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Communication with a Gremlin


This takes place the next day after the end of the last sim.


Mimi entered the holding area where the gremlin was at, with chocolate energy bars and a PADD. As she approached the cell where the ‘visitor’ was at, it just looked at her. She pulled one of the energy bars off the stack she had and it seemed to get excited at the treat. 


Mimi looked at her PADD, laying the chocolate energy bar down; and tried to communicate with gremlin via sign language alphabet. She signed “Do you like these bars,” to the creature.


It signed back to her “Yes.” Mimi smiled and finally had a way to communicate with him. She placed the bar in-between the two as a sign that he will get it when they’re finished. 


She signed to the gremlin, “Are you alone on this station?”


He replied “No.”


“Do you know how many there are,” Mimi signed.


The gremlin signed, “enough.”


Mimi stopped the conversation after the smell started to pick up. She asked the security officer to lower the force field long enough for her hand the gremlin the energy bar. Then she left security to go change and file a report on her findings.


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