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An Endless Circle

An Endless Circle
Chirakis Kirel

As Afternoon Watch changed to Evening, Captain Chirakis left Command and Control, entered her office in the security complex, and secured it for privacy.  On the console before her sat several reports, each obviously connected to the other, but lacking specifics. Sudden flashes reported... freighter Oktazem’s helm noticed... and sightings in our vicinity seem to indicate… mean nothing if there is no viable evidence: an image, a sensor reading, or the like.  

As far as she was concerned, there were only two viable reports.  Operations officer Ens Jackson reported repeating flashes on his console, “like a lighthouse blinking”, though no one else saw them and Cdr Cayne reported that there was “Nothing on long range or short range sensors, nor activity within Aegis proximity.”  If Rendezvous October was not absolutely certain, Riov t’Aldani would not have forwarded their strange sightings and sensor readings.  That in itself urged her to pay attention.  Something told her that the reports, whether valid or not, might signal an emerging threat.

After several minutes of thought, she called, “Kh’éile?” telepathically to her Sindar bondmate as if he were standing next to her, though he was several light years away aboard USS Missouri.

It was several minutes before Captain d’Ka’s clipped response came. “What is it?  We have an ongoing situation that needs my attention.

“Does it have to do with intrusion from Alien Alliance space?”

There was a long pause.  She felt his surprise and sudden interest. “Why do you ask?”

“We have received disturbing information from several areas. I will forward it. When you are able, reply.”  

She broke the telepathic connection, encrypted the message, and then forwarded the information.  For now, she would say nothing to anyone beyond Aegis command. Until the pieces of the puzzle fell into a comprehensive whole, Kirel would not voice her opinion, but the more she she thought about it, the more she realized that her nightmare was repeating itself.

Tossing her PADD aside, she rested her forearms on the desk to think.  Aegis had received information from Starfleet Command regarding the Alien Alliance.  Information from Rendezvous October indicated a possible intrusion in progress.  USS Missouri was dealing with “a situation” on the edge of Alien Alliance Space.  The Operations console in Command and Control was blinking “like a lighthouse”, and the science vessel,  toq-Pan-Jri, was docked for supplies and recalibration of their shielding—purpose unknown.

“The science vessel.  Toq-Pan-Jri,” she said aloud as she stood to check the tactical screens.  “Are they recalibrating their shields for nebular investigation?  Kahless, no!”

Three months ago, the science vessel USS Vladivostok entered nebula 236A to investigate strange signals.  The crew was captured and held hostage on a remote frozen planetoid by members of the Alien Alliance.  Ten crew members perished before the remaining crew were rescued.

“This will not happen again,” Kirel hissed, glaring at the screens. Then she shouted, pounding a fist on her desk, “This will not happen again!”


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