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Cptn Swain

Season 8: The Darkness and the Thunder

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SD 0131.2021

MISSION BRIEF: En route to the mostly Tellerite colony of Dourup IV near the Romulan Neutral Zone to provide medical assistance following the outbreak of a deadly virus, the Excalibur encountered a wormhole, the source of which has yet to be determined. Though engineering was able to disable our warpdrive and collapse the wormhole, we are now adrift in the Neutral Zone itself, hurdling at 3/4 impulse towards Romulan space. Main Power is offline through out the ship, along with a number of other systems. The stardrive section in particular has taken the brunt of the power overload and is dark, with the exception of chemically powered battery emergency lights. Life support and sensors are online, but subspace communications, weapons, shields, warp drive, impulse and the turbolifts are all offline.

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SD 0207.2021

The Excalibur is adrift, hurdling towards Romulan space following what appears to be a wormhole created by Excalibur's own engines. Engineering is working feverishly to try and restore warp and impulse, along with a host of other systems. Val and Clark are trying to fix the communications array, whilst Medical is working to patch people up -- as they can't work on the antiviral medication with most of their power systems down. As we pick up, we have a little more than hour before we violate actual Romulan space.

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