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Rhan K'hal

Moving On, & Staying In Place

Moving On, & Staying In Place

A Rhan K’hal Log

So much for getting away from the station. After browsing the offerings of assignments, he found that there were no new launches scheduled for a while, and most of the holes to fill on ships under way were for lower decks personnel. So in the end Rhan stayed on 39 Tango. After waiting for a few more days, the position opened up: the beta shift operations officer had been waiting (impatiently) to give birth, and was now on maternity leave. Since he’d wormed his way into the station’s operation staff after the Excalibur had been assigned here (networking, networking, networking!), he was able to slide right in with only a few introductions needed.

One of the immediate perks of working, instead of being an Excalibur refugee, was that he’d been moved to larger, nicer, and most importantly single-occupancy quarters. Brotherly love was nice, but he and Hak could not share quarters for very long without getting under each other’s fur. The elder K’hal was taking his usual methodical approach to deciding his future, and was still on Station. They would grab dinner together usually, often with a useful buffer of additional Excalibur crew that hadn’t moved on yet.

While he had no particular emotions regarding the crumpled mess that was the Excalibur (as an operations officer he knew very well how much a ship was just a system of parts, and of little use without its people), he had found it odd and somehow fascinating watching the ship slowly being picked apart by the vultures. He even directed them where to store the meaty bits once he’d begun his new assignment. He could look at the transfer docket and think “ah yes, I remember giving that system a kick in the ODN relay” or “wasn’t that the one that Commander Hawthorne had beaten with a hammer after everyone else had given up on it?”

He did feel quite a bit different altogether about the break-up of the Excalibur crew. Most of them had taken the first ships available to head off on leave, having had their own fill of the station’s hospitality, there were others that were lollygagging (like Hakran), while deciding on what course to take next. He’d even helped break through the bureaucratic red tape for a few of his own people so they wouldn’t have to slide down rungs on the professional ladder. Seeing them drift apart like a cloud entering into wind shear, never knowing if he’d see any of them again, left Rhan with a lingering sadness that manifested with him being quite a bit quieter and more plodding than his normal self.

This was of course the first time since leaving the Academy where he’d had what looked to be a permanent parting from his long-term colleagues and friends. Though growing up in San Francisco he was quite used to people coming and going, so that dichotomy was understandably pulling his psyche in two different directions. He really didn’t like it at all, but he was far too much of a fatalist to dwell on it for long. He had three months in a familiar if not all that glamorous location, doing a job he could do in his sleep. He’d be able to adjust to moving on in relative comfort. Hopefully.

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