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Welcome Back

Welcome Back
Aegis Medical Complex
2100 hours

Jake blinked against the overhead lighting and squeezed his eyes closed tight.  He wanted to puke. 

Lights.  Strange bed.  Coffee.  Someone standing over him.  Why?  Need to finish the assignment and get out from under this stupid console ‘cause shift is about to end and the boss will kick ass if I don’t….


Whoa!  Man, that voice is loud

"Shuddup. Got a job ta do….” he said, wincing against the sound.

"Wake up, Lieutenant. Talk to me."

“I am talkin’ to you, Ensign!" he growled, “and this is not the time to be talking. Now get a move on!” Jake was gettin’ hot.  Really hot.  Ready to bolt from ‘under the console’ and pound some sense into the ensign’s head.

"Welcome back, Lieutenant," he heard again, and that was the kicker.  He was ready to explode.

"Damn," said Jake, finally opening his eyes to ‘roll out from under the console’. But there was no console, just a few sheets. Taking hold of them, he began to pull himself up…
...and the room began to spin.

"Easy, Lieutenant," someone said as a strong hand took firm hold of his arm and eased him back onto the pillow. The voice was vaguely familiar, almost like….

"Commander?" Jake struggled to focus.

“Take it easy,” said Drexler as he motioned to a nearby nurse.  “You got quite a bump on your head. In fact, it’s so big we might have to name it after you.”

“Sir?” he responded, puzzled, as he squinted to focus on the commander, then Lt Mike Jersey, corpsman/engineer who stood to the side.  “Where am I, sir?”

Drexler pulled up a chair and relaxed into it, arms crossed.  “Aegis Medical Complex. I’m told that you had quite a sizable toolbox land on your head and knock you out.  Do you remember anything about it? Can you tell me how that happened?”

Jake’s puzzled expression remained as he struggled to remember… well… anything. “Not really, sir.  It’s all fuzzy.  But what I do remember is … this woman. Red hair. And drop dead gorgeous, sir.  She reminded me of this girl at the academy, sir.  She just kept comin’ around, smiling, like she was trying to catch my attention so we could go…well…somewhere alone, sir.”

Drexler glanced at Jersey.  “So.. red hair, good looking, Starfleet uniform?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Was the insignia like yours, or the regular Starfleet?”

“Don’t remember, sir.  That’s… uh… not exactly what I was looking at.”

After a moment of thought, Cdr Drexler nodded congenially and pushed himself from the chair patting Jake gently on the arm.  “We’ll look into it, Lieutenant.  Let us know if you remember anything else, but most of all, take it easy.  Rest. Got it?”

“Aye, aye, sir.”

*   *   *   *   *   *

Upon exiting the medical complex, Cdr Drexler stopped and turned to Mike, who had accompanied Jake to the medical complex.  “Nothing makes sense,” Drexler mused rhetorically, gesturing as he spoke .  “Supposedly this beautiful woman was wandering through your team’s area, but no one else saw her?”

“No one else, sir.”

“And this happened when?”

“Treatment began at 1534, sir. Released to medical at 1539.”

Drexler took a deep breath then nodded on a slow exhale, lips pursed.  “Well… as soon as security finishes checking their surveillance footage we’ll know for certain if there was a women down there.  Until then, we wait.” 


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