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Irene Mincine

A Personal History

(Takes place before the last sim.)

Personal log, Ensign Mincine. Stardate… well, the chronometer says 2019.0823 so let’s pretend we’re still in 2388.

The science division has come up with a plan to get us home, with the help of our new friends on the Enterprise-C. Since they can’t know about their future or the future of Klingon-Federation relations, they absolutely can’t see me… so I’ve been locked away in an isolation room in sickbay for days now while their medical teams help out with our casualties. Dr. Dubois and the rest of the staff have been chasing them away from anything too fancy. And someone did a good job reprogramming the LCARS screens to emulate early 23rd century computers.

It’s kinda weird, you know? The Ent-C is key to getting the Klingons and Federation together. To be so close to a piece of my personal history like that, it’s… I mean, who knows what would have happened if that never took place? Would we have been at war for the next 40 years? I’d never even be born, you know? There’s not gonna be a Klingon embassy in Proxima Centauri if the timeline gets screwed up, so we better get this thing right.

I wonder what they’d think of me, the people from back then. Even back when my mom was young, she said there was a lot of antipathy toward Klingons by people in the Federation. It had to be way worse in the generation before that, right? Even if it wasn’t the Ent-C, it’s probably for the best that I’m locked away. Not that I’d put up with that crap, you know. (Laugh)

Still, I wish I could meet the captain I idolized when I was a kid, who sacrificed herself and her ship and brought us all together. I wonder what she’s like. Is she really like the books say? I know nobody’s really like what people write about them, but… she’s why I joined Starfleet. She’d why I could join Starfleet.

Anyway, we’re beginning the experiment soon and I gotta man one of the monitoring stations. I really hope we get home.

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