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William Chocox

Sudden Responsibility

"Oh boy." William said as he walked into his new Engineering Department. His department. He'd been working in Starfleet for a while and had resigned himself to always being the second or third fiddle down in an Engineering Department. He expected the history of explosions, not entirely his fault, that followed him in his career to keep Starfleet from trusting him with an entire department.

"I think I'm going to be sick." he said as he leaned against the main console.

"Sir?" the Tellarite Ensign that was working on one of the panels behind William turned to look at him, "Do I need to call the doctor?"

"No, no, it's just nerves." Williams said as he took a couple deep breaths, "I've never had 350 lives directly in my hands like this before."

"Weren't you serving on the previous version of the Excalibur? I'm sure you had that many lives in your hands back then."

"But there was a Chief Engineer above me that time. Someone that could keep me from doing anything too crazy...depending on the Chief of course, but even if we wanted to get too crazy the XO on the Excalibur was a former Chief Engineer so she knew how to keep us in line. Right now, I don't know anything about the officer right above me."

"Well, I doubt the Captain would have you here as Chief Engineer or that Starfleet would allow you to be here as Chief Engineer if they didn't think that you could do it."

William watched the Tellarite walk back to where she had been working on the panel.

"What's your name Ensign?"

"Torthem bim Zhuffand, sir."

"Thank you Ensign."

"Couldn't let you think you didn't deserve to be here sir. I'm sure you're going to be fine."

"Either way, thank you." William said before he started to walk around his Engineering Department. His department. One with what seemed like excellent crewmembers to help him keep the ship in space.

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