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Irene Mincine

Medical Overview, Valerie Carillon

Medical History Overview

Personnel: Valerie Carillon

Rank: Lieutenant

Age: 37


Last updated: 2387


Major Events

2351: Born, New Atlanta, North America, Earth. No medical problems recorded.

2357: Sprained ankle playing basketball in primary school. Repaired, no other problems noted.

2363: Contracted Thylerian flu while on school trip to Alpha Centauri. Full recovery 3 weeks later.

2368: Broken orbital bone caused by a fight in secondary school. Repaired, no vision impairment or long-term effect expected.

2372: Starfleet physical. No problems found.

2373: Starfleet physical. No problems found.

2374: Starfleet physical. No problems found.

2375: Wounded in action, Dominion War. Critical injuries noted. Detailed information in attached file: <file missing>

2376-2386: Records unavailable. Unknown error.

2387: Starfleet physical upon assignment to USS Excalibur performed at Starbase 43. Prosthetics functioning normally.

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