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Nijil tr'Korjata

What Vivid Dreams Are Made Of


What Vivid Dreams Are Made Of


Dr. Amanda Davis and SubCommander Nijil tr'Korgata


Nijil dismissed what he told Doctor Sandero earlier that day until he saw an appointment reminder light up his PADD hours later. Perhaps she peered into his mind to realize the vivid dreams stymied his sleep. The other engineers could handle the aftermath of the replicator issue, so speaking to Doctor Davis would not hamper operations.


He never believed his being there or not amounted tilted the balance of a smooth-running station to the danger zone, though for the next hour he would be excused from this burden. Even the walk to her office was a respite from the workload. Civilians and personnel alike paid him no mind. Her door stood before him. He pressed the chime. "It's the chief, oh, of engineering. Korjata. Nijil Korjata..yes."




The door hissed open and he walked through. It had been some while since his last visit to her office. He could not remember if the furniture layout had changed. What that a new plant? 


Amanda looked up from her desk and moved to the door immediately. “Nijil! Please… do come in. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a good visit.”


Nijil gave the doctor a quick nod, then took a seat across from her, a table between them. "So, I guess Doctor Sandero scheduled me without notifying me...until I got my notification. It's fine though. Getting away from work is its own reward."


“Well, I’m glad she did,” Amanda continued in her Welsh lilt. “May I get you some tea?  Coffee? Scones?” In her excitement, she urged him toward a Victorian-style cushioned chair.


Her inclination of sweet treats for her patient's sessions had not changed. A plate of flaky pastries sat before him. He picked one eagerly. Lunch hours ago consisted of a small juice and an energy bar.



"I've been having these dreams for some time now actually. Nearly the same dream or elements are the same. Same room, same woman, and even the same me, but not me. I'm not sure why it's bugging me more lately. It's more vivid now, well, perhaps a month ago. Ever have a dream you can almost taste? It's, it's like a holodeck, but taken to the next level. Like, um, the AI just knows a lot more than a written program." He smooshed a pastry in his mouth. "Mmhm, well, I'm no holo-matrix writer, but I know enough to realize it...just feels...real." 


At that she slowed down and sat in the chair opposite.  “I see,” she said thoughtfully. “Dreams. They come from the most interesting areas of the mind, and are usually not something one would be concerned about, but apparently you are. When did these dreams begin?” she asked, pouring a cup of tea and offering some to Nijil.


"Well," and he had to think on this one, "before the bonding, but after we got Annisha, or was it the official adoption? I believe it was a mix of not remembering dreams at all and this particular one with others. It beat the ones where I'm dreaming about work. So yes, around that time I recall."


“How much sleep have you had recently, Nijil?”


He looked at her wide-eyed. "Really recently, perhaps 6 hours at best, but sometimes less. This replicator issue took a lot out of me. It's still doing so. The dream still happened even with little sleep." Speaking of sleep he yawned. "Oh great. Obviously not enough sleep."


“Six hours of sleep in how many days?”


"Oh, that was last night. I would say around four hours most nights for the past two weeks."


Amanda put aside her tea and relaxed in her chair to think a moment before continuing with, “And what has happened in the last two weeks, Nijil.  What has happened in regards to your family… to Jylliene and Annisha?”


"They are fine...as far as I can tell. Ann's happy she can use the replicator again as her cooking needs work, but she's got time to learn. I think Jylliene's work up top is about the same."


“But what happened before that?  About two weeks ago?”


"Oh-oh, the Nei'rrh rescue out by that star? I had forgotten about that. I know there are no temporal anomalies around here, but it sure feels like it when there's work do to." He smiled as he took another bite of the scone. "That incident sure skewed my sleep schedule, but all the sleep in the universe if the rescue had failed." He took another bite. "Other than sleep I'm not sure if my shuttle experience relates to this repeating vivid dream."


“Nijil,” she began slowly and softly, “I want you to put aside everything you just said.  Forget that you are an engineer. Forget that you pilot Nei’rrh. Forget that you are a commander.  Take all that and throw it out the door, then tell me what is left. Do that for me and close your eyes.”


The Rihan twitched his head and closed his eyes. "Nijil. Simple Nijil. Growing into a family very quickly. Living where I work, working where I live." He paused.


“And this simple Nijil, the one without work, the one with a growing family.  What does he value the most?”

"Protecting Annisha. It's what I worry about most. Sorry Jylliene."


“And why must you protect Annisha?”


"I want to give her what my adoptive parents gave me, but it takes a lot out of me." Nijil kept his eyes closed but still managed to get a bite of the scone in.


“And what did your adoptive parents give you?  Besides food and a place to live, that is. What do you value the most when you think of them?”


"My life, from then until now. I would not be here without either of them. They did not have to take me in, but they did, but they are not a part of these dreams. It's something else."


“And what would that be?”


Nijil frowned. "I don't know. The woman, the place, it's all unfamiliar, nothing like where I am now. The smells...the smells are vivid too. It's taking me out of my comfort zone perhaps. I don't know. Maybe I'm just drifting away from what I value. Annisha and Jylliene, and.." He inhaled deeply as keeping his eyes closed was causing him to sleep into a relaxed state.


Amanda watched him for a minute or two.  He seemed relaxed for the first time since he came in, which was a good sign.  


“Nijil, I want you to stay relaxed, with your eyes closed, and concentrate on Annisha and Jylliene.  They are your two most precious possessions, so you might dream about them. But you also dream that you are a woman whom you know.  What in either the near or distant past had to do with a woman?”


"My mother and sister? Maybe not knowing my real mother." He shook his head. "This dream the woman I see is not of any species on record. I can only see myself from my own eyes in this dream, so I don't know what I look like. I'm guessing the obvious looking down that I am not myself, but I don't get more than that. It feels familiar though." He shook his head side to side slowly. "I feel no fear in this dream."


“Is there anything connected to this dream?  Clothing, perhaps some smell, or a sound, like music?”


"A kind of work suit, nothing I've not seen on other women that visit the station. I mean not that I'm looking. Well, I look. Yeah. Did you say music?"


“I did.”


"Annisha. She plays a song I hear in the dream. It's off in the background, some small speaker out of my sight." Nijil starts singing the tune, but the translator could not translate.


“A speaker? Like an old fashioned…?”


"Maybe, just low-quality I think." He started singing again, then stopped. "I don't know what I'm saying, though I know this. Is that strange to know a song in a language not your own?"


“Not necessarily.  But I do recall a speaker some time ago, an old speaker… something that used to be called a radio.  It was coming over subspace.”


"Yes, over several bands as I recall. The protocols they used made shutting it off from our end difficult."


“Yes. Yes, it did.”

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