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Sierra Robinson

Bio: Sierra Robinson

Name: Sierra Robinson

Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade 

Assignment:  Engineer 
                   Temporarily Assigned to Space Station Sky Harbor Aegis pending return of USS Chi Song.

Species:  Human

Place of Birth:  New Anaheim, Earth

Age:  20

Height: 1.6m ( 5' 4" )

Hair: Brown

Eyes:  Brown

Distinguishing Marks:  None

Medical Notes:  Allergic to some forms of grass.

Other Notes:

Sierra looks younger than she is.  She held to record for having her Ident-Card inspected in the College of Engineering at Starfleet Academy.
Favorites Include Raktajino and Pizza.

Sierra has a younger Sister named Myra.  Myra herself is about to enter Starfleet Academy.

Edited by Sierra Robinson

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