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William Chocox

Inspection Blues and Searching

If William had to read another report about a young ensign being pranked with a replicated turkey sandwich he was going to a PADD against the wall. Apparently being Chief Engineer was more about managing personalities than getting to build amazing projects in Engineering. It also didn't help that his previous XO had informed his current XO that he had a tendency for unsanctioned projects that could possibly, maybe, go boom. Not that he'd ever had something blow up on him that he had built or anything.

Which was why William found himself exploring the Engineering section. He'd already looked over it as part of his initial "getting to know the ship" phase when he first came aboard, but now he was looking for a particular kind of place. He needed someplace that was off the beaten path and away from any security sensors that would inform the XO as to what exactly it was he was doing. The guy apparently had a background in Security before becoming an XO and all that meant was that he was consistently in William's business in regards to any secret projects.

"Hm...this might be a good spot." William thought as he looked around a little nook away from the main pathways around Engineering. Unfortunately as he looked around he noticed a visual sensor immediately above him looking straight at the nook.

"Damnit." William said as he continued his search.

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