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William Chocox

Let's Tear Apart an EMP!

William felt the containment field come down around him and Reynolds to protect the rest of the ship from any stupidity the two of them found themselves in. They had about an hour to take the device apart before Captain Swain and Commander Stanton made their way down to Engineering.

"I am loving the enthusiasm though, the plasma cutter wasn't necessarily a bad idea, just not the idea that we need right away." he said to the young ensign that was entrusted to his care.

"Thanks." Reynolds said as they set themselves up at the end.

"You're welcome," William said, "I'll grab a hold of the main body, and you can try turning that end of it with the spanner."

"On it sir." Reynolds said.

William grabbed a large pair of pliers and gripped the main body while Reynolds took the spanner and attached it to the end where they though the most likely point of entry was.

"On three sir?" he heard Reynolds say.

"Your count." he said back, bracing himself to make sure that the device didn't rotate on them.

"One, two, three." Reynolds said before cranking hard on device.


The darn thing wasn't budging. William could hear Reynolds groaning as he kept applying pressure, but the device wasn't opening. After a few seconds of effort they both relaxed from their positions.

"Alright, let's try again, but this time I'm going to try to turn it with the pliers while you apply pressure with the spanner." William said to Reynolds.

"Sounds like a plan." Reynolds replied, a little out of breath.

"One, two, three." William said, grunting as he and Reynolds tried again.

It quickly became apparent that they weren't going to be able to brute force this thing open.

"Alright, looks like your first idea was the correct idea Ensign." William said putting his pliers down, "We're going to need the plasma cutter."

"Yes!" Reynolds said with a fist pump.

"Go get the goggles and we'll get started." William said, shaking his head a little bit at the enthusiasm Reynolds was showing. "Hopefully we'll get through this before the Captain gets down here."

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