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Tae'Lynn Dran

Starfleet File: Tae'Lynn Dran


Name: Tae'Lynn Dran

Race: V'Mar (Vulcanoid.)
Rank: Lieutenant (jg)
Department: Science
Specialization: Botony - Life Science
Secondary: Meteorology/Hydrology.
Outside Interests: Sailing, Photography.
Racial characteristics:
V'Mar are an offshoot race of Vulcans. Like the Mintakens and Debrune, the V'Mar race was seeded onto their current homeworld sometime in Vulcan's lost antiquity. DNA sampling indicate the early settlers interbred with a native hominoid race which is now extinct as a separate species. The V'Mar are more akin to Humans in their strength and tolerance for cold. On average they are shorter than Vulcans and skin tones range more along Romulan standards and even into deep grey and rare greens. 
V'Mar emotions seem to be less extreme than Vulcans. More like their Romulan cousins the V'Mar have a martial philosophy which temper and direct their actions. Historically though they are more likely to seek out peaceful resolutions than engage in open conflict. 
Physically the V'Mar share Vulcan's ability for contact telepathy. Culturally however telepathy is see solely as a part of reproductive rituals. 
Federation Membership:
V'Mar have been aware of the Federation since it's founding. However, they found the Human tradition of expansive exploration troubling. Membership into the Federation was avoided until the Dominion War. A treaty was signed which allowed V'Mar to join Starfleet and pursuit of joint research projects were begun.

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