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Sierra Robinson

Hey Sis!

Dear Myra,

Sorry I have not written you in a while Sis, I have been reassigned.

My first assignment as an Engineer on the USS Chi Song has been postponed since the ship has not returned yet from its mission.  It is an older Excelsior Class Starship, so perhaps it had something slow it down on its return voyage to Earth.  The Assignment officer at the School of Engineering decided to give me an assignment while waiting for the Chi Song to return.  I am an Engineer on a Space Station!

The station is named Sky Harbor Aegis, and it is located near Cardassia Prime. Yes, that is where the Dominion War ended, but there is no shooting going on at the moment. The Station is very similar to the one orbiting Jupiter.  I believe when I sent you an image of that station you said it looked like two stacks of Pizza served as Shish Kabob. Remember?

Aegis has some restaurants and shops to help get me started here.

I hope you are doing fine back home. Be patient with Mom and Dad, You'll be off to the Academy in weeks right?  They are going to miss you.

I'll write you later with more,


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