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Cptn Swain

Delta Radiation, Or A Damned Inconvenience Pt. 3


The Lysander circled at low impulse. Svati frowned, crossing her legs in the command chair. It had been almost six hours and she could almost hear the clock ticking before the Captain would, smugly, declare the entire a diversion a waste of time and order them to return to their patrol. He’d doubtlessly add something smug about scientists while doing so. 


She turned. “Yes, Ensign?”

“Come take a look at this.”

Brightening, but keeping her enthusiasm in check she headed to the science console. “I’ll be damned. Get the Captain up here right away.”

A few minutes later Jesselyin joined them. His tall, lanky frame occupying the bulkhead near the science console, he peered at the science officers skeptically. “So?”

“These are ion trails,” Svati said pointing to the screen. “That’s the only explanation that makes any sense anyway. One very faint ion trail.”

“It appears whatever ship left it,” Reese Corten added, with a prod from Svati, “that their field coils must have been out alignment or something. It’s very erratic.”

Jesselyin nodded, thoughtfully. “That doesn’t explain the delta radiation spike. It could just be a freighter or something that passed through. Not like they keep their warp drives in perfect working order.”

“That is a possibility,” Svati said, clearing her throat. “But it makes more sense for the two things to be related. If the Romulans are testing a new cloaking device -- perhaps something went wrong and they’re limping home. 

“We also only noticed the ion trails because Ensign Corten ran it through a  Terras Cycler,” she said give him a sly wink. “They appear headed towards Romulan space.”

Jesselyin frowned. “Options?”

“We should follow the ion trails. Even if it’s not a Romulan ship, they could be damaged.”

“And if is a Romulan ship? It could cause an intergalactic incident.” He closed his eyes. “Are we still having problems with the long-range communications?”

“Yes,” the communication officer on watch chimed in. “We’re still trying to track down what’s causing it.”
“How long would it take us to establish comms with HQ?”

“At least four to five hours,” the comms officer said with a glance to navigation. “Assuming the phenomena is localized to this sector.” 

Jesselyin took a deep breath and glanced towards Svati. “Commander?”

“The ion trails are already starting to dissipate, we should follow them.”

“Very well. Helm, set course. Yellow alert.”

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