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Residual Concerns

 Residual Concerns

They shared the same concerns: the Stone of Gol, V’Mal’s collaborators, and the Lore Kings’ transwarp conduit, to name a few.  Hopefully they could formulate at least one plan.
~Cayne & Chirakis, Far From Over - 2018

Several hours after inspecting what was left of the aliens’ delta-wing black stealth-hulled starship—the remains of which spread across an entire landing deck on USS Missouri—and listening to engineering and science personnel regarding their findings, Captain Chirakis returned to the station.  Captain d’Ka accompanied her to watch the pending security drill, especially the newly established PsiCorps.

Not long ago, the rogue Vulcan, V’Mal had used his psychic abilities to take control of Aegis and retrieve the Stone of Gol.  The villain pulled 32 security officers into insanity, resulting in their deaths.  Since then, measures had been taken to counteract a similar situation in the future.  Captain Chirakis and Commander Cayne, with the permission of Starfleet Command, gathered the most focused psychics on Aegis, trained them, and formed the PsiCorps.

Even at this late hour, Chez Antonio was bustling with patrons.  Captain d’Ka and Kirel weaved their way through the restaurant, occasionally pausing to greet patrons, and eventually arriving at the captain’s reserved table. Their purpose was not so much enjoyment as it was to give d’Ka the opportunity to scrutinize the clandestine PsiCorps personnel who were assigned to the commerce deck.

The proprietor, Antonio, was congenial as always.  Their tables were set in a strategic area, not only giving them a full view of the commerce deck, but allowing them a swift exit if necessary.  Kirel noticed several undercover security officers at the bars—as usual—and a few perusing the stores or having coffee on the mezzanine.

“Enjoying yourself, Kh’éile?” said Kirel with a minimal smile as she relaxed in the armchair.  He seemed to be concentrating, focused in a casual way as he scanned the crowd.

“I am,” he began quietly.  “It’s very interesting. It isn’t often that I get a chance to observe and report.”  Snifter in hand, he swirled the brandy carefully and glanced in her direction.  “I see a few… soiléir.*  They draw attention, though probably not enough for suspicion. And a few… síceaic,” he said, using Sindar to keep the conversation private.

“And who might that be?”

D’ka leaned forward into an impish smile.  “I can send you images.”

Setting her brandy aside, she leaned toward him… mirroring his smile while her eyes mirrored caution. “Just don’t fry my brain.”

It took a few seconds for the images to form, so he was being careful.  “And who are those we should deal with?”

“The first few.”

Relaxing in her chair, she closed her eyes for a moment and the images reappeared  “I see,” she sighed thoughtfully.  “I have been watching them as well. I’ll take them aside tomorrow.  Would you assist with the Síceaic while I work with the others?  That is… unless you need to be elsewhere.”

He gave a slight chuckle and relaxed in the armchair. “We will be here for a while.  Of course I will assist.”
Kh’éile - bond mate
Soiléir - undercover
Síceaic - empaths

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