my calisthenics program? I got it from a friend in the Empire before we took off in this thing."

Rhan K'hal: Nearly identical, but it also has a transponder.

Hakran K'hal: I need more time in the gym, not the morgue.

Hunter Matheson: ::checking the status of tactical systems::

William Chocox: And we were able to scan it, unlike the one on the Elasian ship.

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Cdr Jalen Stanton> Matheson, do we have weapons and shields back online?

Irene Mincine: Irene> "Well *you* don't need to turn the safeties off..."

Hunter Matheson: ::Stanton:: Aye, sir. Double checking now.

Cptn Swain: ::Considers:: Why would anyone want to hijack a bunch of Elasian warships.

Rhan K'hal: To keep them from the Cardassians for a start.

Cptn Swain: Alright, get this mess cleaned up. Do not, hook that stupid thing up again, and when this is all over, I think we'll have a senior officer in-service on not playing with alien devices. I am going to the bridge.

Hakran K'hal: :: enters the lift ::

Cptn Swain: ::Heads towards the exit:: And turn that hologram off.

Rhan K'hal: Can I delete it?

Irene Mincine: :: Irene follows Hakran inside. :: "Bridge."

Cptn Swain: ::Doesn't respond::

Rhan K'hal: :: hrmphs, turns it off ::

Cptn Swain: Rex> ::Enters the bridge::

Hakran K'hal: :: the lift operates, albeit more slowly than usual ::

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Turns and gives Rex a nod.:: Chief. I see the doors are operating again.

Hunter Matheson: ::and he finally shows up after everything is fixed:::

Cptn Swain: Rex> Lucky us., huh?

Hakran K'hal: :: the lift spits the scientists out onto the bridge ::

William Chocox: Reynolds, is that thing disconnected now?

Hakran K'hal: Kenet> :: notices her boss :: [m] Thank the Prophets.

Cptn Swain: Rex> :: Glances over to Matheson, smirks::

Hunter Matheson: ::ignores:::

Irene Mincine: Irene> "I'm surprised it worked, really..." :: She rushes out of the turbolift before it decides to eat them and takes her spot at the second science station. :: "OK..."

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Ens Reynolds> ::Having ducked to keep from being accused of anything, he slowly reemerged.:: Ah, yes sir. It can't get at the ship's power. That isn't saying that it still can't power up. We'd have to disassemble it for that.

Hakran K'hal: Okay, what in the name of the Captain's hocked silverware is going on, Izal?

Cptn Swain: ::Walks onto the bridge from the other lift in time to hear that line::

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Facepalms with a sigh.::

Irene Mincine: :: Irene elbows Hakran and points to the other turbolift. ::

Hakran K'hal: Kenet> :: looking straight off into nowhere :: Nothing much is working, sir.

Rhan K'hal: :: rather ominously :: I don't think it matters whether it's hooked up or not.

Hakran K'hal: :: sighs :: Sorry Captain. Next time I'll invent a deity.

William Chocox: Then we need to check it.

Cptn Swain: You know... I am not sure I am ready to learn what that joke is about. After what I just learned in engineering, so I am going to drive past that and just ask for a status report.

Rhan K'hal: That's not what I meant. :: taps on the large display over his console :: It's made itself a nice nest inside my computers. Yes plural, it's backed itself up nicely in the aux core too.

Irene Mincine: :: Irene, unlike her usual self, looks quite nervous. :: "Well, we just got to the bridge from the astrometrics lab... we got a signal from the probe we sent out just before main power went out..."

William Chocox: That's unfortunate. Any idea on how to get rid of it?

Rhan K'hal: Beam the cores out and install replacements would be ideal. Since that is unlikely I'm going to have to work on it.

Rhan K'hal: :: disgruntled :: First I find the old ChEng uploaded himself into my system and now an alien technology has taken it over.

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::He finally took his seat, throwing Swain a glance.:: We've regained control of the computers.. for now. It seems as though our systems are rebooting and coming back online. Sensors don't show anything in the area.

William Chocox: Technically it's a holographic facsimile of the old CENG, and at the moment we are in control.

Rhan K'hal: It's the "at this moment" that worries me. I'm going into the core room to do some direct access. Do let me know if this day gets any worse.

Rhan K'hal: :: stomps off, calling Ken with an update ::

Rhan K'hal: Ens Obee> :: does a lot of mmm-hmming for a moment ::

Rhan K'hal: Ens Obee> :: clears throat, looks over to the command area :: Sirs?

William Chocox: (m) Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Cptn Swain: ::Obee: Yes?

Rhan K'hal: Ens Obee> Mr. K'hal reports that the device has uploaded a considerable amount of some sort of data into both computer cores and it is walled off with very elaborate encryption.

Hakran K'hal: :: blinks, mouths "device?" at Irene ::

Irene Mincine: :: Irene shakes her head. :: "First I've heard..."

William Chocox: ((Do y'all need to be airing my dirty laundry out to everyone on the ship? :P ))

Hakran K'hal: :: looks over to where Kenet was but the Bajoran scientist had scarpered quickly after handing over the station ::

Cptn Swain: ::Tips his head:: Interesting.

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Tries desperately hard not to crush his data padd.::

Cptn Swain: Where exactly are we now?

Hunter Matheson: ::checking long-range sensors:::

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Ens Reynolds> ::Relaxes somewhat after Rhan left engineering.:: Sir? Should we try to rip it apart?

Irene Mincine: Val> :: Checks her console. :: "Grid 326 of sector 532, Cap. 35,000 kilometers from the Sheliak border. Navigational ability is negative."

William Chocox: As long as we don't trigger a defensive response, yes.

Hakran K'hal: :: swivels to his console, notes the science sensor data looking wonky, runs a diagnostic ::

Hunter Matheson: ::not much there:::

Cptn Swain: As soon as we have navigation back online, move us well away from their border.

Cptn Swain: Hopefully no one's been paying attention over there.

Hakran K'hal: Sounds like we were delivered to the Sheliak's front door. Did anything ring the bell?

Irene Mincine: Val> "Aye, I'll press the button once the warp drive's online again. Should I return us to our original position in the T Tauri system?"

Hunter Matheson: ::Swain:: Long ranger sensors show negative, Captain.

Rhan K'hal: Ens Obee> I'm unable to determine if ship's communications were used during the computer disturbance, Lieutenant.

William Chocox: Though we should probably focus on making sure the ship can move before we continue with extracurriculars.

Irene Mincine: Irene> :: Hrms. :: "Engineering could look at the transceiver system... if it was used, there'd be residual charge in the transmitter array."

Cptn Swain: ::Considers:: No. Once we're back up and operating, set course for the nearest Federation starbase. I don't like the idea of a bunch of data hanging out in our warp core and I have some thoughts about that device.

Cptn Swain: ::Stanton:: I finally, after like 5 years, get an actual science mission and this is what happens.

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Ens Reynolds> Aye sir. I'll check the status of the warp engines. ::Moves to do so.::

Hakran K'hal: I have a feeling they're otherwise occupied, considering.

Irene Mincine: Val> "I totally agree, Cap. Setting course for Starbase 46 for once navigation is online again. The computer won't even *list* an ETA with our current top speed."

Hakran K'hal: Ken, can you have someone look into that?

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Glances sidelong at Swain.:: I thought this was par for the course on Excalibur.

Rhan K'hal: Ens Obee> Of course, sir.

Cptn Swain: It is.

William Chocox: Thank you. ::leans against his console, wondering if he can get the same apartment in San Francisco again when Starfleet busts him down the ladder::

Hakran K'hal: But good idea. Again.

Hakran K'hal: Maybe I should sleep deprive you on a regular basis.

Irene Mincine: Irene> :: Frowns. :: "Isn't that against some convention against cruel and unusual punishment?"

Hakran K'hal: ::amused grunt :: Go get some rest. Again. Hopefully I won't have to pull you out once your head hits the pillow twice in one day.

Cptn Swain: <annd >>>

Hakran K'hal: This sensors diagnostic is going to take forever anyway.

Irene Mincine: Irene> "We can only hope..." :: Shuffles off toward the turbolift. ::


Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM

Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM

Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM


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