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William Chocox

Have Tech, Need Expert

William sat himself down at his workstation with the Sheliak technology that he was supposed to figure out. As he turned over a piece of it around in his hands he turned to the computer console and said, "Computer, what's the local time at Starfleet Academy?"

"Local Time is 1300 hours." the digital voice said back in reply.

"Oh good, she shouldn't be teaching right now." William said as he grabbed a different piece to look at. "Computer, call Lieutenant Koria Imonim, Starfleet Academy."

"Attempting to contact." it replied.

As he waited for Koria to answer his call he kept examining the different pieces. While he could tell what some pieces were because he could follow the logical path of 'this is the memory, these are the power cables, this is the power supply', some of the details escaped him because of how different the Sheliak way of thinking was. He took a couple notes down before he heard the telltale chirp of the call being answered.

"Well hello there stranger." the spotted humanoid said as he turned toward his computer screen, "I was wondering when you were going to call next."

"Sorry about that." William said, rubbing his hair and looking away for a second before continuing, "I've been really busy here on board. I'd actually meant to call earlier, but-"

"It's alright Will," Koria said, smiling "Do you need anything? Because it looks like you're still on duty."

"That's not the only reason I called." William said, "But I do need some help, or a pointer in the right direction. I'm looking for either an expert, or someone that at least knows more than I do, on Sheliak technology."

Koria raised an eyebrow at him, "Sheliak technology? What's going on out wherever you are?"

"I'm just doing a research project."

"While on duty?" she asked, her tone and face incredulous.

"It's an official research project?" William replied, trying his best to not sound like he was up to something.

"Or it's something you're not allowed to tell me about."


"It's ok, this probably won't be the last time either." she said, sighing softly. "But as luck would have it, my co-teacher for 'Astrophysics for Engineers' probably knows the most about Shelak technology here. Let me see if he's available and I'll patch you through to him."

"Thank you, so much. And I promise to call more often." William said, smiling at her before she left the screen.

"I'll hold you to it." she said before she disappeared.

A short time later she reappeared in a side-by-side with a male Bajoran Lieutenant Commander wearing Engineering Gold.

"Lieutenant Chocox, this is Lieutenant Commander Latara Taban, Commander, this is Lieutenant William Chocox."

"Thank you Koria." William said before she signed off.

"How can I help you?" Latara said.

"Well, here's the thing," William said, as he and the commander starting talking about Sheliak Technology.

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