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Missing Links

Missing Links 
Chirakis Kirel, SI-5

Ens Jackson called it a lighthouse.  Kirel called it a nuisance, an interruption, and a nightmare that they certainly could do without.  Even with discussion among those of rank in Command and Control, not much had been accomplished.  

Kirel stared at the Mission Operations screen as though her glare would make it disappear.  It did not, of course, nor did she believe that it actually would, but it did help her to think.  And those in CnC recognized that posture as a “Do Not Disturb” sign. They gave her a wide berth.  Even her bondmate passed by with no more than a cursory nod.  However, his expression was one of distraction and confusion—an expression she had seldom seen. 

She sighed.  Hopefully the puzzle pieces would fit together into a comprehensive image, and soon. Whatever this blinking light is, it is a security threat, and would be so until proven otherwise.


Chirakis Kirel, Captain SI-5
 Chief of Security, Sky Harbor Aegis
Stardate 2388.119

Sky Harbor Aegis is experiencing a strange phenomenon that appeared in the vicinity of nebula 236A.  The incident began on this date and is ongoing.  Every avenue is currently being explored, and as yet there has been no definitive answer.

The Situation:
A strange light blinks red continuously, at random intervals, in the vicinity of nebula 236A. One crewman described it as resembling “a lighthouse.”  The red blinks appear only on the Mission Operations console.  When Mission Operations is changed to another console, the red light follows is—meaning that the only console on which this phenomenon occurs is that of Mission Operations.  Whether this light is a warning, an attempt to make contact with Aegis, or otherwise has not been determined.  No other vessels, colonies, or starbases have reported a similar phenomenon, with the exception of USS Missouri.  No reason for that occurrence has been postulated.  Investigations are ongoing.

Extended Data:
Nebula 236A forms a major link from Federation Space and that of the Joint Allied Powers to former Breen space.  Nebula 236A is a major conduit for former Breen slaves—both friendly and hostile.  Both Task Force Aegis and Strike Force Aegis monitor Joint Allied borders and continue to repel hostile groups. So far, none of these hostile groups has been connected to a blinking red light. 

This area of Nebula 236A also fosters communication and navigation interruptions.  [Refer to: N236A.2388.117.USSMissouri; N236A.2388.117.SHAAegean]  Therefore, a warning has been posted for all vessels traveling close to that area.

Aegis Computer System does not recognize communication with this red light. However, the blinking light seems to respond to our communication system.  For instance, sending a message in Morse code has elicited a response in kind. Whether this is an actual response or a mirror of the message has yet to be determined.

Regular reports forthcoming.  If regular reports do not arrive on time, consider Aegis hostile territory and approach as such for investigation.

Chirakis Kirel, SI-5

Computer encrypt, priority Alpha  
Send to Rendezvous October Riov t’Alani


After sending the report, Kirel turned to watch the Operations console continue to blink.  It was time to “circle the wagons” as some Terrans say— though she did not completely understand its meaning.  As Chief of Security, she was bound to respectfully approach Captain Ramson and request a command meeting to discuss the matter.  For the sake of those not familiar with security’s parlance, she sketched out a suggested plan of discussion and forwarded it to Captain Ramson and Commander Coleridge.

Suggested Plan of Discussion—Command Meeting
2388.119 - Sky Harbor Aegis

We are witnessing a red area, flashing as though it were a lighthouse. 

  • The light seems to be emanating from nebula 236A, but that is not certain.  
  • The flashing could be in the nebula, close to the nebula, or even coming from the other side of the nebula.  
  • Is the light meant to be a warning, as would a lighthouse? 
  • Is it trying to send a message?  
  • Is it a lure similar to that of bioluminescent creatures found on several planets?

That sector has a posted warning because something in it causes navigation and communication interruptions.

Are the red dots linked to the absence of something rather than the presence of something?

When we respond to the light, the same sequence responds— meaning that if we send two flashes, the response is two flashes.  However, our computer does not recognize the blinking as any known code.  We are not detecting any abnormal patterns in the energy relays that might be related to the light.

  • Are sentient creatures trying to communicate?
  • Is the light technologically responding to what we send?
  • Are we sending a flash to a mirror?

The red blinks appear only on the Mission Operations console.  

  • When Aegis OPS is moved to a different console, the blinking moves with it.
  • Is it technologically attached to Mission OPS?
  • Why only Mission OPS?

It has not been reported by any other ships or stations.

  • USS Missouri is experiencing the same phenomenon. 
  • Why are Aegis and Missouri experiencing the phenomenon?  
  • Is there a commonality between Aegis and USS Missouri.  
  • If so, what is the commonality?

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