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William Chocox

Boredom and Progression

San Francisco, California, United States, Earth

*Bounce, Bounce, Bounce*

William was sitting in an office in the Theoretical Engineering Department at Starfleet Headquarters. He'd finished up his assignments for the day and found himself bouncing a tennis ball against the wall of his suitably impressive office. He found himself doing that a lot these days, ever since he'd been reassigned to Starfleet Headquarters from the Excalibur. He figured it was probably his punishment for blowing up half the ship shortly after he was posted there as well as the rest of his shenanigans with Admiran. He chuckled as he remembered that crazy ol' Trill.

"Chocox!" he heard before the tennis ball flew past him and hit the back wall. "Where are those simulations I wanted you to run?"

William turned and looked to where Lieutenant Commander Grax, his Betazoid superior officer was standing in his doorway. William didn't even bother speaking to him and just imagined the presence of the report and simulations in his boss' inbox.

"Ah, yes, thank you. As you were." LC Grax said before he walked away.

William gave him a small smile before he went and picked up his tennis ball and resumed his bouncing.

*Bounce, Bounce, Bounce*

He was interrupted a little bit later by the sound of an incoming video call. He looked over and saw that it was from Koria Imonim, the unjoined Trill lieutenant who was serving at the Academy as an instructor. He accepted her call and turned to look at the screen as it came on. Which was right about the time that the tennis ball came in and smacked into his face. He tried to keep the look of embarrassment from his face but from the way Koria was laughing he could tell he was unsuccessful.

"How's it going sweetie?" he said to the screen.

"A lot better than it is for you I imagine." she replied, "Less likelihood of tennis balls as well."

"Yeah, comes with the territory here I'm afraid."

Koria laughed again, "Listen, I wanted to call because I had a good time last night and wanted to know if you wanted to meet up again."

William smiled, "I'd love to meet up again, when are you available?"

"I should be available in a couple days. What about you?"

"That works for me. What do you want to do?"

"That would be telling. I'll pick you up around 2000 hours?"

"I look forward to it."

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