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Alexis McFarland


USS Iowa - during TBS


Little Alexis McFarland stared impassively at the ceiling while the doctor scanned her up and down.  Since the crash landing, the entire left side of her body caused her a great deal of pain and discomfort.  In the crash, she'd bounced off the bed and landed hard on her left side.  She tried to brace herself in the fall, but in doing badly injured her arm.   Her left leg was also injured badly in the crash as well.  Dr. Y'Shta seemed to think it might have been broken when she first treated her and the others shortly after the crash.  All she could remember from the crash was bouncing off her bed and landing hard on the floor.  Then she woke up sometime later to Miana crying and Annisha still unconscious.  Dr. Y'Shta, Miana's private doctor (at least that's what Alexis thought she was) somehow managed to open the door to tend to their injuries a short time later.   Speaking of which, she hadn't seen much of them since she was carried aboard the ship by one of the Argo's crewmen and whisked swiftly to the Iowa's sickbay soon after they jumped to warp.  


Her leg and arm was bandaged up and she was given a make-shift crutch which allowed her to walk around albeit very slowly, but her arm and leg started to feel worse as time progressed and was helped by Miana and other random people from the Argo to move around.  It also seemed to hurt to breathe too sometimes especially when they had to walk a lot, such as back and forth to Dr. Brubaker's shuttle.  It was an interesting coincidence he'd been stuck on the same planet for 10 years with his dog, though it didn't seem to get him down being marooned on that planet for so long and she liked his dog as well.  It was a very good dog, and seemed to be more friendly and social than Chester, Dacia's pug who just liked to sleep and eat all the time.  


Alexis assumed that they were also being treated for their injuries too, being a fancy Federation starship, they had a very advanced sickbay with the latest medical technology and equipment Dacia would surely be familiar with on Aegis compared to whatever relatively few medical supplies Y'Shta had on hand to treat them and the other injured people on the Argo.  The doctor treating Alexis took her time scanning her and waving all sorts of medical equipment around her.  Already, she could feel that her legs and arms felt much better, but she still couldn't move them too much without discomfort, much less try to walk which the doctor quickly stopped her from doing.  "No no, don't try to move.  You'll only make it worse" she said.  The doctor looked to be around Dacia's age, and Alexis wondered if they knew each other.  Dacia once said Starfleet officers were pretty tight-knit.  


After what seemed like an eternity, the doctor finished treating Alexis and wrote her report onto a PADD.  "You took a nasty tumble in your crash, huh?"  the doctor asked.  "Mm. Yes". Alexis nodded.  "My left side feels better but still kinda feels uncomfortable.   At least it doesn't really hurt anymore though" she said.  "That's good to hear" the doctor replied.  "But you body will still need a lot of time to heal.  I was able to repair most of your injuries, but there were somethings that could only be fully healed up in time.  "You broke your left arm, left leg and some of your ribs that still haven't fully healed yet.  Medical technology is very advanced, but weren't able to fully fix everything.   You'll have to be a hover chair for about two to four weeks to allow your body to fully heal" 


Alexis had never been on a hover chair before and never thought she'd even have to use one.  Perhaps the Iowa doctor was being over-cautious, but thought that Dacia and the other doctors on Aegis would have done the same thing for her.  Another doctor carefully picked up Alexis and placed her into a plain black hover chair that they brought in.  The doctor quickly showed Alexis how to control the chair using a small touch screen panel on her right side and somewhat looked like a floating office chair.  The chair also had braces mounted on the left side to keep Alexis' injured arm and leg in a straight position to allow it to heal properly.  


While Alexis continued to familiarize herself with her hover chair, the doctor who treated her wrote her medical report into her PADD.  According to the doctor, Alexis sustained a fracture of her left arm, a broken left leg and two broken ribs.  In addition, she suffered some muscle strain in her left arm and a torn ACL in her left leg.  While most of the broken bones and some tendon strains had been mended, the Iowa's medical staff wanted to keep Alexis off her feet for at least two weeks.  The doctor recommended she be reassessed after the two week period to see if she needed to be in the hover chair for longer.  The doctor signed off on her report to submit.  Once the Iowa restores communications, she would transmit it to Aegis' medical staff along with the medical reports of the other children and injured personnel from the Argo.  


Alexis was released from sickbay soon after and was guided back to her room by one of the orderlies. She couldn't seem to send any data via subspace she noticed.   She wondered why but passed the time reading her holo-novels and playing some games on her PADD and hoped Miana and Annisha were feeling fine and were healed by the doctors and hoped they would soon return.  Alexis was also given a protein smoothie to drink with a straw.  It tasted okay, but wasn't the same as a Blubby Shake.  Some kind of vanilla shake maybe?  But despite it all, Alexis was glad she was returning back to the station.  She had a lot of fun on the planet visiting Annisha's grandparents and also being on an actual planet since she'd left Earth felt nice too -- she almost forgot what it was like.  But she'd started to miss Dacia, Chester her other friends and being on the station.  Alexis supposed the station was starting to feel like home.  



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