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Tae'Lynn Dran

Field Journal: Well, What Do We Have Here

Field Journal A - Entry # 1.

Date: 2388.119
Location: Aegis Command and Control
Subject: Dahlem.
One of the Dahlem has transported itself onto Aegis. I am beginning visual observations of it's biology. Size, shape, and visible features all conform to baseline humanoid range of standards. It has removed the hood worn in it's first appearance and seems to be breathing Class-M atmosphere without any assisted breathing apparatus. It is also speaking to us in Federation standard. I might suspect some form of adaptive genetics allowing it to mimic the humans it first encountered. I'm unsure if they will allow direct scans but passive scans from station internal sensors might add more details. 
  • Check sensor logs for 
    • O2/CO2 exchange 
    • thermal generation
    • any change in local electromagnetic fields.
  • Analyse Universal Translator for speech patter matching
If they are as they appear and the claims they originate from the Large Magellanic Cloud are also true this would make them one of the farthest removed examples of the development of a humanoid form. I'm sure proponents of the Galen Discovery will have fun trying to make this fit into their models. Further study will be using theories with a little more evidence behind them. 

Dran bit her lip slightly. She'd have to keep reign on her personal bias here. The Galen Discovery, a "message in a bottle" from an ancient humanoid race was the favorite of Federation scientists. Lack of facts and evidence beyond the message itself didn't seem to hamper proponents of the theory. There was more than a few debates on the topic at the Academy. They all went the same. One side presented all the genetic facts, examples of parallel development, commonality of genetic sequence's response to environment stresses, and physical evidence of near-antiquity species transplantation. Then the other would play that damn recording and walk off the stage to applauds.

Mind your temper, Dran, she said to herself. There were bigger things going on right now. This was first contact. Not just the hi, hello stuff. This was the nitty-gritty forming a relationship that would effect generations to come interactions. No pressure. It's not like this was her first day on the job. Oh wait, it was. She hadn't even had a chance to form a relationship with her new crew. Oh, by The Three she was having a hard time even remember there names suddenly. I was all a blur of greetings and welcome on boards. Breathe, Dran, Breathe.
Biological samples from this species will be needed to fully categorize the life form.  Cultural protocols aside, a reasonable medical scan is in order. It would be a shame if a casual tour of the station led to poisoning of either the Dahlem or the crew. Not how I want to go down in history.

Her professors were right. No, not the Star Fleet Academy ones, the ones at the Academy back home. Field journals were invaluable tools for the frank and honest analysis of facts as they are presented and ones own reaction to them. They also should be triple encoded and not opened to another living soul until at least 100 years after your demise. Describing someone as you would classify a bug on a leaf rarely went over well with them.
There was some mention in the reports I read that this life form encountered another Federation ship. A rescue mission of some sort. Samples of anything they might have given that crew could show the life forms own biological needs. 
Note: Request security clearance to pull those files. 
The life form is now conversing with I believe Captain Chirakis. Basic communication doesn't seem to be an issue now. The casual greetings seem to be equally understood. They have really learned quick. How much have they learned? There are more questions than I can even put theory down for right now. I will continue to observe and evaluate as opportunity allows. 

Close page 1.

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