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Chirakis Kirel, SI-5
Security Lt Jason Bristow

At 1800 hours, station lighting slowly dimmed to evening.  It was time to relax, to put aside the daily grind, to rendezvous at Drankum's bar, or to simply melt into oblivion.  For Starfleet personnel it was a different matter, especially during times of stress.  This was one of those times.

Security Squad Leader Lt Jason Bristow and Captain Chirakis rounded the corridor and entered security’s briefing room.  Bravo-One stood and came to attention.  Bristow strode to the front as he entered.  Captain Chirakis entered behind him but stayed behind to observe.

“As you were,” Bristow ordered casually as he dropped his pack and slipped his PADD onto the podium before scanning the squad to draw their full attention after they settled down. 

“So far the station has been fairly quiet,” he began, “but we all know it’s quiet before a storm. And if you’re not ready, that storm won’t just rock the boat, it’ll take you straight to the bottom.”

Bristow paused for a moment to let that sink in, engaged the flat panel station display, then adjusted it to focus on decks 31 through 41 and began a slow pace down the aisle.  

“We got a lot of ground to cover,” he continued as he made a sharp turn, “so listen up.”

“It’s late,” he said, crossing his arms to face the screen. “If you think we drew the short straw, you’re wrong.  We are Bravo One.  Top of the line.  Lieutenant Garand chose us for a reason, and that reason has to do with our little friends on deck four-oh.”

Bristow continued to pace as the squad studied the screen and its various sections, then take notes. 

“Too many strange things have happened recently in that area,” Bristow continued.  “Command suspects it has something to do with our little friends, even though the little guys probably don’t have a clue.  Yeah, they can be cute.  ‘Course they love playing games. And above all they love chocolate.  

“So.”  Bristow stopped pacing and turned to face them.  “If anyone has had or has passed by chocolate recently, change your uniform, shower off, and come back clean.  And I mean clean! Check your equipment for chocolate.  If you have any or if you have had anything that is made with chocolate, get rid of it.  Anything… and I mean anything even remotely smelling like chocolate is to be removed.  Kapisch?”

“Yes, sir!” they replied soberly.  

“Good.  Wilson, four-oh will be your responsibility.  Your team will not attempt to approach. Understood?” 

“Aye, sir,” she responded leaning forward to study the screen. “Force field? Containment field, sir?”

“Force field Lieutenant.  So far containment has not been needed, but press that button if you need it.”

“Energy bars, sir?”

“None for our little friends.  Okay for your team as long as they don’t even remotely resemble chocolate.”

“Aye, sir,” she finished with a glance at her team to ensure that they understood.

“Sanchez, take your team to three-nine.  Same precautions.

“Alaveratis, take yours to four-one, science.  Announce watch changes to officers and science personnel and give ‘em the low down. Science might be working through the night, so be aware. Stay outside their perimeter so they can work, but be vigilant.

“Franklyn, your team will stand by on call.  Same protocols. Questions?”

After a long pause, a direct, “No, sir,” came in response.

Bristow nodded.  “Very well.  Gear up. Move out. I’ll be walking the passageways and available for any contingency.  Any problem, no matter how slight, report immediately. That is all.”

As they turned to exit, the squad noticed the captain. Shocked? No.  Surprised?  Yes.  Stopping to salute?  Definitely.  Bristow had trained them well.  Maybe a little too well.

“Well done, Lieutenant,” she said as he gathered his things and reset the screen.

“Thank you, ma’am.  Couldn’t ask for a better crew.”  He slung his pack over one shoulder and led her out.  “We have numbers yet, Captain?” he asked, referring to casualties.

“None on Aegis, Lieutenant.  Thirty seven on Missouri.  The ship is under quarantine.”

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