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Cptn Swain

Delta Radiation, Or A Damned Inconvenience Pt. 2

Svati smoothed back her hair. Maybe she should just cut it all off.  It was such a damned inconvenience and it never looked worth a damn. It worked for the Deltans, didn’t it? She sighed and secured the flap of her jacket. Her mother would never approve.

Making her way down the hallway, she refocused on the task at hand. Telling her mother that she had shaved her head suddenly sounded more appealing of an option than waking the Captain. It wasn’t that he was a tyrant or anything. It was just -- she couldn’t place it into words -- he just didn’t seem to like her. Well not her. Her discipline. How had he put it when they first met? “It’s not you I have a problem with -- it’s what you represent. Scientists.” He’s almost spat the word.

She shook her head again. Why the would you join Starfleet if you didn’t like exploration? Who spends four years busting their ass at the Academy and goes “yeah, don’t like this whole exploring thing you people are doing.” And then sticks around long enough to command a starship!

The hallways were quiet and the deck lighting had been dimmed for evening.  The Captain’s quarters were only a section down from her own and she paused collecting herself before hitting the chimes.  The door lock clicked and the pneumatics hissed lowly.

Oh good, he wasn’t asleep.

“It’s late Commander -- how can I help you?”

“I hope am not disturbing you,” she said, realizing how silly that sounded.

“But?” He waived her in.  “You’re in uniform and it’s -- gamma shift? So I assume it’s not just anything.”

She smiled. “It might nothing, but one of our probes has detected some very unusual radiation readings in sector 41.”

“What kind of radiation?”  

“Delta radiation.”

The captain frowned, leaning back into his inset bunk along the wall opposite the door.  “And you want to go take a closer look, I assume?”

“Yes, sir. It might be nothing but it coul...”

“When are we due in at Coridan?”

The interruption caught her off guard, but Svati took a deep breath. “Not for another week, and...”

“And this a chance to blah blah,” he said with a heavy sigh. “Yes, I am sure a delta radiation spike in the middle of nowhere is very interesting to you, but I have...”

Seriously? “Captain, with all due respect -- sir, may I speak freely?”

After a moment, he nodded. “Yes.”

“Jesselyin -- sir --  I know you don’t like science officers. I am not sure why exactly, but sir -- I wish you would trust me on this. If it were just something I was interested in, I wouldn’t bother coming to wake you in the middle of the night. And if you can’t trust me then maybe you should ask Starfleet for another executive officer.”

It was Jesselyin’s turn to be taken back. Sitting up, he laid the book he’d had in hands the entire conversation aside and swung his legs over the edge of the bed to face her. It took several attempts before he finally spoke. “No, I don’t want another executive officer and it’s not that I don’t trust you to do that job. You’ve continued to show yourself to be a perfectly capable ex-oh.

“It’s late and I was intemperate. I am sure you wouldn’t bother me with something trivial. What do you think it could be?”

He apologized? Lord have mercy.  Letting the apology stand, Svati nodded. “There’s a number of things it could be, but the one that I am concerned about in particular would be  Romulans testing modifications to their cloaking device. Intelligence reports for the sector have indicated an increased number of sensor blips over the last month or so.”

“Very well. Inform Coridan that we might be delayed. Keep me updated.”

“Yes sir and thank you.”

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