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Station-wide memo: Workplace safety

From: Cdr. Coleridge, XO Aegis
To: All personnel
Subject: Workplace safety reminder
This is just a blanket reminder of the importance of remaining aware of your surroundings while on duty. Even in a setting with no obvious safety hazards, ordinary equipment might be dangerous when operated or handled incorrectly. This includes PADDs, tricorders, hyperspanners, etc.
For members of species capable of "daydreaming," remember that distraction while on duty can pose a risk to yourself and others. Please take steps to limit such activities. If you find yourself incapable of remaining focused, refer yourself to the medical department for appropriate remedies. Be aware that continual daydreaming, or related distracted activities, can be grounds for being placed on performance management targets at your next review.
All Starfleet and allied personnel are expected to abide by Federation Health & Safety Standards, with particular emphasis on sections 38-53 and section 87, subsection alpha.
Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.
-Cdr. Coleridge

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