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Cptn Swain

Kaedwan Confederation Report

Kaedwan Confederation Report
Prepared by: El’Arrain Issaha NDak, USS Excalibur  

Formed nearly a century ago, the Kaedwan Confederation began as a defensive alliance between the Kaedwan, Aedirn, Kovissian and Cintran peoples as a backstop against expansionist neighboring powers in the Paimpont region, such as the Xindi, Breen, Romulan, but more immediately the Tamaran Empire.  The defensive alliance quickly grew into a multinational confederation and has solidified into a federated republic, comprising of several dozen star systems and ten member states. 

The Confederation maintains close trade relations with the Breen and Romulans, with whom they exclusively supply with cryogenic materials and oxium (a rare metal used in construction of Romulan AQS units.) In return, the Breen and Romulans governments provide them with weapons, technological advances, and protection from the Tamaran and Xindi.   

Due to the Federation’s longtime support of the Tamaran Empire, whom the Tamarans supply large quantities of biogenic materials, relations between the two have remained terse, if not antagonistic.  However,  recent developments on Romulus have led some in the Confederation to wonder about the long-term viability of their partnership, and to look towards the Federation -- who they are more ideologically aligned with -- as a better fit. 

While the member states retain vestigial autonomy on a number of issues, real authority rests with the governing “Security Council.”  The Security Council is nominally comprised of all ten member states, however only five are given “voting” rights.  These five consist of three of founding members (Kaedwan, Aedirn, and Koviss) while the other two rotate on a two-year basis through the remaining seven representatives.  At the beginning of each two-year term,  the representatives elect a Chair who serves as the nominal head of government, though in reality the powers of the office are mostly limited to parliamentary procedure.  

The Confederation’s head of government, the Secretary-General,  is elected by direct-popular election and serves for unlimted 6-year terms.  The current Secretary-General is Gniss Colarni, the first Secretary-General to be elected from outside one of the original founding states.  The Secretary-General serves as the commander and chief of the Confederation military, and guides both domestic and foreign policy. 

Within the Confederation, the Kaedwan and Aedrin maintain positions of consistent dominance, owing to both their relatively larger economies and populations.  The Confederation military, in particular, while being nominally the responsibility of all member states, draws heavily from Aedrin and Kaedwani history and traditions. 

While the Kaedwan homeworld of Ard Jael serves as a defacto capitol, the actual capitol is a  large, space-born facility located near the center of the confederation. 

Classification P-2 life forms, the Kaedwan are mammalian primates. They have fair skin and complexion.  Though their histories record they once possessed telepathic abilities, a genetic mutation that propagated throughout the species some 10-centuries ago seems to have neutralized this gene. Physically they are resemble Terans, with the exception of two corniculate structures on their heads. 

Classification P-6 lifeforms, the Aedrin are mammalian primates.  They have blue-green skin and markings in deep purple, pink and grey that form around their eyes. 

Classification M-5 lifeorms, the Kovissians are mammalians closely related to perissodactyla, more specifically Teran Tapirs. 

Classification P-5, Cintran are mammalian primates who bear a strong resemblance to Vulcan and Romulans, including having copper based blood.  It is possible they are distant related.  

R-1 class lifeorms, the Tothir are a species of cold-blooded reptilians with a highly-evolved sense of smell that replaces their near-absent sense of sight. 

By Lt. Commander Philippe Augustin and Major Ryu Seung-jae
The Kaedwan Confederation maintains a robust defensive posture with a series of outposts along their considerable borders with the Xindi, Federation and Tamaran governments.  In addition they posses advanced technology on par with the Gorn or Tzenkethi Empires.

Their military fleet primarily consists of varying classes of light cruisers, destroyers and smaller patrol vessels. These ships are armed with weapons sourced from Breen and Romulan governments.  

Federation intelligence suggests the Kaedwan also possess several larger capital ships. Current information indicates they have 16 Bulwark-class heavy cruisers (roughly equivalent to a Mk4 Excelsior-class), 4 Adamant-class heavy cruisers (roughly equivalent to a Mk2 Ambassador-class) and 3 Citadel-class battle carriers (roughly equivalent to an Akira-class.)  Additionally further intel suggests the development of a series of new “medium” cruisers to be underway with the first of these ships expected to begin space trials in the next 16-18 months.         

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