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Returning To The Fold

I find Star Trek to be a bit like this quote from "The Godfather"....

"just when I thought I was out, THEY PULL ME BACK IN!!"

...LOL.  Anywho, I'm returning to action after another of my famous breaks. 

For those of you that don't already know me, I'm CTHuskyMan, aka "FairBol".  I'm a veteran of the Trek simming scene, having first gotten into it about the time that Voyager premiered.  My first assignment was as part of the crew of the USS Regayov....ask me about how that name was chosen.  :)

I used to sim with a little group called "SFOL (Spacefleet Online)", on the AOL platform; perhaps you've heard of them.  Among others, I used to sim with KBear, as well as Mr. Andrew Lyon....no lie! I've been decommissioned for a while, but am definitely looking to get back to simming.  

I see that there is a Spacefleet Academy scheduled for tomorrow (June 23rd) at midnight eastern time.  If I can somehow remember that it's going on, I'll come join you guys! Until then, "live long and prosper".  :)

-- CTHuskyMan

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Greets CT,

Speaking decommissioning, we have actually retired all of our stand-alone Academy sims and are just using "In-sim Training" as our current path to crew membership where you train during an advanced sim.

More details are available here:  https://www.stsf.net/help/academy-graduation-requirements.php

Each Advanced GM team has latitude to adjust these requirements for returning players, of course.  Welcome back!

Admiral Atragon-9, STSF Forum Leader

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