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Cptn Swain

In the Obs Lounge


Asher sat pensively next the glassy table at the center of the observation lounge, sipping replicated tea -- herbal supplement #431. It had a somewhat pleasant mixture of juniper, fern and cardamom that made him think of a flannel shirt. For replicated tea, it was passable.  Chewing at his lip, he sat the tea down as the chimes announced the arrival of the first of guests.

Captain-General Gal Calborn entered through the side entrance, flanked on either side by one of Excalibur’s security officers -- a concession to both the Tamaran and Kadwani delegations. She was stoutly built and dressed in full regalia.  “Captain,” she said in the low-gutturals endemic to her species, “Thank you for agreeing to host this conversation.”

Before he could respond, the chimes came again and the lythe, horned figured of the Kaedwani commander emerged from behind the doors. She looked towards her Tamaran counterpart for a long moment before turning her attention to Asher. “Captain Swain, I presume.  Taller than I expected for a primate.”

Was that a racism?  Asher smiled anyway. “Welcome to the Excalibur, please have a seat. Can I get either of you anything to drink while we wait for Commander tr’Shaelon?”

“I require no refreshment to be able to meet with you, my stamina is quite fine,” came an overly quick response from Calborn.  Asher exhaled through his nose, trying his best to remain neutral.

“Of course, Gen...”  The chimes interrupted, mercifully, and tr’Shaelon entered the room with a flourish.

“Jolan tru,” he said tipping his head. “I am pleased that we are all able to be here and that calm, rational dialog may yet win out.”

This is going to be a very long day. Asher nodded and motioned everyone to have a seat. After some initial posturing on all sides, the four commanding officers each relayed the version of events as they had experienced it: the Tamarans had received a very garbled transmission that appeared to be a distress call and had moved to intercept; the Excalibur had detected a similar transmission and done the same; the Kaedwani continued to maintain they had detected no such signal but had instead detected the Excalibur moving off it’s registered flight path and moving towards a Tamaran vessel headed towards their space; and then there were the Romulans.

“In the interest of transparency,” tr’Shaelon began. “My orders were to keep an eye on the Exca;inur during your trade mission to the Confederation. As you might imagine, my government weary of Federation interest in one of our strongest allies.”

Asher had to make a concerted effort to keep from rolling his eyes, but nodded along. “Naturally.”

“We had been keeping some distance, as I said we were only observing. We noticed your course correction and did briefly detect a subspace transmission, but both due to our cloak and its somewhat low-powered nature could not identify it further...”

“A secret transmission!” The Kaedwani commander interrupted, thundering as she he smacked her fist on the table.  “No doubt a signal from the Tamaran fools.”

“How dare you.... You... you...”

“Can we please,” Asher said sharply, “can we please refrain from pointing fingers.”

The two commanders glowered, but nodded. Asher exhaled again and looked to towards tr’Shaelon who seemed impressed at Swain’s ability to defuse the situation. “Indeed. My science officers do not believe the transmission was Tamaran in origin, but without additional evidence we cannot rule that out.”

“What more evidence do you need?!” This time it was Calborn rumbling from across the table. “There is an entire field of debris out there or did your fancy cloaking device keep you from seeing that too? Speaking of which... awfully handy you just happened to be here...”

“Why would the Romulans destroy one of our ships?”

“To precipitate a war between us! To drive...”

“Stop it.” Asher said smacking his mug against the table. “Just stop it. We’re not going to get anywhere as long as we keep devolving into shouting matches.”

Calborn recoiled, but the Kaedwan commander was  less cowed. “Then what do you suggest, Captain? I have yet to hear any evidence exonerating your crew. You’re just as...”

“Commander,” tr’Shaelon cut in abruptly. “I believe Captain Swain has a suggestion, if you’ll let him speak.”

“Very well.”

Asher made a note to thank tr’Shaelon later. Perhaps a bottle of the ale that Issaha had given him? “Yes, I am proposing that we conduct a joint investigation of the incident. Crewmembers from all four ships will be involved and each of us will agree to turn over all sensor logs and computer information.

“I am sure that we all have information we’d rather not share, but we must trust each other.”

“Why should we trust you?” It was the Kaedwani again.

“Because I am trusting him,” tr’Shaelon said. “I am not exactly pleased at the idea of turning over sensor data or computer logs, either; and I assure you my superiors will be even less than thriled.”

“Mine won’t exactly be happy either,” Asher admitted. “But I am committed to finding out the truth of what has happened. Something or someone destroyed the freighter out there and I intend to find out who or what did it.”

Calborn nodded. “I will agree to these terms as well. My honor alone demands I clear my people’s name.”

“Fine. I will, accede to your request on the condition that after the investigation is complete that you turn over all information to my government and all parties agree to accept Confederation jurisdiction when determining any judicial proceedings.”


“Very well.”

Asher nodded. “There is one last matter. As my ship is the best equipped to handle an investigation of this nature, I would propose that it be headquartered here and led by my chief of science who will have independent authority to conduct the investigation. Are there any objections?”

A welcome silence followed and for the first time, Asher began to breathe a bit easier.  “Very well, I suggest everyone return to their ships and begin coordinating with Lieutenant K’hal on which officers you are assigning to his investigation.”

Both the Tamaran and Kaedwani commanders departed shortly after, their security detachments keeping them apart; tr’Shaelon however lingered.  “Captain, if we might have a moment in private?”

“Of course, why don’t you join me in my ready room. I might even have a bottle of Romulan ale if you need something after that.”

tr’Shaelon grinned. “In deed.”


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