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Answers in the strangest of places

It was a quiet evening in the science lab.  Perfect for someone who wanted to work late without distractions.  Tarisa was that particular someone this evening. Ever since the staff meeting she had locked herself in the lab, looking for a way to neutralize the effects of the Gremlin’s spray that has been plaguing the station.

On the center scanning table sat a sample tray that held a small dose of the annoying toxin.  This particular sample was quite stubborn. No matter what substance she used, nothing would counter the effect of the spray.  Each result ended with the computer screen giving a big red X. Despite this, Tarisa was determined to find an answer, even if she was locked in here all night.

Unfortunately Taris was not going to get her quiet for long, as a young Mithraan girl opened the door to the lab.  “Neemah!*” shouted Miana as she came in. She started humming as she entered, her white fluffy tail dancing about. The young one held in both of her hands what appeared to be frozen treats.

Tarisa’s blue furred ears twitched at the loud shout.  She had been slightly startled by Miana’s exclamation. “Miana?  I was not expecting visitors.” A slight smile did begin to form at the sight of her niece.

Miana approached her neemah with her treats.  “I know. Yala* said you probably missed dinner, so she sent me to give you this,” she held a treat out to Tarisa.  “She made cream of ice on a cone.”

Tarisa took the treat in hand, which was beginning to soften.  She gave it a little sniff before licking it. “Thank you, Teelah.  What flavor is this?”

“I do not remember the name, but they are berries from Annisha’s elders.  From their farm,” Miana replied, but she was already becoming entranced by what was going on with the scanning table.  “What are you doing?” Her bright blue eyes were fixed on the sample.

“That is the toxin that is plaguing the station, making certain people sick.  I am working on a way to neutralize it,” replied Tarisa.

“Ooooh…” This peaked Miana’s interest.  She climbed a chair before her aunt could stop her, leaning in to get a better look.  But as she got closer, her now melting ice cream fell into the sample. “Uh oh.”

“No...Teelah…” Tarisa said as she lifted Miana, placing her away from the table.

“Sorry,” Miana said with a frown.

“It will be fine.  I can get another sample.”  Tarisa went to get something to clean up, but the strangest thing happened.  The scanning table began it’s test, and after a brief moment the result came up green.  Tarisa paused, seemingly quite surprised. “How is this possible?” She looked to Miana, who had a little smile on her face.

“I think I should go now, Neemah,” replied the young Mithraan, knowing that her aunt was going to be a little busy.  She gave Tarisa a little squeeze of the leg before quietly leaving the lab.

Tarisa simply nodded as she glanced at the sample.  So many questions ran through her mind, but one thing was certain, she may have at least found one answer.


Mithraan names:

Neemah - Aunt

Teelah - Niece

Yala - Mother

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