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Cptn Swain

BIO: Lucius Rex, Chief of Security


Name:  Lucius Rex

Age:  34 (Born 2354)
Sex:  Male
POB: Geneva, Switzerland, Earth
Ht:     5'10"
Wt:     200  lbs
Eyes:  Grey
Hair:   Brown
Race:   Human

Rank:  Lieutenant Commander

Assignment   Chief of Security, USS Excalibur

Father:     Marius Rex, Captain, Starfleet Retired (68)
Mother:     Carmen Rodriguez Rex, Captain, Starfleet, Retired (68)

Siblings:     Arturias Rex, Captain, USS Cape Horn  (41)
                 Ophelia Rex, Civilian (37)        

Background:   The son of two career officers, it was no surprise when Lucius followed his parents and older brother to Starfleet Academy in 2371.

Originally intending to become a science or operations officer, like many cadets in his class the outbreak of the Dominion War during his stint at the Academy steered the young Rex towards a more martial career. Graduating in 2375, he found himself serving on the front lines almost immediately. 

Following the conclusion of the war, Lucius was assigned to the Starfleet garrison on the Cardassian border world of Panora, before being transferred to Federation Embassy on Cardassia Prime. 

In 2382, Rex was again transferred to the USS Augustine, and again in 2384 to the USS Georgetown. 

Service Record:
-Graduated Starfleet Academy rank of Ensign (2375)
-Assigned to USS Griffin, Assistant Security Officer  (2375)
-Assigned to USS Lexington, Assistant Security Officer (2376)
-Promoted to the Rank of Lieutenant, Junior Grade (2377)
-Assigned to Federation Peace Keeping Mission: Panora, Security Division (2377)
-Promoted to the Rank of Lieutenant, (2379)
-Assigned to Federation Embassy, Diplomatic Security Division (2380)
-Assigned to USS Augustine, Chief of Security (2382)
-Assigned to USS Georgetown, Chief of Security (2384)
-Promoted to the Rank of Lieutenant Commander (2386)
-Assigned to USS Excalibur, Chief of Security (2388)

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