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Irene Mincine

Medical Report, Irene Mincine

Patient Record, Ens. Irene Mincine, USS Excalibur.

CC: Dr. Maryse Dubois, CMO, USS Excalibur


Patient shows extreme feelings of guilt and self-loathing related to the state of the Excalibur following a science experiment that resulted in catastrophic damage to the ship and nearly resulted in her death. Patient feels directly responsible for the results, given how personal the experiment was for her. (See attached Temporal Lubricant Post-Action Report)

Feelings such as inferiority are normal for an officer fresh out of the academy on their first tour of duty and disappear with time. The events of the Excalibur, though, have exacerbated her emotional state to a great extent, especially after her direct encounter with the parallel Ens. Mincine. Combined with her exceptionally strong personality and already volatile emotional state this is a recipe for disaster.

Additionally, I believe she is in danger of developing a substance abuse problem given the increase in her self-reported alcohol use during this mission. I recommend abstention from further use for the time being.

I do not believe she is a danger to herself or others on account of her strong sense of duty and cultural upbringing. Upon completion of the current mission, I recommend a leave of absence, no less than six weeks, with at least two counseling sessions a week. My recommendation is that Ensign Mincine is not fit for duty at the present time.

Dr. Laxinali Tal, counselor, USS Excalibur

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